Weibo night should cite controversy, fans sleep on the street in order to occupy the support venue, Xiao Zhan's fans were liked

On March 25, most of the stars in the entertainment industry gathered in Shanghai because they came to participate in the "Weibo Night" ceremony, but what everyone didn't expect was that the fans' support caused controversy, because their support can be described as "fighting for beauty", the most incomprehensible thing is that some fans sleep on the street to occupy the support venue, why are Xiao Zhan's fans liked?

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This year's "Weibo Night" ceremony invited many celebrities to attend in full costume, such as: Xiao Zhan, Yang Mi, Yi Yangqianxi, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Wang Yibo, Yang Zi, Liu Yifei, Hu Ge, Li Xian, Cai Xukun, Deng Chao, Wu Lei, etc. After seeing the official announcement of the full lineup list, netizens said: All the top people gathered, we can only sigh that the organizer really put down the blood.

In the list of attendees, netizens paid more attention to Yi Yangqianxi, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi's remaining couple, Hu Ge and Liu Yifei's fairy sword 1, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and Hu Ge's fairy sword 3, etc.

When many stars gather, fans are destined to support are indispensable, next, let's take a look at what fans are supporting.

1. Cai Xukun fans

We can see that the fans of Cai Xukun's family directly gathered together, it seems that they did not come to help, but came to Shanghai for a spring outing, because they not only ate and drank for free, but also got together to sing, singing Cai Xukun's representative work "Lover", I have to say that the atmosphere of the scene is directly full.

Second, Gong Jun's fans

Gong Jun's fans occupy a better support position, coupled with the overall arrangement is very good-looking, so it is still very bright among the many support, the most unexpected, Gong Jun officially sent out a message, Gong Jun invited fans to drink 100 cups of milk tea and eat 100 sets of KFC, which made fans who could not be present very envious.

3. Liu Yuning's fans

Among the many fan support, Liu Yuning's fan support is the most "domineering", because Liu Yuning's fan support group responds by driving a team of Ferraris, and the Ferrari cars dispatched are all Liu Yuning's favorite yellow.

Fourth, Di Li Gerba's fans

The way to respond to Di Li Gerba's fans is to put an advertising screen, which allows pedestrians to see it, and on the whole, this way of support is definitely worth the money.

5. Fans of Wang Hedi

Wang Hedi became a popular traffic student after the fire of "Canglan Recipe", we can feel that Wang Hedi has a strong sense of variety, seeing the way his fans respond, we can only say that the meal follows the main master, Wang Hedi's fans actually wear monkey masks to respond, it is really too good to live.

6. Liu Yuxin's fans

Among the many fan support, Liu Yuxin's fans successfully stood out with their unique way, and the fans directly dressed up as aliens, which was really a superb effect, and the degree of funny was directly full.

7. Fans of Wang Junkai, Yi Yangqianxi, and Wang Yuan

After Wang Junkai, Yi Yangqianxi, and Wang Yuan confirmed to attend the Weibo night, their fans were very excited, because they haven't been together for a long time, if the three of them can be combined, the topic will definitely explode, Wang Junkai, Yi Yangqianxi, Wang Yuan's support colors are: blue, red, green, judging from the live photos that came out, their fans should be the most.

8. Yang Mi's fans

Yang Mi bought a lot of food and drinks for fans, we can see, the poster reads: Weibo night Yang Mi is waiting for you, there is food and drink, Yang Mi treats, see what Yang Mi sent, we can only say that being Yang Mi's fans is really too happy.

9. Xiao Zhan's fans

In the process of paying attention to fan support, many netizens are very curious, where did Xiao Zhan's fans go, it seems that there is no support, it turns out that Xiao Zhan's fans have long begun to respond, but the way they choose to respond is not outside the venue, but to volunteer, see the photos that appear on the Internet, netizens have praised it.

Celebrities participate in activities, fans to their own stars to support is a very common thing, but some ways to support but caused discussion among netizens, it turns out that some fans in order to give their own stars support, actually directly with a quilt to sleep on the street, after seeing such a situation, netizens said: really a little outrageous, isn't it better to have this time to do something meaningful?

Dear readers, how do you see the support given to celebrities by fans on Weibo night?

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