Looking closely at Liu Kaiwei's assets after his divorce from Yang Mi, he can be proficient

Recently, the news that Liu Kaiwei is about to get married for the second time has spread wildly.

In the Hong Kong media's reports on this matter, they also habitually trampled on Li Xiaofeng and did not forget to disparage Yang Mi. In the selection of pictures, Li Xiaofeng's normal atmosphere, but Yang Mi's picture is quite explicit.

Previously, Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei were also criticized for having children out of wedlock. Yang Mi has repeatedly been pushed to the cusp of public opinion because of her unmarried pregnancy, and she has been talked about.

In fact, the marriage of Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei has not been favored from beginning to end, although Liu Kaiwei is 12 years older than Yang Mi, his fame is far inferior to that of the woman. Especially in terms of earning ability, it is obvious that Yang Mi's ability to absorb money is stronger.

Liu Kaiwei did not agree with this. In an interview with Yi Lijing, he said that he has more artistic value, while Yang Mi has higher commercial value. But when it came to the fact that outsiders felt that Yang Mi made more money, he firmly said: "I dare to say, it is definitely not like that anyway." ”

So is Liu Kaiwei really able to make money, or is it just a mouthful? In fact, looking at the assets he has accumulated over the years, you can also know a thing or two.

Liu Kaiwei, born in 1974, although he developed in TVB for many years with his identity as the second generation of stars in his early years, he has always been in a tepid and mediocre state.

In 2005, in order to seek a breakthrough, Liu Kaiwei went north to the mainland to develop. In 2008, after Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaoran collaborated on the TV series "Phoenix Through Peony", they began to emerge with the role of Huo Dongqing.

In 2011, Liu Kaiwei relied on his role as Mo Shaoqian in the TV series "A Thousand Mountains and Twilight Snow" to become popular on the whole network, thoroughly tasted the taste of popularity, and received soft hands after receiving dramas.

After becoming popular, Liu Kaiwei's salary also successfully achieved a triple jump, according to his own words: "pork has risen, isn't it normal for the salary to rise."

Subsequently, after the news of being with Yang Mi was publicized, Liu Kaiwei's value skyrocketed again. In 2014, he filmed two dramas, "The Golden Thief" and "Two Lives and Flowers", both of which were paid 15 million yuan, and the average salary was about 300,000-400,000 yuan per episode.

Before divorcing Yang Mi, Liu Kaiwei was definitely a prolific king in the entertainment industry, and he would shoot at least three or four dramas a year. During that time, he successively filmed many TV series such as "Blood Island", "A Thought to the North", "Wife's Secret", "Wind and Cloud", "The Golden Thief" and so on, with a total of more than 240 episodes.

From 2007 to 2018, he filmed 38 TV series, and the basic number of episodes was more than 40 episodes. The salary earned hundreds of millions.

At that time, Liu Kaiwei also received a lot of brand endorsements, although most of them were not very famous, he could still get four or five million a year endorsement fees, easily crediting tens of millions.

In addition to being an actor, Liu Kaiwei, who had a successful career, established a studio and transformed into a producer. His production of "Midsummer Evening Sunny Day" invited Yang Mi to star, although the plot is very bloody, but the ratings are good, and he has won the championship in Hunan, Zhejiang and other places, earning a lot of money.

Liu Kaiwei, who has earned a lot of money, especially likes to invest in real estate, and bought a lot of properties when Hong Kong housing prices were low in the early years, which is regarded as a small charter public.

According to Hong Kong media statistics, he has three properties under his name, namely the Zhongjing Commercial Building in Central with a value of 50 million, the Shun Yi International Center in Wan Chai worth 30 million yuan and the Wong Chuk Hang Yinian Commercial Building worth 22 million yuan, with a total value of more than 220 million yuan.

When he and Yang Mi divorced, some insiders revealed that the assets of the two after marriage were as high as 5 billion yuan, Yang Mi divided 4.5 billion yuan, and he got 500 million yuan in assets.

In addition to his own original assets, he also acquired the house jointly purchased by the couple in Hong Kong when they were newly married. This mansion in the West Banshan Baocheng Building, with a market value of about 80 million Hong Kong dollars (about 70 million yuan), is now owned exclusively by Liu Kaiwei.

Previously, Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi also opened a company in Hong Kong together and purchased a property in the name of the company located in the Wei Imperial Residence in Zhongmenshan, with a market value of 44 million Hong Kong dollars (about 38.7 million yuan). But with Yang Mi's resignation as a director of the company, the real estate naturally became Liu Kaiwei's personal asset.

Although some media reported that Liu Kaiwei was for the custody of the child, he gave up fighting for the common assets of both parties and only took the part located in Hong Kong.

But this should not be true.

Over the years, Yang Mi's ability to absorb gold is absolutely obvious to all. Whether it is pregnant or after giving birth, she is basically in a state of non-stop work.

Just by looking at the Forbes Celebrity List, you can see the gap between the two. Since 2012, with the popularity of "Palace", Yang Mi's commercial value has also doubled, and she has become a golden actress.

In 2013, Liu Kaiwei appeared on the Forbes Celebrity List, ranking 49th, with an income of 29.9 million yuan. But Yang Mi had already ranked seventh that year, with an income of 43.7 million yuan.

By 2017, Liu Kaiwei's income rose to 75 million, and Yang Mi ranked third, with an income of up to 200 million.

After the divorce, the gap between the two became more obvious. In the past four years, Liu Kaiwei's resources have basically fallen off a cliff.

Previously, although Liu Kaiwei mainly focused on the TV drama market, and there were fewer movies and variety shows, the quotation was not low. When participating in the variety show "All Staff Acceleration", it was revealed that the price was 5 million per issue. When participating in "Brother with Troubles", the salary for one episode was only 250,000, and the gap is not too big.

He used to take on scenes constantly, but in the past two years, he has been at the point of no drama to film. Apart from participating in dramas and "Brother with Troubles", there is basically no other job.

Although Liu Kaiwei said that he was to accompany his children, and his father Liu Dan also said that he was focusing on dramas, and even pushed two dramas, it is still difficult to hide the fact that he has poor resources.

For a while, Liu Kaiwei was even photographed going to the countryside to receive tens of thousands of yuan in commercial performances in order to earn money.

Over the years, although Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi have long been divorced, they have always been tied together. On the one hand, it is because of the relationship between the children, on the other hand, because no matter what news Liu Kaiwei has, the media can involve him and Yang Mi together, and then be talked about.

In fact, if you have to say who is the most profitable party in the marriage of Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi, it must be Liu Kaiwei, although his reputation is far inferior to his ex-wife, but he can always win the public's attention with a "weak" posture and a good father, and it is also very "fine".

As a result, in the end, this man who has acted in dramas for half his life is inseparable from his ex-wife Yang Mi every time he is mentioned, which is also embarrassing. However, this ending is obviously his own choice, who can be blamed?

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