In the next two weeks, 23 movies will pour in

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This year's Qingming Festival is not adjusted, and the Qingming file in the conventional sense is gone. However, the reporter noted that from this weekend to next weekend, 23 films will be released, which can be regarded as "pan-Qingming files".

Qingming does not take a break, do you need so many films? Many industry insiders such as cinemas gave affirmative answers when interviewed by reporters. For example, March 8 this year is also a working day, "The Cloister Pavilion" and "Wasteland" and other films with strong female elements were launched, and the final single-day box office reached 57.6594 million, an increase of at least 3 times over the two days before and after the same period last year. Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Kong Xiaoping

"Thriller + comedy" mix-and-match, "Great Night" has a "dark horse phase"

The plot background of "Great Night" is very close to modern society, telling that Leopard, a short video "talent" who wants to be popular, and two other partners, under a special invitation, came to the thriller crew for secretly filming, intending to do a good job of "the last vote", but unexpectedly filmed the exclusive picture of the heroine of the crew having an accident...

Young actor Fan Chengcheng played "Leopard", the contrast is very large, and many viewers did not recognize who played the leopard during the screening. It is reported that he specially gained 30 pounds for the character, and the shape is also very rough, such as unbuttoning a few buttons in a tight shirt to expose a small belly. Fan Chengcheng said that in this way, the little figure of the leopard who rushes for life will come out, hoping to try to get close to him through the connection between appearance and psychology, and naturally produce a sense of performance belief.

Some netizens who have seen the screening scene said that it can be described as "a surprise at first glance" to "a surprise and a surprise", horror and joy run through it, one second frightened, the next second palm laughing, reverse one after another.

The film is written and directed by the new generation of director Ma Kai, who himself likes thrillers and comedies very much, and is curious about what kind of sparks will be produced by the combination of these two strong genres, so he tries to add many dislocation and reversal designs to the story.

"Escape from the Cretaceous" focuses on "step by step", while "Dungeons & Dragons" is a fantasy adventure

In terms of the thriller genre, there is also an imported film, which is the latest film "Escape from the Cretaceous" by the "A Quiet Place" writing team, which will continue the tone of "step by step".

"Escape from the Cretaceous" tells the story of Commander Mills (Adam Driver) and the little girl Koya (Ariane Greenblatt) riding in a starship that accidentally crashes, and they are surprised to find themselves on Earth 65 million years ago. In this "forbidden zone" where living conditions are harsh and beasts are rampant, the two survivors must remain vigilant and prepare for the slaughter of prehistoric beasts. It can be seen from the plot that the film will have elements such as science fiction, thriller, monsters and dinosaurs.

There is also a "Dungeons & Dragons: Rogue Honor" is a fantasy adventure comedy based on the well-known game IP "Dungeons & Dragons". The film will revolve around a group of professional heroes with their own unique skills, presenting an imaginative worldview, including races such as dragonborns, dwarves, elves, and orcs, as well as bards, druids, barbarians, holy warriors, warlocks and other professions.

【Review】Thrillers are often criticized for being shoddy, and are regarded as "scary films". But over the years, many outstanding young directors have joined, bringing some "reversals" to the reputation of the genre. Previously, director Liu Xunzimo's "Rise to Fame" has gained word of mouth and box office flight, this time "Great Night" is also used by the industry to compare with it, there are different character lines intertwined, using reverse, dislocation, play within a play to frame the plot, hoping to bring the same refreshing look.

"Loyal Dog Hachiko", which touched hundreds of millions of people around the world, has been adapted in China

"Loyal Dog Hachiko" is one of the classic IPs of world film history. Hachiko is a Japanese Akita dog who was brought to Tokyo by his owner in 1924 and waits for his owner to return home every evening at Shibuya Station. After his master died of a heart attack, Hachiko continued to wait for his master at Shibuya Station for nine years until his death. Today, the Hachiko statue in front of Shibuya Station has become a famous tourist spot.

This classic story of "a puppy touching hundreds of millions of people around the world" has been put on the big screen many times. In 1987, director Seijiro Kamiyama adapted it into the movie "The Story of Hachiko the Loyal Dog", which won the Japanese box office champion that year. In 2009, director Russ Holsdom remade the film into the American version of "The Story of Hachiko the Loyal Dog", which is currently the most well-known version.

