Weibo night is too embarrassing: drive Zhang Yimou to step down, play 85 flowers as monkeys, who has a happy weekend?

Weibo night, has been speechless so that I don't know what to say, the motivation that supports me to write this article is: the whole network sincerely prays that this is the last Weibo night, since the whole process of watching the most embarrassing pork in history - oh no, the award event, I have to write a eulogy for it.

This is a rare event in the entertainment industry after the epidemic, Weibo warmed up for several days in advance, fans were kidnapped by stars, had to cooperate with Weibo online and offline to send heat, so that the onlookers watched the excitement for several days, who knows, the last day is about to start, the live broadcast is frequently interrupted, and the red carpet is urgently stopped.

Then, the pot of all this, naturally, is still carried by fans.

My suggestion is that the other day Mei Ben night row, the appearance of fans sleeping on the street is too ugly, in line with the principle that "fans act idols pay" in internal entertainment, there is one family, and all of them are named and criticized.

Focus on criticizing those so-called "adverse assistance" disguised to encourage fans to respond, representatives: Gong Jun, Yang Mi, Yu Shuxin.

So distressed about the fans, invite guests to dinner, so when the fans were so cold in Shanghai the night before, why not persuade them to go home?

What's even funnier is that walking the red carpet is the same as the order of the official announcement, and the more the coffee position is bigger, the result is that the little star in front walked the red carpet first, and then the official announcement that the red carpet was canceled, and the big coffee who wore a big brand for half a day to prepare for beauty and glamorous pressure was dumbfounded.

Forget it, I'm too lazy to say earlier, let's just say how chaotic, boring and embarrassing the "award ceremony" is.

The host Nigmati doesn't say anything, there is also Si Wenjia, who looks at the prompter board the whole time, and the other Li Ai, who is also a veteran host, laughed so hard that his eyes were gone, making people hallucinate Du Hua, and what is more frightening is that the frequency of mouth scoops is so high that the number of people can't come to the whole audience How many slips of the tongue.

Under Li Ai's knotted tongue, Yu Wenwen became "Yun Wenwen", and Hui Yinghong became "Wei Yinghong"...

One of the most funny and angry fans made a slip of the tongue was that in the annual drama, she actually said that "Acquaintance with Junchu" was "Death with Junchu", and then immediately after "Just Like the Return of the Old" became "Just Like the Return of the Ancients"...

The most deadly thing is that after Zhang Yimou came on stage to present the award to Yi Yangqianxi, she actually asked the national master to go down and rest first!!!

Fortunately, Nigmati caught up and remedy it - after all, the old strategist still wants to say two words to the beloved four-character support field, where can he come up and walk around?

Weibo night is too embarrassing: drive Zhang Yimou to step down, play 85 flowers as monkeys, who has a happy weekend?

Netizen: If you can't do it, change Zhu Dan if you can't!

Li Ai: In the reflection, in the reflection.

Hehe, most of them are the same as Zhu Dan, sincerely admit their mistakes, and dare next time!

Really already desperate for the level of domestic entertainment hosts.

But why is it that now the host slides down horizontally and does not move?

Because only in this way can there be heat! Like Weibo, the organizer who pulls his crotch the most, likes to invite such a host who brings controversy, everyone collectively complains, isn't the traffic coming?

Please next time!

It is such a group of hosts, especially the two female hosts, who only listened to their noise as if they were talking to themselves, trying to enliven the atmosphere but trying hard to work hard in vain, and the star guests on the scene were like puppets who couldn't speak.

Especially at the beginning of the stage to divide pork - oh no, the stars who received the award all lined up on the stage in silence like wholesale, and silently found their own trophies after going on stage (that's right, Miss Manners is only responsible for holding a bouquet of flowers that look very chilling as if purchasing and eating kickbacks, and is not responsible for handing out trophies...

Then they continued to stand in a row on the stage in silence, and finally lined up in silence to step down.

If it weren't for this event, who knew that there would be so many mutes in the inner entertainment!

Weibo night is too embarrassing: drive Zhang Yimou to step down, play 85 flowers as monkeys, who has a happy weekend?

If you want to say that because there are too many stars participating in the event and limited time, so you have to speed up the process and not give everyone the opportunity to give an award speech, then, the host said less embarrassing words that made people scratch the toes, and it was not good to give the time to the winners?

It's really not okay, you cut shows that no one wants to watch at all except fans?

Weibo night is too embarrassing: drive Zhang Yimou to step down, play 85 flowers as monkeys, who has a happy weekend?

As soon as Cai Xukun sang, the keyword "ugly" became popular again, I don't mean that as a singer, he sings badly, the original "Lover" is still very good, but what are you singing this time?

Gong Jun, who is incomplete in five tones, also went on stage to sing with Liu Yuning, laughing to death, if not his CP has been martyred, is it another one who sings with him?

Finally, after Weibo King and Queen were awarded, just when I thought that this long embarrassment was finally coming to an end and I could wash and sleep, I suddenly heard Li Yuchun's name, and my heart clicked, almost thinking that Sina would eventually arrange another grand finale award for her, but I didn't expect that it was singing, singing...

Have a nice weekend, have a nice weekend!

