There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

To be honest, Zhang Yi has had a bit of a torment this year.

On the one hand, he blossomed on both sides of the film and television and drama circles, first starring in the Spring Festival movie "Manjiang Hong", which burst with word of mouth and received 4.5 billion box office, leading this year's theatrical films;

Then brought the phenomenal drama "Crazy", which set off a ratings frenzy.

On the other hand, he was caught in the midst of public opinion scandals.

Not only was it revealed that there were contradictions with the "Crazy" crew, and the related dynamics were deleted wildly.

It was even rumored that he and the post-90s Xiaohua were "fake dramas really done" in the crew.

There are many popular people, and with more and more eyes of attention, many netizens have also complained about it: really speechless, do good actors have no living space?

And Zhang Yi did not live up to the expectations of these netizens, and answered with practical actions: Good actors have room for survival.

01, the "show" of good actor Zhang Yi uses strength to hit all doubts in the face

Looking ahead, when filming the movie "Ten Thousand Miles Home", he played the diplomat Zong Dawei.

This character is inherently difficult to portray.

There are two reasons, one is that Zong Dawei's duty requires him to lead the crowd to evacuate safely in the rain of bullets, and he wants to perform righteousness; Second, he also has the responsibility of being a husband and father, and he needs to embody the "selfishness" that everyone has.

This contradictory emotion needs to be accurately grasped and released in a single instance on a specific occasion.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

There is such a scene in the film where Zong Dawei accepts the rebels' gamble.

In the picture, Zong Dawei's head is covered in cold sweat, his eyelids are jumping unconsciously, and his trembling lips and jaw all reflect the panic in the character's heart at this time.

The audience can feel the dizziness of people when facing the threat of life and death, multi-level interpretation, Zhang Yi also interpreted his responsibilities and the emotions of ordinary people very full.

In our view, Zhang Yi is not acting, but the character itself.

And when Zong Dawei contacted his wife, his hands trembled slightly, his body leaned down, and then he curled up under the rock; When I heard that the child was born, the ecstasy and the giggling of hitting a stone and covering my head.

The complexity and realism of the characters are instantaneous!

This change in emotions can be understood by the audience and empathized.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

Then focus on the recently concluded "Crazy", in this drama, it is rumored on the Internet that "his acting skills were crushed by Zhang Songwen".

It is undeniable that Zhang Songwen's understanding and shaping of the character is indeed impeccable.

But in the same way, Zhang Yi's acting skills are also very amazing.

You know, if the role of An Xin is righteous throughout the process, it is difficult to shine.

And it is precisely Zhang Yi's interpretation at different levels in three time periods that allows the character to skillfully express the persistence of a frustrated police officer without affecting the main plot.

Is there a detail that I don't know if you have found?

An Xin's back appears twice in the play, the previous time, he was in his youth, and when he gave his speech, his shoulders were straight and he was in high spirits; In front of the swimming pool behind, his shoulders were almost pulled down, and the whole person was full of twilight.

Two identical shots, but with different performances, and then linked to the plot, such An Xin is not only natural, but also very vivid.

An actor who can act only by his back, he still chooses to prove himself in his own way in the midst of doubts, how can such an actor have no good works and development space.

02, the new work continues to blow up the scene, and his details are really poignant

If the police officer An Xin in "Crazy" is Zhang Yi's restrained insistence; Then in "Who Is He", Zhang Yi is another breakthrough.

Also plays a policeman, but gives the audience a completely different touch.

As a hit suspense drama, "Who Is He" undoubtedly caught the ratings of "Crazy" and fought a beautiful battle.

Douban 8.0, super 7 adults gave more than 4 stars of praise.

Soon after its launch, it won the top spot in the popularity list of the whole network.

Some netizens said, "I was scared to scream."

The scale is large, the plot is high-energy, and the amount of information and suspense of the plot are doubling.

Even for a hit like "White Night Chase", you can wrench your wrist.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

In the play, Zhang Yi undoubtedly supported the rhythm of the whole game.

As mentioned earlier, the criminal guard Guoping he created is very "new", and this "new" has two interpretations:

One is an unconventional character display.

As a criminal policeman, Wei Guoping is bitter in the face of the murder of his friend and the guilt of not catching the murderer.

On the one hand, he treasured the crime files, and on the other hand, he worked tirelessly to find new directions for investigation.

Wei Guoping's eyes here were tired, his brows were locked, and he was full of the work qi of an old criminal investigator.

And when facing the master, the sentence "I was very good when I was trained just now" did not lose the vitality that juniors should have.

It is not difficult to see that the criminal policeman played by Zhang Yi has the sophisticated temperament that he should have, and also has the life emotions that ordinary people should have.

Let the audience feel the breath of "people" on Wei Guoping, rather than a working machine, which is quite different from the general "police with stories" we see.

The second is the interpretation of details in the investigation, especially the eye drama is very powerful.

Wei Guoping received the report, and when he questioned the forensic doctor at the scene, his eyes were low at the beginning, his face was serious, and he had enough psychological construction for such a scene.

And when he heard the medical examiner say that the meat in the plastic bag was suspected to be part of the human body, his eyes were instantly shocked, and he quickly glanced at his colleague.

This tacit understanding and interpretation between the police is very vivid and concrete.

