Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

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This spring, players will have their eyes on it, and three game-related movies will appear one after another. On March 31, the live-action movie "Dungeons & Dragons: Rogue Glory" was simultaneously released in China, the United States and other places around the world; On the same day, "Tetris", which focuses on the behind-the-scenes story of the birth of Tetris and copyright disputes, will be launched on Apple's streaming platform; On April 5, "Super Mario Brothers Movie" will land in theaters in China and the United States.

Hollywood's first attempt to adapt a hit video game into a live-action movie dates back to 1993. However, the "Super Mario Bros." filmed had an extremely bad response, and was even rated by the media at the time as one of the worst movies in film history. Still, Hollywood's adaptation of video games hasn't stopped, and it's been exactly thirty years now.

In the process, most of these titles have not won praise from the media and audiences, but in recent years, Hollywood's desire for video game adaptations has increased unabated. In addition to the great appeal of mature IP itself, another reason may also be that it is often not easy to bring the unique effects of video games to the screen due to the limitations of special effects production limited by film shooting techniques in the past. Today, however, with the birth and maturation of various new technologies, it is clear that filmmakers are becoming more confident in this regard.

Moreover, in the past three decades, there have indeed been some video game adaptations that are very popular with fans, such as "Resident Evil", "Tomb Raider", "Final Fantasy", "Silent Hill", "Warcraft", "Angry Birds", "Detective Pikachu", "Mortal Kombat" and so on. As for the future, the American movie site Collider selected the following ten most anticipated game adaptations last month. With the release of "Dungeons & Dragons: Rogue Glory" and the animated version of "Super Mario Bros. Movie", another boom in video game adaptation movies is believed to come soon.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

1) "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"

This film is jointly developed and produced by Nintendo and Universal Pictures, and the biggest difference from the old version thirty years ago is that this time it does not take the live-action route, but is adapted into a CG animation that is more in line with the two-dimensional route. The film will tell the passionate story of Mario bravely challenging Bowel to save his brother Luigi. In addition, characters such as Princess Brigitte of the Mushroom Kingdom and her servant Chinobio will also have heavy scenes.

With the perennial hot sales of the game "Mario Bros." series born in 1983, the film has attracted great attention from the outside world as early as the filming, and around whether "Star-Lord" Chris Pratt, who is responsible for dubbing Mario, is the right person, rounds of fierce discussions have been launched around netizens, which has also led to a further rise in the popularity of the film.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

The board game "Dungeons & Dragons", born in 1974, has been developed into a computer game as early as the eighties of the last century, and has now been on PS, Xbox and a variety of mobile game platforms, with countless players around the world. As for film and television adaptations, whether it is a three-season animated series in the early years or an old film trilogy of this century, it is difficult to describe it as a success. This time, Paramount Pictures invested a lot of money, finding Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Reggie-Jean Page, and Justis Smith to join the starring cast, determined to develop it into a fantasy masterpiece that meets the tastes of fans in the new era, and the results will soon be known.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

The previous two "Sonic the Hedgehog" movies have been applauded and popular, and the production of the third is already underway. What is the specific story to be told in this part, not much is known to the outside world, only that the protagonist, the little hedgehog, will "run faster, fly higher, and fight more fiercely" in the third part. And the Easter egg at the end of the previous part has also told us that the villain of the third part will be the legendary character in the game - Black Sonic. The film is not expected to be released until December 2024, and it is likely to be the final chapter of the entire series.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

4) "Return to Silent Hill"

A full decade has passed since the release of the last "Silent Hill" movie, far exceeding the six-year gap between the second and first installments of that year, which has made fans of this thriller game almost lose patience. Fortunately, the release of the third "Return to Silent Hill" is now eyebrows. At present, the film is still being filmed and is expected to be completed within the year.

In this latest installment, Frenchman Christopher Gans, who successfully directed the first "Silent Hill" film in 2006, returns. The story is derived from the classic game "Silent Hill 2" released in 2001, that is, although the entire plot is still playing out in Silent Hill, the characters and plot are no longer related to the previous two movies. However, the classic villain image of the game "Triangle Head", which once scared many audiences on the big screen, should still appear three times in "Return to Silent Hill".

