Tribute to the loyal soul forever "Manjiang Red"

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——"Manjiang Hong" after viewing

In the Spring Festival film in the Year of the Rabbit, the most concerned and hotly debated is naturally "Manjiang Hong" directed by Zhang Yimou, but both the box office and the score have proved that the theme reflecting the main theme is still widely recognized.

In fact, before watching "Manjiang Red", the author did not pay attention to the relevant information of the film, but from the title of the film, I probably knew that it may be related to Yue Fei, of course, it was related to loyalty to the country and patriotism, and it happened to be the first time in three years to "let go", so I was more comfortable to watch the "Spring Festival film".

The advantage of overconfident distance, because the cinema is equivalent to being downstairs at home, so after dinner in the first day, I leisurely used the viewing ticket to exchange for tickets, and the result was almost not the number of performances I needed, fortunately, there are 3 in the front row at the end, which also reflects the audience's attention to the film from one side. As of January 27, the box office of "Manjiang Hong" reached 2.687 billion yuan in six days, more than 300 million more than the second-place "The Wandering Earth 2".

159 minutes to watch but did not make people feel that the time is very long, of course, the first half is a little tired to watch, and then because it is all rhythmed by the plot, gripping suspense, always unexpected plot reversal and reversal, uninterrupted laughter and tears and pain points, but also sad and happy atmosphere, solemn and relaxed experience are rare in the author (and possibly the audience) many viewings, and when the army at the end of the film recited "Manjiang Red" and sounded the sky, this is not just the climax of the plot of the film, It also brings the audience into a climax of aesthetic emotions, which may be the finishing touch of this film, and naturally highlights the theme of "paying tribute to the loyal soul, forever "Manjiang Red".

Although the film is controversial and the various factors are more complicated, it must be admitted that Zhang Yimou has once again achieved success and has also obtained some new breakthroughs for himself.

First of all, the film's presentation is successful. The pressure of the challenge, which was originally a film that required a grand narrative and magnificent scenes, was condensed in the specific historical time and space of the Storm Pavilion four years after Yue Fei's unjust death, and Qin Hui led troops to talk with Jin Guo. On the eve of the talks, the envoy of the Jin State died at the prime minister's residence, and the secret letter he carried disappeared.

The small soldier Zhang Da, the deputy commander of the pro-military camp Sun Jun, and later Liu Xi, Ding Sanwang, Yaoqin, etc. were also caught up in this huge conspiracy and layout by chance, and Prime Minister Qin Hui ordered Zhang Da and Sun Jun to solve the case within one hour, although they dropped a lot of baggage but increased the difficulty. In terms of space, the film does not use large scenes to show the "magnificent and fierce" and "eight thousand miles of clouds and moon" of Yue Fei's report, but only places it in a limited number of residence mansions, a few courtyards and a few streets, except for a few large scenes when the soldiers collectively recite "Manjiang Red" at the end of the film, which is also a big challenge to the film's performance technique.

The tone of the whole film is also a relatively single gray and dark tone, most of the plot is also a night scene, the elements are relatively thin, ancient costumes, antique, the soundtrack is mostly a mix of Yu opera and rock, in order to highlight the solemnity of the theme and national cultural elements, both for the unjustly killed loyal soul sacrifice and to express the resentment of the traitor Qin Juniper as a cushion. Even so, the film better shows the historical background, character character, plot interpretation, and film theme, and has worked hard in many aspects such as script, director, actors, shooting, and production.

Secondly, the plot interpretation of the film is successful. The protagonist Yue Fei, who should have appeared in the entire film, did not appear, but through metaphorical techniques, the protagonist had a feeling that silence was better than sound at this time. From the beginning of the film, the audience is brought into only the killing of the golden messenger, the whereabouts of the secret letter are unknown, and the whole plot makes people feel that it is just an unsolved case that must be solved in an hour, and whether the case is solved or not, Zhang Da and Sun Jun and others must die such an unsolvable "bureau".

But with the deepening and reversal of the plot, the little soldier Zhang Da, the deputy commander of the pro-soldier Sun Jun, the prime minister He Li, the deputy chief Wu Yichun, the dance Ji Yaoqin, the horseman Liu Xi, of course, including the "bright side" protagonist Qin Hui in the step-by-step in-depth interpretation of the plot, the role and the plot are reversed step by step, and the audience has been taken to the rhythm.

