The box office is nearly 30 million, and "More than Endless" won the third place in a row, and Zhang Songwen Wang Jing contributed a lot

"What in the world has nothing to do with us?" ——Excerpted from the movie "More Than Ending".

It has been 19 years since Southern Weekend 2004 New Year's Special Issue, "This Dream, Never Stops".

This carnival of dreams, like the plot in the movie, is intoxicating and intoxicating.

We came to those years again through "More than Endless" starring Bai Ke and Zhang Songwen.

This is a story that never stops, a dream that never retreats, and they use their experiences to show the world what true perseverance and courage are.

Now, let's enter the world of dreams again, feel the carnival, and pursue the dream with a trace of regret.

The movie "More than Endless" is released!

01, Mainland box office report on March 25: "Lingbud Journey" won the championship, and "More than Endless" won the third place consecutively

This week's new film is really a bit ruthless!

After more than two months, the long-lost Chinese mainland film market has finally become active under the ignition of three new films.

On March 25, the mainland box office ranking was freshly released, and the market slammed a shocking 228 million, more than 100 million higher than the previous day.

In addition to the long-term dominance of "The Wandering Earth 2" and "Bear Haunted with My Bear Heart" in the Spring Festival file, the rest of the old films have withdrawn from the list ranking.

In its place, it was replaced by a new film of the last two weeks.

Dapeng's "Keep You Safe" is the runner-up, the recoil is very strong, in the second week of release, the single-day box office can still win more than 37 million, which is really impressive.

Ren Suxi and Liu Mintao's "Cloister Pavilion" has weakened its endurance somewhat, and it collected more than 6.65 million at the box office on Saturday, ranking fourth.

The main theme movie "Wangdao" starring Liu Ye, Hu Jun and Wen Yongshan performed decently, ranking fifth.

Both new films with large-scale openings have rare box office reversals:

One is Makoto Shinkai's animation "Journey to the Bell Buds", which exploded 153 million at the box office the next day, winning the single-day box office champion with an absolute advantage, and the cumulative box office reached 248 million in two days of release.

The other is the feature film "More Than Endless" starring Bai Ke and Zhang Songwen, and the results are also very good, and it won the third place at the box office for two consecutive days.

The film won 949 on the first day of release, and the box office fell again on the second day to 11.85 million, plus the previous box office, the total box office in the mainland was nearly 30 million.

Generally speaking, movies that have reversed the box office in a single day are easy to achieve long-term sales, and the previous "Poisonous Tongue Lawyer" and "Keep You Safe" have both experienced a reversal of the next day.

And the box office of these two films ended up much higher than expected, and I believe that the box office of "More than Endless" will also be gained.

From the perspective of the finished film, the budget cost of "More than Endless" may not exceed 10 million, nearly 30 million in two days, basically has returned the cost, and the rest is all earned.

It is gratifying that it is not easy for a low-cost feature film to have such a high box office result.

So what kind of movie is this? Why is it so much attention?

02, "More Than Endless" pays tribute to the era of golden paper media, and realistic films resonate

In 2003, Han Dong, played by Bai Ke, abandoned the "iron rice bowl" and ran from his hometown of Mudanjiang in the northeast to Beijing to become a Beipiao family, in order to realize the ideal of being a journalist.

After high school, he did not have a high education to throw his resume everywhere, touched a nose of ash, his girlfriend Xiaozhu (played by Miao Miao) and his childhood friend Zhang Bo (played by Song Yang) did not abandon him.

He writes to the Kyoto Times and frequently publishes articles on forums, including one on "Tohoku factory pollution" that is at the top of the moderator.

Finally, the effort paid off, and the post caught the attention of Huang Jiang (played by Zhang Songwen), a veteran reporter for the Kyoto Times, and he was offered a three-month internship at the newspaper.

Received a task is to run a field service with Zhang Songwen, come to an underground coal mine in Shanxi, expose the coal mine collapse accident, put it on the front page and publicize it, since then, Han Dong has been a blockbuster and got the heavy responsibility of Huangjiang.

The internship period was about to turn positive, he ran to a "blood cow" line, and found another gray industry - hepatitis B testing during the investigation.

Just as this front-page news was about to come out, Han Dong learned that the existing medical concepts and regulations were somewhat backward, and many hepatitis B patients were greatly affected in terms of study and employment.

His partner Zhang Bo is a carrier of hepatitis B virus, studying hard for three years, he wants to be admitted to graduate school, even if his grades are above the admission line every time, but he is still not admitted, it turns out that the five tests for hepatitis B are at fault.

If this article is exposed, it will cause hepatitis B patients to be more seriously discriminated against, he feels unreasonable, and he will not hesitate to lose his formal job of regularization, and also let the supervisor Huang Jiang retract the manuscript.

Han Dong, who broke up with his mentor Huang Jiang, collected cases of hepatitis B patients on the Internet, and with the help of "bloodhead", more cases of hepatitis B discrimination came into view, and soon after, an article "Anti-discrimination claims of 100 million people" was posted on the forum.

A private message was sent to his mentor Huang Jiang, and the next day, the article appeared on the front page of the Kyoto Times, causing widespread attention in society.

