Dissolved into a liquid wife - In November 2011, local police in Australia received a call to the police. The source said. One of his Chinese female friends, Cao, has become inexplicable

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Dissolved into a liquid wife - In November 2011, local police in Australia received a call to the police. The source said. One of his Chinese female friends, Cao, has been inexplicably missing for a week. It is understood that Cao is a 42-year-old Chinese immigrant. Five years ago, she followed her husband to live in Australia. Far from home, he has no relatives or friends in Australia. Her husband, 69, is a native of Australia and her only source of hope and hope. But who knows, this old man, this foreigner on dog days, actually dissolved his wife. After learning about Cao's situation, the police investigation could only start with her husband. Soon, the police came to Cao's house and met Cao's husband, Anders. The police asked Anders about the disappearance of his wife, Cao. Anders said his wife got into an argument with herself at the end of October over some family chores and then ran away in anger. Anders spoke very calmly about this. He did not feel a trace of anxiety and uneasiness because of his wife's disappearance, nor did he call the police to find his wife. This makes the police feel very puzzled, but what can this 69-year-old man do? The police have targeted detection elsewhere, but have not found substantial progress. It wasn't until the police held a press conference to solicit clues from the public that it was discovered that Anders did not show any sadness throughout the process. And on this face, there are still weird smiles from time to time. Occasionally, he joked with the police, as if the missing person was not his wife, but an insignificant person. In this way, the police became suspicious of the 69-year-old man. So, the police began to secretly investigate Anders. The investigation found that after Cao's disappearance, his bank card generated spending records. Then I checked and found that the place of consumption was a newly opened hardware store near Anders and his wife. This shows that Cao hasn't gone far yet, so why didn't he go home? With doubts, the police called the surveillance near the hardware store and found that the person holding the card was not the missing Cao, but the husband Anders suspected by the police. The police then went to the hardware store to further investigate what Anders had bought. To the surprise of the police, Anders bought 20 liters of hydrochloric acid, and three days later bought another 40 liters of hydrochloric acid. This can be imagined about the use of hydrochloric acid, which allowed the police to determine Anders' suspicion. At first, the police thought that Anders must have bought so much hydrochloric acid to destroy some evidence. So, the police immediately searched Anders' home, fearing that they would miss any useful information. Soon, the medical examiner found several teeth in the sewer of Anders' house, as well as a pile of sticky liquid. Ouch, think it's creepy, huh? On closer inspection, the medical examiner also found the residue of an unknown object in the pair of liquids. This led the police to a bold conjecture that what Anders dissolved with hydrochloric acid was not evidence of a crime, but his wife Cao. Groove, so exciting. At that time, technology was not developed. So, in order to confirm their conjecture, the police found a dead pig, put it in the trash, and poured the same amount of hydrochloric acid. Sure enough, as long as you keep stirring, the dead pig quickly melts into a liquid. Faced with the ironclad evidence in front of him, Anders finally admitted that his wife was not missing, but was dissolved by himself with hydrochloric acid and discharged into the sewer. But what happened between these two to allow a man to do this to his wife? It turned out that in 2005, Cao and Anders met each other through the social software Ah Mou APP, and the age difference between the two was very large, a full difference of 27 years. But this does not affect Cao's love for Anders, you say that this woman is also a, right? This and this, this, this, what do foreign uncles love, right? Soon after, the relationship between the two quickly heated up, and a romantic relationship was confirmed on the Internet. The following year, Anders desperately crossed the ocean from Australia to China to see Cao. This made Cao deeply moved, thinking that she had found a man who loved her, and at the same time felt that this Anders was a very good man and worth entrusting her life. I don't think you fancy other people's property and think that foreigners are rich? Soon after the two met, they decided to get married. Shortly after getting married, Cao left his relatives and homeland and followed Anders to Australia. He was full of joy and thought that he would live happily ever after. But what he didn't expect was that this was not heaven, but hell. The good times did not last long, and soon after the two got married, the relationship began to slowly fade, and they often quarreled. Neighbors revealed that Anders often complained to them, and Cao said he had had enough of this life and wanted to be separated from him. And Anders? Just a scruffy old man, but in the blessing does not know the blessing, the old cow eats tender grass, which does not respect this young girl from China at all. However, this situation can only indicate that there is a problem with the relationship between the two, which is not enough to constitute a motive for killing. And Anders has always been cunning, saying that his wife wanted to attack him with a knife, and he only killed his wife out of legitimate defense, and there was no way to destroy the body. The police asked, why did his wife attack him? At this time, in the face of police questioning, Anders suddenly became distracted and did not want to answer this question head-on. Since he didn't say, then the police looked for clues themselves. Soon, the police found several emails on Anders' computer, the sender of which was Anders, and the recipient was a married woman from Thailand. The content of this letter is very ambiguous, the truth is finally revealed, it turns out that this Anders, the old gangster, cheated on him, he fell in love with another married woman who wanted to live in Australia, apparently, at this time, his wife Cao became his obstacle. If he chooses to divorce, Cao will definitely divide his property equally, which is unacceptable to him. He didn't have any feelings for Cao and didn't want to give him a single point, so he thought of a way to dissolve the body and make Cao disappear. This is heinous that after the case, Anders not only did not have the slightest guilt, but also fraudulently obtained the welfare fund of a welfare institution in Australia by pretending to be his wife Cao's handwriting. Eventually, an Australian court convicted Anders of murdering his wife and sentenced him to life in prison

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