Yesterday's article predicted a 1-1 Uruguay score in Japan

author:Football World Cup Xu Chaoqun

Kirin Cup Japan 1-1 Uruguay, after watching this game, there are two feelings: (1) The Japanese team is very mature! Japan started with a strong attack, but was a bit passive after Uruguay's goal. Even so, the Japanese team's attack and defense were not chaotic; (2) Morihoichi's magical substitution. No wonder the Japanese team doesn't change coaches. A magical substitution, an instant equalizer!

Yesterday's article predicted a 1-1 Uruguay score in Japan

The title of the article sent at 2023-03-24 14:27 is very clear: Kirin Cup Japan VS Uruguay: Predict the score of 1-0 or 1-1 may be Zhou Dongyu, the final number of goals is less correct Zhou Dongyu smiled, and the score of 1-1 is also correct. #徐超群足球解说 #

Last night there were also Easter eggs shared, South Korea was at least unbeaten at home, and the victory was correct, and the final draw with Colombia was 2-2.

Yesterday's article predicted a 1-1 Uruguay score in Japan

In the match between the Japanese team and Uruguay, this will be a series of clouds and flowing water for nearly a minute, which is really pleasing to the eye, it is estimated that the opposite South American powerhouse Uruguay has been stunned by the Japanese running without the ball!

Especially the continuous heel and deliberately missed connection in the middle is really wonderful, although this goal did not score in the end, but in the face of the South American giants Japan can play such football, I have to say that they are indeed qualified to wrestle with all the teams in the world.

Yesterday's article predicted a 1-1 Uruguay score in Japan

Needless to say, Japanese football is no longer afraid of any of the world's great teams. And our player coaches are not afraid of any laws of the country!

I feel that the difference between Japan and Brazil is only the ability to seal the throat with a sword!

Watching the match between the Japanese football team and the Uruguayan football team 1:1, I have to say that the level of the Japanese men's football team has really reached the point of pure youth, and it is estimated that they have been ahead of us for 30 to 40 years. The gap between our national football team and the Japanese national football team is not a star and a half, it is a comprehensive and systematic gap. To truly close those gaps, we still need to work hard.

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