There is a kind of plastic surgery called the actress to change her hairstyle, Yang Ying's short hair bumped into Wang Ziwen, and Chen Duling's perm was like changing her head

There is a kind of plastic surgery called the actress to change her hairstyle, Yang Ying's short hair bumped into Wang Ziwen, and Chen Duling's perm was like changing her head

Recently, Zhao Liying, who has not appeared for a long time, appeared on the hot search because of a set of photos, in which she cut her short hair, wore a white cap, and wore a plaid shirt, judging from the silhouette, Zhao Liying's skin is fair and colored, and her state is rejuvenated like a girl.

Let people dream back to the short-haired Lin Shao in "You and My Allure Time", after 5 years, Zhao Liying's state can be called frozen age, saying that she is only in her twenties may be believed.

It can be seen that Zhao Liying's different hairstyles give people different temperament feelings, short hair is cute and sweet like a girl, black long straight is gentle and lovely little white flowers, long hair and big waves are more gentle and intellectual of mature women.

For female celebrities, changing the hairstyle is like plastic surgery, changing the right is like changing the head, changing the wrong one will be disfigured, and the hairstyle is very important.

01, Chen Duling's big wave aura is fully open

The first time I met Chen Duling was through the movie "Left Ear" directed by Su Youpeng, in which she played the simple good girl Li Er.

Chen Duling was only 21 years old at the time, with short shoulder-length hair and eyebrow-length bangs that made her look like the character of "Little Ears", a girl next door.

Later, Chen Duling successfully entered the entertainment industry, but for a long time, her hairstyle was almost black and straight, giving people the feeling of pure little white flowers.

Or a simple and neat ball head, revealing her perfectly superior right shoulders and swan neck, but it looks ordinary and nothing new.

Until Chen Duling completely changed his hairstyle, he wore a white bandeau long skirt with big waves, giving people a bright and sunny feeling, and at first glance it was a pure goddess in the minds of many otaku.

The same white dress, with all the hair coiled, with antique necklaces and earrings, quite like the Republic of China.

But the most amazing thing is that Chen Duling appeared on a red carpet with big waves and a red halter dress, she was originally a cold beauty, and her usual makeup and styling were relatively plain, but suddenly changed her style, and immediately made people shine.

There is a kind of plastic surgery called the actress to change her hairstyle, Yang Ying's short hair bumped into Wang Ziwen, and Chen Duling's perm was like changing her head

From pure little white flowers to beautiful women full of Hong Kong flavor, Chen Duling is simply full of fire after changing his hairstyle, making it difficult not to love.

02, Yang Ying dog gnawed bangs and hit Wang Ziwen in the face

Yang Ying has almost always been showing people with long hair in everyone's impression, she has had many hairstyle displays in running men, black long straight, high ponytail, double ponytail, twist braid, etc. She has tried, and she can control each hairstyle, sweet and cute.

Yang Ying, as an indispensable carpet star on the red carpet, has big waves, ball heads, and coiled hair are almost all her most frequently combed hairstyles, while her temperament is more charming and intellectual, or domineering queen style.

But the most amazing thing is actually Yang Ying's rare short hair, especially her short hair in the ears, which is really beautiful to the hearts of netizens.

Although this hairstyle comes from the motorcycle shape in a fashion blockbuster, it is undeniable that she sees youth and agility from the 34-year-old Yang Ying, as if returning to her teenage days when she first debuted.

The hairstyle with short silver hair is also quite stunning, the whole person is full of mixed blood, and her delicate facial features are her best protective color, which was ridiculed by netizens like a torn man.

Don't think that this is already very short, Yang Ying also has a "dog gnawing bangs" hairstyle, this length can be said that many actresses dare not try it easily, plus Yang Ying's makeup that day, making her look like a tomboy.

I have to say that no matter how good-looking a female star is, she may not be perfectly qualified when she encounters this hairstyle, Yang Ying's "dog gnawing bangs" is like being changed head, and was ridiculed by netizens like Wang Ziwen with short hair.

03, Tian Xiwei Roader turned into a loli in seconds

Tian Xiwei's facial features are very three-dimensional, and the features of big eyes, double eyelids, dimples, and small face make her smile very sweet, which is definitely at the level of "sweet sister ceiling".

But her appearance in the play when she first debuted was difficult to say, obviously with a beautiful face, but she was dragged down by the hairstyle, so that she was complained by netizens that she was a passerby.