Of course, Zhang Yi's opponent in the play is also very top.

For example, the scene of fighting with the master in the bath for a "suspicious case", not only the lines are dense, but also the expressions of both sides, the two of them interpret a "fierce" and a "helpless" emotion vividly.

03, "The drama is bigger than the sky", and only Zhang Yi himself can defeat Zhang Yi

Looking back, Zhang Yi's works over the years, whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role, he can always interpret the role well.

When filming "The Chaser", he played the funny and ruthless killer Dong Xiaofeng.

There is a plot in it where he wants to kill a punk and follows the other party to a bus.

However, during the driving process, he fell asleep unexpectedly, and when he woke up, the punk had already got out of the car, and he was angry in his heart, so he casually slapped the female passenger next to him a few times.

Interestingly, there was no slap action in the script, but Zhang Yi added it, which is in line with Dong Xiaofeng's stupid and ruthless image.

And this also made director Cao Baoping call directly.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

It is also amazing that in the movie "Eight Hundred", he did not play many old abacus scenes in the film.

But it's impressive enough.

When he wore this hair, knelt on the ground and begged Dragon Boat to let him out of the Sihang warehouse, "I can't compare to you, I can't be a hero."

The husky cry and the panic on the face bring the complexity of a small person to life.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

As he said, "As soon as I get into this scene, I'm him." ”

Look, Zhang Yi is too good at acting.

It seems that in his acting career, only he can defeat him.

Zhang Yimou, a famous director who cooperated with him, once said, "He is a good actor, and he can rest assured that he has worked harder to figure out the role than the director." ”

Chen Kaige directly praised it, "The drama is bigger than the sky."

To put it bluntly, it is to dare to fight, willing to fight, and willing to fight, in order to act, sparing no effort.

During the filming of "Who Is He", one of the scenes was to find a plastic bag containing "crushed corpses", for which Zhang Yi directly picked up in the garbage station with his bare hands, and then got into the smelly sewer without wearing any protective gear.

During this period, whether it was his expression or the feeling of vomiting afterwards, it was the most real interpretation.

And this is not the first time that Zhang Yi has a situation like this.

When filming "My Regiment Leader My Regiment", he was annoyed in order to play the lame Meng, and he not only required himself to pretend to be lame when filming, but also rested.

In the end, the filming was over, and his left leg was two centimeters thinner than his right leg.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

He was the same when he filmed "One Second", not only lost weight, in order to get close to the real state of the character, he was also exposed to the sun in a high temperature environment, and finally even Zhang Yimou saw him and said, "You are no different from the locals." ”

The most admirable thing is the part where he filmed electrocution in "Above the Cliff", in order to pursue the most realistic performance, Zhang Yi asked to be really electrocuted and endured a lot of torture, which perfectly presented the unconscious state of the character.

In the picture, we can clearly see Zhang Yi's twitching and weak eyes, and this kind of dedicated attitude is really shocking.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

He once said, "As long as your camera is on, I am not me." ”

Under such an almost strict attitude, Zhang Yi's acting skills have become more and more sophisticated, and there are countless highlight moments.

04. Absolute respect for the identity of an actor is the secret of his success

With full dedication and the standard requirements of a good actor, Zhang Yi's secret to constantly surpassing himself seems simple.

But it's not easy to do!

When applying for the Chinese opera, Zhang Yi was plain in the eyes of the teachers: single eyelids, small eyes, raised eyebrows, and a collapsed nose.

Even Zhang Yi himself said, "My conditions are not very good."

When participating in "Qiao's Courtyard", director Hu Mei said to him, "You remember, the actor can't come out at the age of 28, so wash and sleep." ”

At that time, he was aggrieved, but helpless, and finally he could only frantically borrow books, speculate and study more than 2,000 scripts, and run the crew around.

In five years, thousands of resumes were handed over.

It eventually allowed him to seize his chance in Soldier Assault.

Perhaps he has experienced setbacks, and unlike other actors, every time Zhang Yi gets the script, he will study it carefully.

From the story outline, to the relationship between the characters, to the biographies of the characters, he has not let go, only by sorting out these can he accurately express the personality of the characters in the play.

In "Chicken Feathers Fly to the Sky", Zhang Yi performed a scene where he saw his first love.

In the picture, his eyes go from detailed confirmation to excitement, the movement of opening his mouth and the posture of repeatedly observing the environment, until finally desperately panting and shouting, "Where are you going, where are you going?" ”

In just two minutes, all the scenes were completed in one go, and Zhang Yi delicately spread the complex relationships and emotional changes of the characters in front of the audience, which was really wonderful.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

Such performance strength, in addition to his intentions, also has the precipitation of life.

Zhang Yi has also been famous for a long time, but he is still very low-key, not on variety shows, and does not accept bad films.

More time is spent experiencing life, accumulating life experience, and preparing for his role, which greatly enhances his plasticity as an actor.

It can be said that over the years as an actor, Zhang Yi has had various experiences, and it is precisely in this way that he can play the original taste of the character.

Yes, today's Zhang Yi is still on the road to surpassing himself, and can still surprise us.

There are many popular people, and good actors have no living space? Zhang Yi used his strength to slap all doubts in the face

(Movie Rotten Tomatoes Editorial Office: An An)

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