Internal entertainment statement ceiling, next clarification will be according to this standard

Internal entertainment statement ceiling, next clarification will be according to this standard

Last Saturday's lively Weibo night made the long-dormant domestic entertainment come alive again.

From the collective appearance of 85 flowers to Hu Ge and Liu Yifei's same stage after many years, to the "complicated" eight-way chaotic battle between Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, and Yi Yangqianxi... The whole internal entertainment directly became a pot of porridge.

Based on these premises, the director of Weibo night also added firewood and fire in a timely manner, and frantically told netizens with a sliced mirror: Come on, go crazy together.

Internal entertainment statement ceiling, next clarification will be according to this standard

According to incomplete statistics, when Huang Xiaoming was speaking, the director of Weibo night cut Yangying and Yang Mi chatted hotly, and Yang Mi had a shocked expression on his face when he heard the gossip; When Yang Ying came on stage to receive the award, it cut Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing to chat hot (even twice); Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan took the stage respectively, and it cut the footage of Yi Yang Qianxi;

Although "Bojun Yixiao" failed to share the stage, Wang Yibo came to the stage and cut Bojun Yixiao's CP light...

#就这种不要命的直播方式, it's really hard not to doubt that Weibo is ready to finish this ticket and run away #

Internal entertainment statement ceiling, next clarification will be according to this standard

Just two days have passed since the Weibo night of the last month, and Abar Xunsi will definitely spend this week in a frame-by-frame replay, and as a result, today there is a thunder on the ground, and there are new children in the entertainment industry.

First of all, let's talk about overseas children, EXO member Wu Shixun was exposed as a father, and some netizens said that they met Wu Shixun in the hospital to accompany his girlfriend for a maternity examination, and his girlfriend was suspected of being pregnant out of wedlock.

Although no real hammer was photographed, everyone opened research on off-site information, such as the woman changed her avatar, and the new avatar was a photo of "a heart on the doll's belly"; The woman is also suspected of posting a back photo of Wu Shixun on social networks, with the caption "With a man like a gift"...

Because EXO has popped up several "unmarried dads" from time to time over the years, many people have ridiculed that "now, EXO has become 12 people again, 9 people plus 3 children".

#地狱笑话了属于是 #

For the revelation that there was no hammer, Wu Shixun's brokerage company SMTOWN also responded quickly, issuing an announcement saying that these were false news, please be cautious about eating guabalabala.

Compared with Wu Shixun, a melon without a plan and no hammer, our children in internal entertainment are slightly more real.

This morning, the paparazzi with the ID "Super Photography Yangyang" broke the news that Liu Yuning had a marriage, the two married in April 2012, divorced in December 2013, and had a daughter.

Liu Yuning, the brother is very familiar to everyone, the people of the rivers and lakes are called "love security", and they will give their voices in various dramas to help the sweet love of each pair of CPs.

While becoming a big OST household, Liu Yuning has also starred in many dramas as an actor in the past two years. First, he formed a small fire of "Wolf Rabbit CP" with Zhao Lusi in "Long Song Line", and then played Bai Xuofei in "Say Who is a Hero".

In terms of the works to be broadcast, Brother Liu also grabbed a lot, led by "An Le Chuan" and "Yinian Guanshan", each of which was urged by everyone.

Not to mention that he is now filming "Bending the Waist" with Song Zuer, which attracted a lot of viewers with Reuters alone.

Looking closely at Liu Yuning's works, almost all of the actresses he cooperates with are hot and popular, and they want to have national popularity. As an artist who was born in a non-professional class and transformed from a singer to an actor halfway, his film and television road is really smooth.

To tell the truth, if the married and childbearing melon that the paparazzi broke the news is true, then he is not far from "starting a business, and the middle road collapses".

But it turns out that as one of the few "living people" in domestic entertainment, we Brother Liu do not give gossip any chance to diverge.

The paparazzi shouted at 9 o'clock to respond live, arrogantly saying, "Don't you love live broadcasting? Then respond to the marriage of siblings during the live broadcast?"

