【 Bambino 】 An unconventional Italian tavern in Lucky Lasagna

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【 Bambino 】 An unconventional Italian tavern in Lucky Lasagna

Bambino, a new project between Chef Lucky Lasagna and the Juke team, is located on North Shaanxi Road, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is comfortable and inviting, accommodating up to 30 guests, focusing on unconventional and "traditional" Italian cuisine, plus bespoke cocktails and a selection of wines. *Not Juke's restaurant*

About: Bambino

Lucky Lasagna is the heart of the restaurant, with Juke teaming up with Michael Janczewski (Bastard) and Sebastien Dallee for the creative part. This Italian bistro in Jing'an is Lucky's first independent project.

You may have heard of Lucky Lasagna. He is a chef and tattoo artist from the seaside town called Aprilia outside Rome, and was previously the head chef of Italo. He is known for his strong personality and creativity, especially when it comes to food. If you meet him, you will definitely be impressed. "Cucina furiosa" is his nickname, meaning a strong sense of humor, which is the embodiment of Lucky's character and the main theme of Bambino.

The whole space of the restaurant is not large, the same as the name. The Bambino can accommodate up to 30 guests and is spread over two floors, with 22 guests on the second floor and a warm table for 8 people on the first floor.

【 Bambino 】 An unconventional Italian tavern in Lucky Lasagna


Menu: Reinventing tradition

Bambino's food combines vintage (Lucky) and modern (Michael) styles, and they have made some changes in traditional Italian flavors and Italian classics.

Arancini with alphabet pasta instead of rice, and bocheta rolls with monkfish instead of pork. These creative and interesting ideas are very much in line with Shanghai's taste, but they can be a headache for the Italian grandmother. The Bambino is led by Lucky's creativity, but Michael's finishing touches are not to be missed. Bambino continues the style of Juke's small menu, with 12-14 dishes, which are updated every few months.

【 Bambino 】 An unconventional Italian tavern in Lucky Lasagna


Dish description

Homemade Bread Sticks - Large breadsticks with chili pepper, rosemary soaked virgin olive oil. Inspiration came from grissini.

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese - Thick-cut charcoal-grilled knotty melon, baby peas provide sweetness, fresh herbs, bell peppers and hazelnuts.

Alphabet Fried Rice Balls - Arancini cheese with alphabet pasta instead of rice, served with Parma ham and pickled peppers.

King Crab - Seasoned with remora sauce, capers, sour cucumber and finger lemon, served with thin slices of bread from Sardinia clean, refreshing and with a crunchy texture.

Tortellini - Freshly made tortellini with red shrimp filling, yellow tomato bisque, pecorino cheese and powdered pepper, highly recommended.

Bochetta Roll - The ultimate unconventional dish, monkfish instead of pork, wrapped in bacon and served with white bean puree, diced celery and olives. The freshness of the fish echoes the saltiness of Italian bacon and the crisp celery, which equals the perfect pairing.

Grandma's tripe - Rich flavor, tender tripe with tomato sauce and fresh herbs, homemade corn mash and pecorino cheese crushed corn is very special, using fresh corn, with nuts and natural sweetness.

Serpentan - Corn milk custard, Montenairo liqueur topping, wine pickled currants and popcorn. The unique dessert is completely different from the regular custard, and the taste of the powder has a nutty aftertaste, which is very pleasant.

Cocktails and wine

In terms of drinks, only female winemakers or female managers are selected for wine selection. Cocktails are served by Colin Tait (Black Rock, Heyday, Shake) and start at $50 for a single drink and $68 for a single drink.

Concentrated ice shake — Italian martini, whiskey infused with tonka beans, Nalan Zhuang sherry. Velvet, nuts, with a Christmas touch.

Lemon Milk Punch – bright and clear, immediately invites you to Italy in summer.

R+R – Rosemary-soaked Campari, Fever Tree Raspberry Soda, a refreshing and easy-to-drink cocktail.

Lippo BBQ — citrus gin, lime leaves, basil leaves, jalapeños, bergamot and a little green chili boy. Balances herbaceous, salty and sweet.

Bambino is currently open for dinner only. Open at noon after the Spring Festival, sandwiches, panini, coffee and other simple dishes are served.


Soft opening starts: December 7

WeChat: Bambino_600

Address: No. 600, North Shanxi Road, near Xinzha Road

Phone: 13166296689

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