...... Do you look like a pleasant look at me?

The only pleasant thing was that it was finally liberated.

Then, Sina's snobbery is reflected in every way, such as the seating plan that makes people want to discuss every time...

For example, if you go on stage to get a trophy and leave, only for small stars who don't have enough status, the fatter the pork gets later - oh no, the more important the award, the big star who receives the award will have the opportunity to stay on stage for a while.

But I don't think they should be very willing to stay on stage longer.

In particular, 85 flowers were played as monkeys every time.

Really, it's too bullying, why don't you play Li Bingbing's big flowers? Why don't you play the same male celebrity?

Then, last year's "Menghualu" and "Go to a Windy Place" allowed Liu Yifei to have a work and become the Queen of this session, so she could not be played with the other 85 flowers like the previous session.

The rest, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and the who, probably Xin Yiheng really regarded himself as a monkey who couldn't speak, play with the host, anyway, it was not me who was scolded in the end.

Weibo night is too embarrassing: drive Zhang Yimou to step down, play 85 flowers as monkeys, who has a happy weekend?

Tang Yan, who was absent from the Weibo night for special reasons, can be regarded as "escaped", yes, there was a very outrageous thing that night: "Where did Tang Yan go" was suddenly bombed after rushing to the hot search.

We have to start at the beginning.

Originally, Tang Yan was officially announced by Liu Shishi in the same batch, plus Liu Yifei and Yang Mi, the melon-eating masses had long known that this fairy sword reunion would definitely be the main event.

Then at halftime, Sina sent a "century in the same frame": Hu Ge sat in the middle, Liu Shishi Yang Mi on the left, Liu Yifei on the right, "Immortal Sword I" and "Immortal Sword III" were completed.

Netizen: Did the photographer not inform the Americans to look at the lens?

Of course, the most important question is, where did Tang Yan go?

At first, I thought that Sina was too snobbish, the second row of Area A C rank This column is a good position second only to the first row of C in Area A, Tang Yan because he faded out of everyone's field of vision for too long, so he was "not worthy of eating at the table", and scolded Sina, but I didn't expect ...

It turned out that Tang Yan ran to participate in the brand live broadcast that night.

After the live broadcast, I came back to catch up with the scene, and as a result... I was stopped on the sidelines for 20 minutes and couldn't come in in the end.

So, this Weibo night, Tang Yan only contributed a set of looks that did not officially appear.

This matter is also very controversial among netizens, some say that Tang Yan played a big name, some said that Tang Yan's studio was too wasteful and did not coordinate the time, and even said that Sina bullied, after all, it is impossible for the doorman not to know Tang Yan, knowing that she is a guest who accepted the invitation but refused to let her in, it can only be understood that Sina is dissatisfied with her being late for so long and deliberately does not give in.

Later, Tang Yan took the initiative to thank Weibo to explain that he would see him next year, was he afraid of being "blocked" by Weibo and took the initiative to show favor?

I don't know, anyway, Weibo also forwarded and reconciled, blew up the entry, and reduced the degree of discussion of this matter, which can be regarded as good for both sides.

Besides, Hu Ge, who participated in the Weibo night for the first time, in addition to finally going on stage to receive King's award, he also went on stage to present an award to Wu Lei, Gong Jun, Wang Hedi, Yu Shuxin.

At the beginning, Wang Hedi disappeared, Nigmat deliberately cue Di Xin gravity said "where did Wang Hedi go to ask Yu Shuxin", let's not mention it, after all, this time looking at the lineup and seating arrangement is obviously "CP night", but other arrangements seem to have failed, and the pair of cue directly on the stage is also this pair.

The point is that later the program group suddenly moved out a guka prop and let the stars on the stage take a big sticker.

Wang Hedi Yu Shuxin Wu Lei has already stood in the order of left, center, right in the front row, Hu Ge was about to enter the frame, but was squeezed out of the frame by Gong Jun, who suddenly went straight to the C position in the center... Squeezed out the box...

Weibo night is too embarrassing: drive Zhang Yimou to step down, play 85 flowers as monkeys, who has a happy weekend?

An incredulous expression appeared on Hu Ge's own face: Who am I? Where am I? I've been working for nothing all these years?

Forget it, I won't come again next time anyway.

Really, what Tang Yan said "see you next year", such a boring and shameless activity, it is better not to have next year.

I invited so many stars to come to the scene, and it turned out to be such a ghostly look, so wasted that I was angry for the fans.

Naza, who temporarily changed her itinerary and did not attend, may become the biggest winner (fans also complained about the studio at the time, now it's time to thank the studio!).

This time, many celebrities who participated in the event were dressed in black, so much so that some netizens said that they looked as if they were coming to Sina's funeral.

Looking at the invitation, it turned out that the Dress Code on it said Black Tie...

How to say, those stars in black, maybe to boast that the examination is careful enough, but also to boast that they understand English, and then, understand but not fully understand, because this black tie is not a literal "black bow tie", but a default dress code, meaning that it does not need to be as formal as white tie, semi-formal.

However, this is also very good, so many stars dressed in black, it can be regarded as a burial for the scenery of Weibo night!

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