Chen Ziyao personally praised "single", suspected of divorce Wang Haoxin by default?

On the 22nd, the news of Chen Ziyao's suspected divorce was reported by Hong Kong media.

It turned out that recently, Chen Ziyao posted a video on social platforms and said happily: "After waiting for three years to finally clear the customs, today I want to take you to experience Hong Kong drama immersion in the check-in place." ”

In the video, she is full of vitality, taking netizens to walk through multiple Hong Kong drama filming locations and introduce them one by one, which is very cute.

Many netizens can't help but think of the classic shots of Hong Kong dramas because of the venue, but some netizens left a message under the video asking: "Just want to ask, single?" ”

Unexpectedly, Chen Ziyao personally liked the message.

Although she did not answer the questions of netizens, the liking made many people speculate whether she was divorcing Wang Haoxin by default.

Speaking of which, the marriage rumors of Chen Ziyao and Wang Haoxin have been around for a long time, and the husband and wife have been separated for many years.

Chen Ziyao and Wang Haoxin once belonged to the "Little Transparent" of Hong Kong Entertainment, and then slowly became popular students and flowers.

Chen Ziyao is also considered the originator of Internet celebrities, and won the "Cyber Girl" election at the age of 19.

The "Microsoft Beauty Incident" also set a precedent for human flesh search.

The cause was that someone posted Chen Ziyao's photo on the Internet and boasted that she was his girlfriend, and netizens who seemed to believe it launched a search and found that her real identity was actually the spokesperson of Microsoft China, and since then Chen Ziyao has been a small fire. It's just that the Internet at that time was not as developed as it is now, and Chen Ziyao failed to take off by the east wind of the Internet, but she was also a well-known advertising model.

Wang Haoxin once revealed in an interview that he had a good impression of Chen Ziyao, who was already an advertising model, when he was in junior high school, and bluntly said that it was a very happy thing to chase her, so happy that he exploded crow's feet.

Chen Ziyao personally praised "single", suspected of divorce Wang Haoxin by default?

From the announcement of their relationship to their marriage, the two are extremely sweet, and pink bubbles come out of the screen.

Chen Ziyao personally praised "single", suspected of divorce Wang Haoxin by default?

On November 11, 2011, he married Chen Ziyao at 11 a.m., and more publicly promised that all his income would be handed over to Chen Ziyao in the future and loved her for the rest of his life.

Behind the sweetness of the prince and princess, but a few days before the wedding, Wang Haoxin was photographed driving to Tseung Kwan O to personally pick up Xie Zhihui home, the two had a tryst at home for five hours, scratching the point, Xie Zhihui's hair was still wet when she left...

At that time, Wang Haoxin's explanation was that a large group of friends gathered together, and his wife-to-be Chen Ziyao still believed in her husband very much, and the day before the wedding, she was still busy explaining for her husband and supporting him.

After that, Wang Haoxin was obedient for a long time, and because of the character of loving a good man at home, he was loved by TVB, and his career was getting better and better.

In fact, in addition to Xie Zhihui, Wang Haoxin has also had scandals with Huang Xinying, Jiang Jiamin and others, which can be called TVB male star generator, although there are many scandals, but Chen Ziyao is a sweet fit with him to break the marriage and change rumors, until the rumors of Wang Haoxin and Cai Sibei came out.

As early as 2017, when the two collaborated on "Stepping on the Line", they were revealed by the crew that they had a close past on the set. It is also rumored that the two left the staff to "open F" alone to hit the side stove, and locked the door, and the waiter knocked on the door and no one answered, and only came out embarrassingly from it after more than 10 minutes.

In September 2017, Wang Haoxin was also photographed driving his car late at night to appear in Cai Sibei's apartment, staying for 2 hours before leaving. In this regard, Wang Haoxin's explanation is that he is parked here because of work, and he does not know that Cai Sibei lives there.

At the 2018 TVB Awards Ceremony, Wang Haoxin won the emperor of the TV with "Stepping on the Line 1", it is said that Cai Sibei was originally interviewed in the background, and after hearing it, he directly refused the interview and rushed to the front of the stage, always looking at Wang Haoxin, who was ridiculed by reporters as Wangfushi.

However, the actual distance of the scene is actually quite long, and it is not ruled out that the Hong Kong media will make up a story, but it is indeed a famous scene out of the circle.

These things also made Cai Sibei angrily scolded by netizens. In Jiang Meiyi's interview, Cai Sibei was aggrieved and said that she was a scenery heroine in front of herself, but she was actually just a pitiful person who slept in a 200-square-foot house with bunk beds, but she had to be misunderstood by the media.

When it came to the emotional part, Cai Sibei couldn't help crying, saying that even if he had been misunderstood for a long time, he had never clarified these things, and only focused on work.

Chen Ziyao personally praised "single", suspected of divorce Wang Haoxin by default?

Jiang Meiyi has the same question mark face as the audience, and can't help but ask, so why don't you avoid some things yourself? Lest others magnify it infinitely?

Chen Ziyao personally praised "single", suspected of divorce Wang Haoxin by default?

In addition, Wang Haoxin is good at painting cakes, but the cash is far away. He once generously said that he wanted to buy a house for his wife, "There is a big thing, that is, to buy a house for her, she likes independent houses, I will work hard to complete it this year." ”

In the end, the building was bought, and the name was its own... Then don't say give it away.

In January 2021, TVB held an award ceremony, and after Wang Haoxin won the emperor, he thanked his wife Chen Ziyao YoYo to the camera, and he thanked his wife for taking good care of her daughter.

It is embarrassing that the camera turned to Chen Ziyao under the stage at this moment, but found that the woman was expressionless after listening to the thanks, with a cold and intriguing face.

Although Chen Ziyao was in a daze and distracted on the day he refuted the rumor afterwards, so he looked like this, smart netizens did not buy it, and there was a heated discussion.

In November 2021, TVB held a Taiwan celebration, and also deliberately arranged for her married husband Wang Haoxin and the scandal third party Cai Sibei to walk the red carpet arm in arm, and Chen Ziyao also attended, but the beauty was beautiful alone. Cai Sibei was also complained by netizens again because of his expression.

Chen Ziyao personally praised "single", suspected of divorce Wang Haoxin by default?

In August last year, Chen Ziyao and Wang Haoxin renews their marriage change, and a gossip weekly magazine first published the news that Wang Haoxin and Chen Ziyao had a change in love and would jointly raise their 10-year-old daughter after divorce, and then the old club TVB also reprinted this news, which directly triggered heated discussions among netizens.

As a result, the two responded again: everything is fine, and there is no such thing.

Now, Chen Ziyao has triggered rumors of marriage change because of likes.

After the matter came out, neither side responded to the matter, and Chen Ziyao was supposed to attend the event on the afternoon of the 22nd, but was also absent due to work delays.

I don't know how the two will respond this time?

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