How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you

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Human growth and development follow certain laws. According to the classic ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine, the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, women's growth and development is a stage every seven years, and as the kidney qi gradually changes from full to weak, the body will undergo different changes. Mastering the rules and preparing for changes in the body will allow you to maintain health and prevent aging, and glow from the inside out.

How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you

"One seven": eat less sweets to protect the spleen and kidneys

Original text: "The woman is seven years old, with strong kidneys and longer teeth. ”

When a girl is 7 years old, the kidney qi in the body is gradually full, and the body begins to change, at this time, the baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, and the hair is gradually thickened. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "if you eat more sweetness, the bone pain will fall". At this stage, girls should eat less sweets. Sweet taste into the spleen, excessive food easy to hurt kidney water, will lead to abnormal development of girls, but also lead to dental caries. In addition, the vulva is close to the anus and is prone to infection. If the mother has mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, etc., she may also infect her child through daily close contact. Therefore, parents need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the girl's vulva.

"Twenty-seven": Be alert to two pathological states

Original text: "Twenty-seven and the heavens are solstice, Ren pulse is connected, Tai Chong pulse is prosperous, and the moon is in the present, so there is a son." ”

When a girl is about 14 years old, a substance called "tianxi" is gradually filled, hormones in the body begin to work, breasts begin to develop, and menstruation comes for the first time. At this time, in addition to letting the child understand the knowledge of physiological hygiene, it is also necessary to be vigilant against two pathological states. One is breast development before the age of 8, pubic hair, armpit hair growth and other secondary sexual characteristics, menarche before the age of 10, which may be related to precocious puberty. Second, secondary sexual characteristics have not appeared after the age of 14 or secondary sexual characteristics have not appeared after the age of 16, but menstruation is still incessant, which may be related to primary amenorrhea. If parents find that their children have the above conditions, they should take their children to seek medical attention in time.

"Sanqi": The pursuit of beauty should be moderate

Original text: "Sanqi, kidney qi is average, so real teeth are born and long." ”

At the age of 21, women reach their height and wisdom teeth come out. In order to maintain their figure, some women exercise excessively, diet, and some women live irregularly, craving fat and greasy diet, resulting in hypothalamic and pituitary dysfunction, low gonadotropin levels or polycystic ovary syndrome, resulting in menstrual disorder, amenorrhea, at this time you can choose traditional Chinese medicine methods for conditioning. Everyone has a love for beauty, but women should still maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and maintain their weight through appropriate exercise. In addition, at this time, women are entering the society from campus, and they are prone to anxiety and irritability psychologically, so they must learn to seek help from parents and friends to resolve bad emotions in time.

How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you

"Four Seven": Regulate the body and give birth early

Original text: "Four or seven, strong muscles and bones, extremely long hair, strong body." ”

At the age of 28, women usher in the peak of physical function, which is also the golden age of childbirth. Modern women are common in late marriage and childbearing, and life pressure, staying up late, improper diet, etc. lead to endocrine disorders and difficult pregnancy. "Seed" (pregnancy) must first adjust menstruation, through the multi-level, multi-pathway, multi-target overall intervention of traditional Chinese medicine, needles, medicines, dressings and other means of regulation, can greatly improve the female endocrine level, improve ovarian, uterus, fallopian tube function, promote follicle growth and discharge, improve endometrial receptivity and luteal function. After pregnancy, women can also use traditional Chinese medicine to install the fetus, and adjust from diet, psychology and other aspects.

"Five sevens": enhance the function of the spleen and stomach

Original text: "Five seven, the Yangming pulse declines, the face begins to scorch, and the beginning of the fall." ”

In women, at the age of 35, kidney qi gradually weakens. At this time, the hand Yangming large intestine meridian and the foot Yangming stomach meridian are not nourished, the qi and blood are insufficient, and women begin to have problems such as hair loss, yellowing complexion, and not eating much but still feeling bloated. Regular work and rest and healthy diet can help enhance the function of the spleen and stomach. In addition, women can also take care of their stomach qi by regularly massaging Zusanli Acupoint, so that Yangming Sutra can maintain a state of full qi and blood.

How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you

"Six Seven": Remake "Sanyang" anti-aging

Original text: "Six or seven, the three yang veins decay on the top, the faces are scorched, and the beginning is white." ”

When women reach the age of 42, the kidney qi is further weakened, and the stomach meridian, the foot less yang bile meridian and the foot solar bladder meridian are weakened. At this time, many women find themselves haggard, have gray hair, and have less menstrual flow. Some women invest a lot of money and energy in beauty. In fact, the essence of "decay" is inside and out. At this time, women should re-supplement the "three yangs", keep a comfortable mood, do not stay up late, do not eat cold food, dress warmly, exercise appropriately, and can also be adjusted through moxibustion, internal ointment, etc., to delay the aging process.

"Seven Seven": Nourish the kidney essence and smooth the mood

Original text: "Seven and seven, Ren pulse is weak, too chong pulse is weak, the sky is exhausted, the tunnel is not clear, so the shape is bad and there is no child." ”

After the age of 49, women are exhausted, menstruation stops, and they are prone to irritability, insomnia and other problems, that is, the so-called "menopause". Women at this stage often have kidney deficiency problems, and can be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor. Those with liver and kidney yin deficiency can choose to eat lilies, goji berries, turtles, etc. to nourish the liver and kidneys, nourish yin and clear heat; Those with deficiency of heart and spleen can choose to eat lilies, jujubes, yams, etc. to nourish the heart and spleen; Those with kidney yang deficiency can appropriately eat more mutton, walnut kernels, leeks, etc. to supplement the kidney and help the yang. In addition, psychological adjustment is also very important.

How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you


Women over the age of 60 who have various organs in the body have deteriorated and will be plagued by a variety of diseases.

Women should not hold the idea that "there will be no more gynecological problems after menopause", if there is postmenopausal bleeding, abnormalities, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, etc., should go to the hospital in time, and ensure that a gynecological examination is done once a year, beware of breast cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, etc.

In addition to cancer, hip fracture is also a disease that elderly women should be vigilant about, daily attention to more sun, moderate exercise, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, prevention of fracture.

How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you

Text: Xing Yuxia, chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Jiangsu Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

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How should women of different ages maintain their health? "Seven Seven" health tips tell you