The age is added to ninety-nine, but they are embarrassed to play "grandpa and grandson love" and "grandson love", are they old and confused?

The age is added to ninety-nine, but they are embarrassed to play "grandpa and grandson love" and "grandson love", are they old and confused?

Recently, some Hong Kong media reported that 60-year-old Wang Jie and 34-year-old Liang Luoshi are suspected of being in love. Although the two are 26 years apart, they are from the same family, and they both have settled in Canada, and they are emotionally empty.

Although the truth is currently doubtful, as soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of a large number of netizens. Some people say that the two of them have the same hobbies, both like to eat hot pot, it is good to be a companion in a foreign land, and live a dull life, after all, true love can cross everything, since they are together, then bless!

Here Wang Jie Liang Luoshi recognized love in reality, and the blessing was full; Over there, Jiang Wenli and Ming Dao are putting up with everyone. The reason is that he acted in a drama that is not suitable for his positioning, obviously the two are 99 years old together, and they still want to follow the idol drama style, which is unbearable.

And this "mistake", not only the two of them made, let's take a look together!

Jiang Wenli is 56 years old and Ming Dao is 43 years old

Ming Dao has been following the path of idol dramas since "The Prince Turns into a Frog". However, when people reach middle age, they thought that they had already broken this idea, who knew that he was shocked by a thunder on the ground and exploded an idol drama, and what is more deadly is that the heroine is still Jiang Wenli, who is 13 years older than him.

Jiang Wenli acted in many film and television dramas in her early years, and has always been known to the audience for her superb acting skills, atmospheric looks and outstanding temperament. It is also like this, she actually played the role of a little woman in "Corner Love", playing sibling love with Ming Dao.

The age is added to ninety-nine, but they are embarrassed to play "grandpa and grandson love" and "grandson love", are they old and confused?

Perhaps in order to show her "innocence", Jiang Wenli sometimes opened her mouth and glared, sometimes pouted and sold cute, trying her best to disguise herself as a girl. However, the sunken eye sockets, European-style large pairs, loose face and obvious nasolabial folds remind the audience all the time: this is not what a girl should look like.

The age is added to ninety-nine, but they are embarrassed to play "grandpa and grandson love" and "grandson love", are they old and confused?

Besides, although he was the prince of idol dramas in the early days, his figure and face were also properly maintained, plus his Taiwanese accent, if he wanted to act in idol dramas, it was not impossible to watch.

But in the play, he added Jiang Wenli's pouting and selling cute school, and the two people either pretended to be frightened or showed affection together. Although everything is in place, and the love is about to overflow the screen, it is really not suitable for him and Jiang Wenli to hug together, which makes people physically uncomfortable, and how they look at it is like being "eaten tender grass by an old cow".

I really don't know if people praise him for his dedication, or...

No wonder they were ridiculed by the group, these two acted in an old idol drama, they are really confused!

Jackie Chan is 68 years old and Guli Naza is 30 years old

The highly respected predecessor Jackie Chan has not escaped the scolding of grandfather and grandson.

In the movie "Mythology", Jackie Chan and the Korean goddess Kim Hee-sun perform the poignant love of the patriotic general and the exotic princess. At that time, Jackie Chan was 51 years old, and Kim Hee-sun was only 28 years old.

Kim Hee-sun's appearance is atmospheric and slightly mature. At that time, they were at their peak, and the two won a lot of praise with their superb acting skills.

Recently, the news of the start of the second part of "Mythology" came out, and the 68-year-old Jackie Chan once again played the male protagonist, and was rumored to play a couple with the 30-year-old little flower Guli Naza, and the controversy continued.

Some people say that Jackie Chan is playing grandpa and grandson love, after all, the gap of 38 years old, a face with ravines and wrinkles, a young and beautiful, innocent and flawless, what kind of princess, will look at the old general who can be his grandfather?

Chen Jianbin is 52 years old and Li Yitong is 32 years old

To say that Jackie Chan and Guli Naza are not compatible in appearance, but Jackie Chan's strength and acting skills are still there.

The other "fourth master" fell fiercely because of a "The Legend of Zhen Huan" that was popular all over the Internet and ascended to the altar, and because of a "Love Me Don't Think Too Much".

In the play, Chen Jianbin plays an older "diamond king old five" who is married but pursues pure love, and Li Yitong plays a ghost horse girl, staging a romantic comedy.

Since it is a romantic drama, of course, intimate scenes are indispensable, and Chen Jianbin and Li Yitong have many scenes of looking at each other, hugging, and kissing.

However, Chen Jianbin's cheeks and ravines are not like Wang Laofu who pursues love, but like a greasy overlord who takes advantage of little girls, and all the pink bubbles that belong to romance dramas are punctured.

Coupled with that tall posture, it's really an old dragon bell, so embarrassing to talk about pure love, it's really a life!

It sounds good to say that this is Loli falling in love with uncle, and it is not good to say that grandpa and grandson are in love, it seems that "love me, don't think too much" will not work, Chen Jianbin still wants more!

Ding Haifeng is 53 years old and Imina is 20 years old

In addition to the above three, the low-key powerful actor Ding Haifeng was not spared.

Some time ago, "Extraordinary Rescue" starring Ding Haifeng was released, which should have been a thrilling action movie, but it was given a bad rating of 1 point by many netizens.

The main reason is that in this film, the male and female protagonists with a 33-year age difference are not only embarrassed to talk about brainless love, but also make the 20-year-old actress Imina keep rubbing the side, making the audience feel vulgar.

In addition, Ding Haifeng and Imina have a lot of shoulder hugging scenes in the play, let's just say that the rescue is so close, it really doesn't have to be!


In "Snail House", Zhang Jiayi and Li Nian, who are 15 years apart, staged an extramarital sadomasochistic relationship. The two look like grandpa and grandson on the surface, but there is no sense of violation in the performance, but it makes people praise one after another.

In fact, it's not that everyone can't accept the setting of sibling love and grandfather and grandson love, but they act too greasy, and they will be old next year, but the tacky plot of the hard concave idol drama makes people unable to look down.

It seems that actors still need to find their own positioning well, otherwise they will take the road of "old dolls" when they enter the middle and old age, and who will they show them?

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