Brother Liu's hind foot started a live broadcast at 12 o'clock to respond to →

Even during the live broadcast, people were still filming on the spot, and the costumes were not taken off.

Calculating the time, it took only two and a half hours from the revelation of the paparazzi naming the name to the fermentation of gossip along the Internet, and then to the response of the party on a live broadcast. No matter what Liu Yuning wants to say, this response speed alone is enough to trample on others.

#刘哥表情凶狠地整理戏服的样子, it seems that the paparazzi will be beaten up in the next second #

Internal entertainment statement ceiling, next clarification will be according to this standard

Facts have also proved that the information points that Liu Yuning responded to are as concise as his decision to broadcast live temporarily.

The first sentence is: First of all, I Liu Yuning was once married, of course, divorced, but I have no children and have no contact with my previous (ex-wife).

A bar here boldly guessed Liu Yuning's inner OS, it may be: Doesn't you just want to know this? Come on, come on, I'll talk to you directly.

Friends, the fewer words, the greater the truth, once again fulfilled.

After losing this result, he began to apologize to the woman, saying that today because of him, she and her current children were exposed to the public, which he very much did not want to see. As an artist, he has no privacy to speak of, but he is really sorry to disturb them as amateurs.

Liu Yuning's original words were: Because I am a public figure, everyone goes to spy on my affairs, but for her, I want to say sorry for disturbing her life.

After expressing his apologies to the woman, Liu Yuning began to angry the paparazzi in a seemingly peaceful tone.

"You can upset me and rush at me, but don't disturb an ordinary person and her children."

"Paparazzi expose an ordinary person and an underage child, which is also a harm to the child!"

"Posting photos of amateurs and her children on the Internet for blog traffic is not human."

The most touching sentence is that Liu Yuning said that although the paparazzi mosaic on the photo, the people around her, who should know her, will still recognize her, and the children will also recognize it. He can care about noticing this, and he really pulls a good impression.

After all, in any case, exposing amateur photos and photos of amateur children (amateurs and current children) is a very unprofessional and moral practice, not to mention that this child has nothing to do with Liu Yuning.

#狗仔哪来的职业素养和道德素质 #

Finally, Liu Yuning sorted out the timeline of this marriage, saying that he divorced in 2013 and debuted in 2018, and this marriage was an experience before his debut, so he did not take the initiative to mention it after his debut.

As for why the other party is not mentioned, it is because the artist has no secrets in the entertainment industry, and it is common for personal information to be sold, and if the woman is exposed, it will definitely affect the other party's current life.

In response to this, A Bar personally feels that Liu Yuning is quite frank, after all, no one stipulates that artists must self-explode their marriage after their debut. Think about it, Liu Yuning, who was still a semi-amateur at that time, took the microphone and beeped: Hello everyone, I am Liu Yuning, married and childless...

#这不是有病??? #

Of course, the married artist's concave single character must be wrong ha, but in terms of things, Liu Yuning's experience belongs to before his debut, and the child conceived by his ex-wife and ex-wife after forming a family is originally an amateur, and the paparazzi dragged a family of three out to eat traffic steamed buns in order to rub Liu Yuning's traffic, doesn't it just confirm Liu Yuning's initial worries?

In the live broadcast response, Liu Yuning also had a very sentimental speech, he said: "She has no benefit from everything I get as an artist, why should I bear this now, so I'm really sorry."

Who understands, this sentence is really responsible.

Although the paparazzi saw Liu Yuning's response and said that there were still problems to line up with Liu Yuning, the wind direction of public opinion was obviously biased towards the artist's side.

#咱也不懂还有啥要爆的, or do you two live broadcast and chat with Mai? #

After all, in just a few minutes, Liu Yuning responded to the whole thing, his speech was reasonable, and the whole process was logical.

Summarized into a provincial version: Liu Yuning was married and divorced before his debut, and the paparazzi rubbed him with amateur and amateur children after he became popular. The result of the matter is that the paparazzi do not do anything, and everyone can scold the paparazzi.