Unconsciously, the killing of Jin Envoy and the loss of secret letters have become the loyal soul of Yue Fei represented by Zhang Da, making "Manjiang Red" a spiritual coordinate and the ultimate goal, so whether to kill Qin Hui or not to kill has become less important. And Qin Huan's ultimate goal was to kill all those who knew the truth of the matter, especially those related to Yue Fei. In this way, the final plot is reversed to make Yue Fei's "last words" "Manjiang Hong" (due to the needs of the plot, Yue Fei's "Manjiang Hong" was not written in prison, and the last sentence written at the end of his life is "Tianri Zhaozhao" repeats 8 characters) to become a declaration of loyalty to the world and serve the country, an eternal spiritual symbol, and also the most shocking climactic plot of the film. It can also be said that the film is a fast-paced suspenseful thriller and reversal, with a little romantic color, but also expresses a deep sense of home and country.

Third, the characterization of the film is successful. The characters in the film do not engage in simple face-painting, if it is not for the advancement of the plot, the audience is very sure of the accurate black and white positioning of the characters in the film, and brings about the subversion of inherent thinking again and again in the repeated role reversals. In the film, Shen Teng played the little soldier Zhang Da, Zhang Yi played He Li, Yue Yunpeng played Wu Yichun, Lei Jiaying played Qin Hui , rookie Wang Jiayi played Yao Qin have all achieved great success in character interpretation, Qin Hui 's treacherous cruelty, Zhang Da's loyalty and perseverance, He Li's hidden knife in laughter, Wu Yichun's pretending to be stupid, Sun Jun's yin and uncertainty, Yao Qin's chivalrous tenderness, etc., and the most successful interpretation is the "big feelings" of Zhang Da, Yaoqin, Liu Xi, Ding Sanwang, these "little people", And there is a strong contagion.

Lei Jiaying, who has always acted in dramas, played the villain's accurate grasp, Shen Teng changed the true color of the comedy king and Zhuang Xie possessed, Zhang Yi played He Li's cruel and cruel, Wang Jiayi as a newcomer to interpret Yaoqin, the amazing explosiveness of the role that is difficult to grasp, Yi Yangqianxi's more layered interpretation of Sun Jun's uncertain role, and even Yue Yunpeng, who had a "ruffian" appearance, also played Wu Chunyi of the royal family and state Qi more in place, etc., can be said to be remarkable, adding a lot of highlights to this New Year drama, Let the movie that is longer than two and a half hours give the audience an experience that will not feel tired, and it will be more immersive.

In the end, the grand theme of the film is successful. As mentioned above, "Manjiang Hong" does not express the big theme according to the grand narrative method of the past, but in a more hidden way, through the so-called unsolved case, the interpretation of various characters, relatively limited scenes, and even through the technique of mirroring to skillfully show the theme that needs to be expressed, which makes people feel unfinished. Therefore, in the advancement of the entire plot of the film, it seems that the real protagonist Yue Fei has not been highlighted, but it has always become a main line in the process of plot evolution.

From Zhang Da's tracking of the case to the tattoo "Loyal to the Country" displayed on the back barren at the end, from the sinister intentions of Qin Hui and He Li and others to the calm death of horsemen Liu Xi, Ding Wang and other righteous men, from Yaoqin's years of forbearance and concealment finally killing He Li to finally reciting Yue Fei's "Pengju Peerless Pen" "Manjiang Hong" to the world with Qin Jia's stand-in, and then to the shocking scene of the second collective recitation of the army at the end, in a surprising but carefully planned way to show and sublimate the theme, this may be the well-intentioned part of this film. And for the audience, paying tribute to the loyal soul and reciting the classics will become a permanent memory and deep infection, so some audiences lament that the feeling after watching the movie is "entering the scene with a smile and leaving the scene crying". It can be said that Zhang Yimou's "suspense + comedy", completing the narrative and theme in the continuous plot reversal is a relatively successful breakthrough, which is better than last year's "Sniper".

The spirit of the Chinese nation with patriotism as the core is always the gene of a strong country that we must continue to carry forward. On the new journey, let us pay tribute to the loyal soul, implement patriotism and the aspiration to serve the country in every post, every work, and every responsibility, and contribute wisdom and strength to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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