The same costume, look at her hairstyle with bangs in "Qing Qing Daily", completely like plastic surgery, the sweet and cute energy immediately returned, this is like an eccentric girl.

Choosing the right hairstyle is really important, one is a sweet and cute little loli, the other is an ordinary passerby, Tian Xiwei's bangs seem to be the savior of her hairstyle.

Looking at Tian Xiwei's long black straight hairstyle, she immediately became a cold beauty, and her whole body exuded a sense of high coldness, and the whole person's temperament was mentioned at once, and I have to say that the difference between bangs and nots is too big.

04, Wu Jinyan bitter phase becomes sweet

Wu Jinyan's costume hairstyle in "Yanxi Raiders", not only put all the hair up and pulled the bun, the hair on the top of the head is still attached to the scalp, plus her makeup, resulting in the whole person looking very bitter, lifeless, and has a feeling of not being able to fight the spirit.

There is also her unbroadcast character Su Daji's hairstyle, after watching it, it can only be said that it is difficult to say a word, I don't know, I thought that Wu Jinyan offended the hairstylist, it seems to have nothing to do with Su Daji's beautiful role, and some people actually call her "the most beautiful Su Daji".

But the same ancient style, Wu Jinyan's photos posted in the short video are indeed amazing, her hairstyle is actually not complicated, just scattered long hair behind the back, there are some broken hair on both sides of the temples, but looking at the whole person in this way is much gentler, like a Jiangnan woman who came out of the painting.

However, if you want to say that Wu Jinyan's most disastrous hairstyle, it must be "dog gnawing bangs", that is, the same hairstyle that Yang Ying is difficult to hold, making people feel that there is a feeling that a fairy has become a tomboy.

05, Guo Caijie's short hair can also be varied

I don't know if anyone has seen Guo Caijie's long hair, before her debut, she was a proper sweet girl with long hair, but it didn't seem to be as impressive as her short hair.

But after her debut, Guo Caijie's hairstyles are almost all short hair, and they are all kinds of short hair.

For example, Gu Li in "Small Times", thick ear-length short hair, salt and sweet;

For example, when she attended the event, she "dog gnawed hairstyle", the whole person was beautiful and sassy, like a very cold female bully;

Or a lazy curly hair, full of Hong Kong flavor, Guo Caijie's cold feeling has also disappeared, replaced by a charming and charming, like a Hong Kong-style beauty back to the 80s and 90s.

Short hair can also play so many tricks, among the actresses in the entertainment industry, Guo Caijie is the most suitable, all kinds of hairstyles can be controlled, and it is also one of the few female stars whose short hair is better than long hair, I don't know how many little girls envy her high-class face.

06, Kim Tae-ri girl becomes a chaebol wife

I don't know if anyone knows Kim Tae-ri, a post-90s Korean actress who won eight Best New Actress Awards including the Asian Film Awards in 2016 for "Miss" starring Kim Min-hee.

In front of the actress Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, who had just debuted at that time, was only a newcomer, and he was not stunning in the pile of Korean actresses.

However, her temperament is something that many people can't imitate, her appearance is comfortable and clean, giving people a feeling of quiet and good years, she was nominated for film at a young age, and was praised by netizens as a replica of Zhou Xun, and the future can be expected.

Many people say that from the shape of Kim Tae-ri's straight hair, you can see the shadows of many actresses, such as Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, etc., which belong to beautiful women who are not stunning at first glance, but are actually very attractive.

Especially when she changed her hairstyle, lazy short hair with a black dress, a strong Hong Kong breeze rushed to her face, like a very chaebol wife, many netizens couldn't help but sigh that Kim Tae-ri is definitely the most suitable Korean actress for Hong Kong style.

There is a kind of plastic surgery called the actress to change her hairstyle, Yang Ying's short hair bumped into Wang Ziwen, and Chen Duling's perm was like changing her head

Kim Tae-ri has not been debuting for a long time, but she has successfully stood firm in the Korean entertainment film industry in just a few years, and her state has always been enviable, and she can also play an 18-year-old girl at the age of 31, which can be called the "goddess of frozen age".


It is said that actresses in the entertainment industry change their hairstyles like changing their faces, and I really believe it after watching these 6 actresses.

Each hairstyle has a different style, changing the right hairstyle is like changing your head after plastic surgery, if you don't change it right, you will become a disaster scene in seconds, no matter how high your appearance is, you can't save it, and female stars are nothing more than that.

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