In this regard, the internal entertainment melon eaters, who are accustomed to artists pretending to be dead, cold treatment in the studio, and brainwashing clarification by fans, said that Brother Liu is a good cow. Especially in contrast to some who have children but are not married, have children just married, and suddenly appear a child, Liu Yuning looks even better.

Hua Chenyu next door: You directly read my ID number.

Not to mention, this paparazzi's revelations were really sour, very sour. Both times the response paparazzi cued the Ferrari support of Liu Yuning's fans.

When the first time he circled Liu Yuning, the paparazzi cue said, "That's it, the fans still rent Ferrari to help", openly and secretly mocking the fans for spending a lot of money to fan a married male artist.

Hot knowledge: Liu Yuning's fans prepared for the Weibo night to support Ferrari team, long like this→

One thing to say, combined with the cards on Weibo night, the Ferrari team engaged by Liu Yuning's fans is definitely a special one in the fan support. When six or seven Ferraris roared past, most of the people at the scene reacted by recording videos while "lying in the groove".

But this paparazzi say: Too unaccustomed, the fans are pitiful, Liu Yuning has transformed from an Internet celebrity into the most successful one, right?

On Weibo night, the red carpet session was not accidentally canceled, and the paparazzi said strangely, "Laugh and laugh, rent Ferrari's white rent".

After Liu Yuning responded live, he said that "the group of fans who rent Ferrari are very tough-mouthed, washing the floor everywhere" unmarried".

He also threatened that he still had Liu Yuning's melon in his hand and asked Liu Yuning to wait.

But a day passed, the so-called super big melon taken out by this paparazzi is that Liu Yuning changed his age, obviously in 1987 in the hard pack into the 90s.

#你不如爆料刘宇宁谎报身高, in fact, he has 2 meters, so he can't receive the play #

What, it can be seen that the paparazzi are in a hurry, and Ferrari really hits the man hard.

In addition to this jumping paparazzi, Ah Bar also saw someone discussing when surfing, saying that he was also exposed to have children, why was Hua Chenyu scolded Liu Yuning and praised? Is it because Hua Chenyu has a high national popularity?

That is to say, is there a possibility, one is the normal process of marriage and divorce but no children, the other is out of wedlock and child; One is the normal life during the amateur period, and the other is knowing that he is in the entertainment industry and has not controlled himself; One is the party's coherent response at the speed of light, and the other is to send a headless Weibo and disappear in place...

If there are artists who don't know how to respond to their private lives and don't know how to respond to the revelations against themselves, then Liu Yuning is the standard answer, please copy it.

The next clarification, all according to this standard.

Looking back at Liu Yuning's state today, his straightforward response is really like the artist's private life was exposed in the early years, and then a press conference was held, and the artist himself stood up to say the original state. At that time, whether it was crying or clarifying, the artists were very alive.

The reason why everyone thinks Liu Yuning is sincere and frank is because he did not send some cookie-cutter statements through the studio, nor did he deal with it coldly, and chose the most intuitive response method.

The way to start a live broadcast is not only in line with his past business status, but also the hardness that the audience likes to see. It is certainly not suitable for all artists, but it is just right for Liu Yuning.

And it is also worth noting that at the very beginning of Liu Yuning's live broadcast, when he just sat down to pack his costume, he glanced at the barrage in the live broadcast room, and some fans asked him with concern, "How are you?" Are you okay?" , Liu Yuning casually replied, "It's nothing bad, such a big adult."

If something happens, don't hide in Tibet, this is what an adult should do, but in the entertainment industry, because of the identity of "artist", it seems that the party can be invisible.

For most fans and passers-by, they don't run away because you're married or in a relationship. The most disappointing thing for the public is that the artist once hid and deceived us when the fans trusted you and liked you the most, and even tried to hide behind everyone's back with this love to whitewash the peace.

Now some people always say that Liu Yuning is a "living person in internal entertainment", and Ah Bar thinks that maybe he "lives" in this fresh and frank. It is true that there is no need for artists to report their private lives, but being honest and not hiding is always a plus.

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