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

5) Minecraft: The Movie

As soon as the survival game "Minecraft" was launched in 2011, it became a sensational hit work around the world, so the promotion of film and television adaptation was also launched as early as 2012. Then, it was aborted due to the refusal of the game's creator Marcus Persson to cooperate. In 2014, Warner Bros. Pictures finally impressed him with sincerity, and the two sides reached an agreement on the production of "Minecraft: Movie Version". But as the so-called good things take a long time, in the following years, all parties who originally intended to be the director, screenwriter and producer of the film have withdrawn for various reasons. Until 2019, it was finally determined that Peter Sollett, who is good at shooting youth themes, will write and direct himself, and also set a schedule for March 2022. However, it didn't take long for the new crown virus to ravage the world, completely disrupting the entire rhythm of Warner and even Hollywood.

At present, "Minecraft: Movie Version" has a new writer and director, and the starring role is initially set as "Aquaman" Jason Momoa. As for when it will be released, it is still a mystery.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

6) "The Mortuary Assistant"

Less than a month after its release, the horror simulation game Morgue Helper became one of the world's best-selling games on Steam, and it also made publishers DreadXP and Epic Pictures Group decide to make a big movie to go with it. The game uses a first-person perspective and asks players to play as an intern who has just completed his professional training as a mortuary assistant and is suddenly called to the funeral home late one night to deal with the aftermath, and the goal of the game is to bring the player a deep first-hand horror experience.

However, it is obviously not easy to bring such an effect to the screen. Game creator Brian Clarke wanted the film to be as close to the features and realism of the game itself as possible, and although the film has not yet been announced, the writer and director have been confirmed to be shouldered by Jeremiah Kipp, who specializes in low-budget horror films.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

7) "Borderlands"

The film adaptation of the first-person shooter "Borderlands" was announced by Lionsgate as early as 2015, but it was not until 2020 that Eli Roth was appointed as the director, and the starring role was Cate Blanchett, the "big devil" who worked with him on "Tick House".

The film adaptation will follow the original plot of the game, telling the thrilling story of the outlaw Lilith on a search mission on the planet Pandora. Originally, the film announced that it would be released in 2023, but for unknown reasons, Lionsgate suddenly stopped the audience preview of "Borderland" at the end of 2022, and also invited "Deadpool" director Tim Miller (Tim Miller) to reshoot part of the plot in early 2023. The obvious reason is that Eli Ross is busy with the filming of the new film "Thanksgiving" at this time, but what is behind it, maybe we can only see it when "Borderlands" is released in the future.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

8. "Ghost of Tsushima"

The award-winning action-adventure game "Soul of Tsushima" in 2020 was distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the film development plan was also fertile, and Sony Pictures officially began to promote it as early as 2021. The game tells the story of the Japanese samurai Jie Ren against the army of the Yuan Dynasty, and the visual effect style is very influenced by Kurosawa Akira samurai films. As for how much of this visual style will be retained after the film is made, it is still unknown. The film is directed by Chad Staherski, who directed the "Fast Pursuit" series. The screenwriter is Atlanta-born Japanese Takashi Doscher, apparently an effort by Hollywood to avoid "whitewashing" criticism.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

9. "BioShock"

The first-person shooter "BioShock", born in 2007, has captured countless fans around the world for more than a decade; Moreover, it was tried and entered the Chinese mainland as early as 2008, and the mass base is extremely deep. The game is set in 1960, and the protagonist Jack is the sole survivor of a seaplane crash, and accidentally discovers a hole under the water, and experiences many thrilling encounters in between.

In the past, many film and television companies thought about putting "Bioshock" on the screen, but they repeatedly hit a wall, until Netflix, who has deep pockets, made a move, and the movie version of "Bioshock" finally had an eyebrow. The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who has filmed "I Am Legend", and Michael Green, who wrote "Blade Runner 2049", as the screenwriter.

Inventory|The ten most anticipated game adaptation movies

10. "Pac-Man"

Pac-Man is one of the most classic arcade games, suitable for all ages. In terms of movies, it has appeared in films such as "Pixel" and "Invincible Destruction King" in the past, but with its sole protagonist as the only protagonist, the audience is still waiting. Fortunately, the live-action version of "Pac-Man" developed by "Sonic the Hedgehog" producer Chuck Williams has been established, although even the specific title has not been announced, but it is still worth the expectations of many players who have touched this game.

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