Why did Xiang Yu, who was at the peak of his debut, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (Lower)

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The book continues from above, why did Xiang Yu, who debuted at the peak, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (below)...

05 Disputes between princes

At the time of the division of the seal, Xiang Yu still had a bad heart for Liu Bang. Under Fan Zeng's scheme, he assigned Liu Bang to Bashu as king, which in ancient times was a desolate basin. Liu Bang saw that Xiang Yu had divided himself into such a barbaric place where birds did not, and he was angry, and if he was rewarded for his merits, he deserved far from this.

Why did Xiang Yu, who was at the peak of his debut, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (Lower)

Overlord of Western Chu - Xiang Yu

His generals were also indignant and hoped that Liu Bang would raise troops against Xiang Yu, but Zhang Liang, the first strategist, stood up at this time and persuaded Liu Bang to endure it, he was not Xiang Yu's opponent now.

Although Liu Bang, like Xiang Yu, has not read many books, he does not have the arrogance and arrogance in his bones like Xiang Yu. Although he was angry, he still listened to Zhang Liang's words, suppressed the fire, and asked Xiang Bo to say good things for himself in front of Xiang Yu and ask for more fiefs.

Xiang Bo is Xiang Yu's uncle, and he has formed a son's and daughter family with Liu Bang, so he is willing to reconcile from it. Xiang Yu was very happy when he learned that Liu Bang bowed his head to ask for a fief and agreed to his request. So Liu Bang changed from the king of Shu to the king of Han, and his territory was enlarged. When Fan Zeng's learning of this afterwards, he couldn't help but beat his chest and shouted that the catastrophe was not long coming.

One day, Emperor Yi (puppet King Chuhuai) was killed, and it is said that Xiang Yu sent people to kill him, and Liu Bang used this reason to raise troops against Xiang Yu. At this time, the State of Qi rebelled because of dissatisfaction with Xiang Yu's division of seals. Xiang Yuzheng personally led the army and rushed to the State of Qi to suppress it, and his own base camp Pengcheng was weak.

Liu Bang went straight into Pengcheng and took Xiang Yu's lair in one fell swoop. When Xiang Yu learned of this before the war, he was furious and determined to completely eliminate this Liu Bang, who did not know the height of the sky. Xiang Yu carefully deployed the battle plan, divided the troops into two routes, part of the troops continued to suppress the rebellion of the Qi state, and he carefully selected 30,000 soldiers and horses, and quietly transferred troops back to the nest.

Liu Bang, who was immersed in the joy of victory, did not expect Xiang Yu to lead the troops to kill back. The two sides engaged in a fierce confrontation in Pengcheng. As a result, Xiang Yu once again won more with less, and with only 30,000 troops, he completely defeated Liu Bang's 560,000 army, creating another famous battle, the Battle of Pengcheng.

Liu Bang almost lost his life and fled. After Xiang Yu recaptured Pengcheng, he did not take advantage of the situation to continue to hunt down Liu Bang and annihilate the remnants, which was another manifestation of Xiang Yu's underestimation of the enemy, and his arrogance and complacency made him look down on Liu Bang and other opponents in his heart, as long as he wanted to fight, he would definitely be able to win.

The remnants of Liu Bang retreated to the area around Xingyang and Chenggao, forming a long-term confrontation with Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu would be punished for evil, and seeing that Liu Bang had already learned a lesson, he turned his horse's head and went to attack the Qi state. As everyone knows, at this time, he is already going downhill.

06 Chu Han captures Qi

Liu Bang couldn't do it, and under Zhang Liang's strategy, he provoked and disintegrated the relationship between Xiang Yu and the general Yingbu. In the end, Yingbu defected to Liu Bang. Later, under Chen Ping's dissociation, he drove away Fan Zeng, the great strategist beside Xiang Yu.

Why did Xiang Yu, who was at the peak of his debut, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (Lower)

Chu-Han dispute

Chu-Han dispute

Xiang Yu had lost his left and right arm, and his vitality was greatly injured, but he didn't know it himself. He had been running back and forth between the border line guarded by the Qi state and Liu Bang, and his internal consumption was extremely high.

While recuperating, Liu Bang also quietly aimed at the State of Qi. The State of Qi is a strategic place, and capturing the State of Qi can instantly turn things around and change the pattern of the world. Liu Bang sent the famous general Han Xin to attack the State of Qi, but he was victorious, and the State of Qi was taken over by Liu Bang, and for a time, Liu Bang's strength far exceeded Xiang Yu.

Xiang Yu, who had always been proud and proud, began to feel a little flustered. He finally put down his stature and first sent someone to persuade Han Xin to establish himself as the king of Qi, forming a stable situation under three parts of the world, but Han Xin refused. Later, he agreed to Liu Bang's long-standing peace, and was willing to divide the world and coexist peacefully with the chasm.