The upcoming Chinese version of "Loyal Dog Bagong" starring Feng Xiaogang, Chen Chong, Bai Jugang, Huang Chutong and the Chinese pastoral dog Rhubarb, presents the story of the encounter and waiting of the dog Batuan and the family of university professor Chen Jingxiu (played by Feng Xiaogang), in the perspective of Batu, the daily mixing of husband and wife and the trick-or-treating of children have become the most memorable joyful moments in life.

The Chinese version of "Loyal Dog Bagong" has been localized, moving the background of the story to Chongqing, where the atmosphere of fireworks is particularly vivid, and presenting the deep love and bonds of Chinese style with a more down-to-earth family life. The Akita dog in the original version was also changed to a Chinese pastoral dog, and "Hachiko" was renamed "Hachiko".

Playing "Dragon Horse Spirit" with the "Red Rabbit" horse, Jackie Chan will set off "emotional killing" again

The action comedy "Dragon Horse Spirit" tells the story of Lao Luo, played by Jackie Chan, who "hopes for horses and becomes dragons and tigers", and wants to train his horse Chitu into a dragon and tiger martial artist. The movie is starring Jackie Chan and "Red Rabbit" Ma, as well as Guo Qilin, Wu Jing, Yu Ailei, Yung Zuer, Yu Rongguang, An Zhijie, Xiao Shenyang, Lang Yueting and other comedians joined.

As an important role in the film, "Red Rabbit" stood out from hundreds of horse actors, and director Yang Zi praised "its inherent tension and charm". But filming a rivalry with such a huge animal also made Jackie Chan suffer a lot, not only difficult to cooperate, but also "bullied". Jackie Chan said with a smile in the interview that "I was stepped on three times by it, kicked countless feet, and my whole foot was swollen, not only that, but it would bite me."

It is worth mentioning that the recent movie "Dragon Horse Spirit" posted a video of interviewing Jackie Chan in the background, and Jackie Chan is very distressed about the situation of the action actors now, and hopes that they can be seen by everyone. In this video, you can see the familiar classic action moves in Jackie Chan movies, chasing and escaping in alleys, jumping off cliffs, desperate places and so on.

【Comments】In the past few years, animal movies have achieved good results due to the labels of "cure" and "cute pet". In 2017, the imported film "A Dog's Mission" received more than 600 million box office, and two years later, "A Dog's Mission 2" still achieved nearly 200 million box office. In 2019, the movie "A Dog's Way Home" received more than 36 million box office. The domestic film "Pet" released on New Year's Eve in 2019 appeared 6 animals and received 680 million box office, and "Loyal Dog Hachiko" and "Dragon Horse Spirit" are expected to continue this "healing" wind.

Labeled as a "folk science fiction film", Space Exploration Editorial Office is inspired by news

When it comes to domestic sci-fi movies, many people immediately think of the "Wandering Earth" series, but recently, a movie labeled as a "folk science fiction film" has become a hot topic in the film circle, which is "Space Exploration Editorial Department" directed by Kong Dashan, which debuted at the Pingyao Film Festival in 2021 and has received 8.7 points on Douban.

The film tells the story of Tang Zhijun, the editor-in-chief of the editorial board of "Space Exploration", who has been obsessed with finding extraterrestrial civilizations for decades. Finally, one day, he received an abnormal signal suspected to come from the depths of the universe, so he gathered his fellow fallen people, and with that question that puzzled him for life, he once again embarked on a journey to find aliens.

According to Guo Fan, the film's producer, the film was inspired by a news, "Shandong Satellite TV once made a short news documentary, about a villager met an alien, the reporter asked him to show it, but he opened a refrigerator, and there was a low-quality 'alien' made of silicone lying inside." Guo Fan said that although this is very funny, but from another perspective, it may be different, "We were thinking about a topic when we were creating: Why can't this fake looking alien be a real alien?" It was from this question that the film began to evolve. ”

It is reported that the setting of the film is both absurd and real, and various down-to-earth elements are given a unique sci-fi temperament. Some fans said, "It blends absurd humor and science fiction into an idyll", and "the romance of the universe is woven into an absurd 'dream'".

【Comments】From the perspective of story inspiration and movie plot, "Space Exploration Editorial Department" also has a bit of a pseudo-documentary feeling. Accustomed to watching such a large-cost production as the "Wandering Earth" series, and then watching the "Space Exploration Editorial Department" that is "dirty", it may be a little uncomfortable. However, science fiction movies also need to have a variety of themes, that is, the so-called "science fiction +", and the creativity that young directors dare to imagine is worth looking forward to.

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