"More than Endless" is an uncompromising realistic film, and the topic selection is very novel, reflecting the real problems that resonate with the audience, which is similar to Xu Zheng's "I Am Not the God of Medicine".

After all, the prevalence of leukemia in "Medicine God" is extremely low, and it is not easy for everyone to empathize, this movie is about hepatitis B discrimination, in today's China, there are about 90 million carriers of this virus.

That is, one in every 15 Chinese will be a carrier of such a virus, and many carriers are subject to similar discrimination, and in that golden age of print media, an article can often change the overall fate of a group of people.

There is also a reversal plot in human convenience, for example, Biao Ge is ostensibly the blood head of the organization to be tested, but in fact his own daughter is also a carrier of the virus, and he deeply understands how many people this will bring unfairness.

On the surface, Director Yao of the hospital is falsifying and replacing the bad doctors who report, but in fact, he has compassion for the vulnerable and launched an alternative challenge to the irrational system.

The film is very well done in paying tribute to the golden paper era, and many scenes in the film are restorations of the old newspaper printing house, allowing the audience to feel the atmosphere and working methods of that era.

To see such a realistic film in 2023 is indeed full of emotion.

03, Jia Zhangke in "More than Endless" is a bright spot, the box office is so high, Zhang Songwen and Wang Jing are indispensable

There are many highlights in this movie, the most famous of which is Jia Zhangke.

First, he produced "More Than End".

He is the leading guide of this film, and he plays a crucial role in controlling the quality of the film.

Second, guest starred in this film.

He appeared in the movie for about 3 minutes, playing the coal mine boss, spending 200,000 yuan to settle this matter, although the appearance was short, but the portrayal was sharp.

Third, there are two floating shots, most likely by Jia Zhangke.

One is the floating astronaut Yang Liwei in the TV, and then think of Han Dong's floating pen, which is a pen that is pinned on high hopes, the thousand-year-old dream of a country and nation has come true, and the dream of the protagonist himself has also come true;

The other one is the ending stage, the floating newspaper, and the good thing finally comes true.

Everyone who knows Jia Zhangke should know that he likes to engage in this set, and there have been such surreal passages in "The Good People of Three Gorges" and "Children of the Rivers and Lakes" before.

Thinking about it, Jia Zhangke's charm came out at once.

This is like the white horse in Dapeng's "Keep You Safe" and the white horse running in "Eight Hundred", with a strong image, which has an indispensable highlight element for improving the overall film quality.

Jia Zhangke is really a cow man too!

"More than Endless" is a low-cost reality film, with a two-day box office of nearly 30 million, all of which is credited to two people:

The first person is the main creative director Wang Jing.

Of course, the director mentioned here is not the prolific director Wang Jing in Hong Kong, but Wang Jing, who graduated from the directing department of the Beijing Film Academy.

is also Jia Zhangke's proud protégé, as an assistant director in "Destiny", "Children of the Rivers and Lakes" and "Mountains and Rivers Departed", this time the teacher let go and let him direct the film independently.

The quality of the film is good, the ticketing platform has a high reputation of 9.3 points, and Douban also scored 7.3 points, and the first movie launched by a new director can have this look, which is still very powerful.

The second person is starring Zhang Songwen.

It can be said that without Zhang Songwen, the box office could not have such results as it is now, and he alone increased the box office of the film by at least tens of millions.

The film has been completed and prepared for release in 2020, but later encountered the epidemic and review, delayed until now, this timing is simply the right time and place.

The TV series "Crazy" fire, Zhang Songwen jumped from a third-tier star to a first-line star, which is also the first theatrical movie after his fire, and many audiences contributed to the box office just to see him.

After the release, Zhang Songwen spared no effort to cooperate with the publicity and road show, achieving the basic qualities that an actor should have, and also issued a long article on the 25th saying: box office is not the only standard to measure the quality of a movie.

When Baike was sick, all the road show publicity responsibilities fell on his shoulders, and before the premiere of "More than Endless", he also invited some actors from the "Crazy" crew to the scene to help beat the drums.

There is Gao Qilan playing Longni;

Gao Qisheng played by Su Xiaoyue;

Tang Xiaolong played by Lin Xiaochuan;

Lao Mo played Feng Bing.

A group of friends in the circle used real money to charter the venue to support Zhang Songwen's movie, including Zhang Yi in "Crazy".

Therefore, "More than Endless" can have the current results, Jia Zhangke, Wang Jing and Zhang Songwen are indispensable.

04, written at the end

It was learned that in addition to "More Than Ending", he also has four movies waiting to be released, including Chen Kaige's "Great Victory", each of which has the potential to be a big hit.

I believe that Zhang Songwen's salary will also rise, after all, he is worth this price.

After the fire of "Rage", many supporting characters were trying to find a way to go out and make money, but Zhang Songwen was unmoved, pushed off a lot of business, and silently cultivated his own acre and three points of land.

This spirit is really valuable and worth learning from all filmmakers.

In the end, Brother Brown thinks that this movie is good, this dream, more than endlessly!

Because there are many things in this world that are closely related to us.

For "More Than End", do you and I have the same viewing experience?

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