07 The decisive battle under the bow

However, Liu Bang stopped doing it at this time. Now the situation is different, most of the world is in his hands, Xiang Yu's strength is not as good as before, this is the perfect opportunity to overthrow Xiang Yu and win the world.

Why did Xiang Yu, who was at the peak of his debut, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (Lower)

Ruins 1

Ruins under the Bow

Therefore, Liu Bang suddenly broke the contract and killed Xiang Yu. Chu Han went to war again. item

Soon after Yu Cang rushed to the battle, he lost Guling, Chen County and other places, and he quickly changed his route to lead troops to Yaxia and began to prepare for a decisive battle.

In the battle under the bow, Xiang Yu once again fought against more than 600,000 with one hundred enemies, 100,000 people. Although he has many experiences of winning more with less, Han Xin, Peng Yue, Yingbu and others sent by Liu Bang this time are all strong generals among the strong generals. Xiang Yu's team was surrounded on three sides and besieged on all sides.

In the face of a fierce enemy, the troops led by Xiang Yu always maintained a good style of strict discipline, fearlessness and danger, and smooth military orders, just like the marching combat style of the previous eight years. This bloody battle was extremely fierce, the Chu army did not desert, only rushed to kill, and the 100,000 troops died more than 80,000 in a short period of time, and almost the entire army was destroyed.

Xiang Yu has been extremely proud in his life, especially in leading troops to fight, which has always been his proudest place. Since he began to lead the army, it has been a hundred victories, and several beautiful battles have gone down in history with fewer victories and more.

The battle of the Fallen completely destroyed all of Xiang Yu's forces and shattered all the longing and pride in his heart. He didn't want to escape. After being forced to the Wujiang River by the pursuers, the pavilion chief in charge of the navigation of the boats on the river was docking. The pavilion chief was shocked when he saw King Xiang, who was covered in wounds, and his 26 generals.

The pavilion chief immediately prepared to get up the boat and let them cross the river, so that the pursuers behind could no longer pursue and kill without the boat. But Xiang Yu refused the pavilion chief's request.

He dismounted and handed the reins on. The pavilion chief hurriedly stepped forward and carefully caught it. Xiang Yu said to him: "This black horse, five years old and right, it was born into death with me, I used to ride it for thousands of miles, and it was invincible, and now I can't bear to kill, so I will give it to you." ”

Then, King Xiang saw the pavilion chief take the black horse and sail away. For a long time, he turned around and ordered the 26 generals to dismount, release the horses, and then all turned their backs to Wujiang, tightly assembled and lined up, lined up on three sides, and prepared for the arrival of the last bloody battle...

Why did Xiang Yu, who was at the peak of his debut, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (Lower)

Overlord Farewell Concubine

Xiang Yu was a natural general, and when it came to marching and fighting, no one could match it. He is a decent person, proud and honest. As a general, the final death in battle is also the best destination for his career.

But truth be told, compared to Liu Bang, Xiang Yu did not have much talent as a political leader. There were several opportunities in front of him, but he did not seize them. The main reason is that the author believes that he is proud and arrogant in his bones, self-righteous, like an evil spirit, like a shadow. This led him to three big problems.

Why did Xiang Yu, who was at the peak of his debut, finally kill himself in Wujiang? (Lower)

Ruins 2

First, ideological cognition is biased, and Chu's thinking is serious. In Xiang Yu's mind, the State of Chu was a more advanced country than the State of Qin. He did not agree with and did not accept the feudal imperial system created by Qin Shi Huang, so he established himself as the overlord of Western Chu, rather than establishing an imperial system, and returned to his hometown to have the capital Pengcheng instead of Xianyang. Liu Bang faces the same choice on this issue. Liu Bang had no dogma, absorbed new things, and chose to follow the Qin system. In addition, Xiang Yu was also dependent on the Chu family, he always vacillated between Xiang Bo and Fan Zeng, and eventually favored Xiang Bo, resulting in a series of decision-making mistakes.

The second is to lead to a serious underestimation of the enemy, and at the same time disdain the conspiracy tricks, taking it for granted to regard himself as a bully. He looked down on and divided the other princely states, incurring the dissatisfaction of the various princes, and left endless calamities for himself later. Xiang Yu also looked down on and looked down on Liu Bang, so even if he let Liu Bang go during the Hongmen banquet and the battle of Pengcheng, he didn't care, it felt like a cat catching a mouse, caught and released, and released.

Third, it is stuck to the old and cannot absorb new ideas and new things. He couldn't listen to different voices, and he was self-righteous, so that there were not many advisers around him who could stay, and finally there was only Xiang Bo and Fan Zeng. According to today's view, Xiang Bo can be regarded as a spy who Liu Bang broke into Xiang Yu's interior, and the ideas he made for Xiang Yu were all bad ideas to help him destroy himself, only one Fan Zeng, who really advised Xiang Yu to fight the world, but he finally left Xiang Yu helplessly.