The daily box office fell to 70,000, and the box office of "Umbilical Cord" was released on the 5th, and Yao Chen lost a mess

Recently, a movie attracted the attention of the famous director Feng Xiaogang.

After watching the premiere, he said: "The movie is warm and comfortable to watch. ”

And praised the director for being amazing, especially naming the two producers very carefully.

In addition to Feng Xiaogang's praise, there are Chen Sicheng's praise, Zhou Bichang's feelings, and Erkang (played by Zhou Jie) who can't come back from Myanmar are heart-piercing after watching it.

Andy Lau recorded a video and called directly.

That's right, it's this movie - "The Umbilical Cord".

Before it was released, it was also nominated for Best Film at the Tokyo International Film Festival, which is also famous.

It stands to reason that with such a high degree of attention, the box office will definitely make a gain, however, what is surprising is that the box office of "The Umbilical Cord" has disappeared.

Wednesday, March 22 box office report:

Dapeng's "Keep You Safe" broke 400 million at the box office and won the single-day box office champion.

"The Cloister Pavilion" starring Ren Suxi and Liu Mintao is a steady hit, with a cumulative box office of 170 million, ranking the runner-up.

"More than Endless" starring Bai Ke and Zhang Songwen exceeded 7 million at the box office, ranking fifth.

Wen Ziren's "Meghan" has risen at the daily box office, but it is still not outstanding enough.

Three street films, one more ruthless than the other.

Warner DC blockbuster "Thunder Shazam 2" was released for 6 days, with a box office of only 35.2 million, a cost of $125 million, and a global box office of only $65 million, which can be called an epic street rush.

After 33 days of hard work, the box office of "Chinese Table Tennis" cooperated by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei finally exceeded 100 million, but Deng Chao was so bad that he doubted that the status quo of life could not be changed.

Like "Chinese Table Tennis", it is also this "Umbilical Cord" that fell out of the list.

The film landed in mainland theaters on March 18, with a total box office of 736,000 in 5 days of release, and the single-day box office has fallen to 70,000 yuan.

Because the single-day arrangement has been compressed to 0.6%, most theaters almost have no scheduled films, and the total box office cannot break through 1 million has become an established fact, a veritable 5-day tour of theaters.

This is also another major box office tragedy in 2023, following Deng Chao's "Chinese Table Tennis".

So, how much does the film cost in a budget?

Previously, China Film issued a financial report, including 9 small and medium-cost films such as "The Umbilical Cord" with a total investment of 212 million, which translates to a budget cost of about 20 million yuan per film.

But after reading it, Brother Brown felt that the production cost of "The Umbilical Cord" should be 6 million to 8 million, the publicity cost was about 5 million, and the total investment would not exceed 13 million.

This is indeed a small investment for a theatrical film, and if you want to make money, the theatrical box office cannot be less than 35 million.

But now the box office in 5 days is only 736,000, and it is certain that the film side will lose money.

The box office of "The Umbilical Cord" 5-day tour will be released, and the producer will receive 250,000 yuan according to the 36.68% sharing ratio.

With an investment of more than 10 million yuan and a return of 250,000 yuan, all the investment in a movie has been lost.

So who loses the most?

The answer is Yao Chen and Cao Yu.

They are the two executive producers mentioned earlier by Feng Xiaogang and the main investors in the film: Bad Rabbit Pictures.

The company was established in 2016, CEO Liu Hui and chairman Cao Yu.

It is a comprehensive film and television culture and media company integrating incubation, creation, development, production, marketing and publicity, and the main bosses are Yao Chen and Cao Yu.

Bad Rabbit Pictures has successively produced "Find You", "Send Me to Qingyun" and "Umbilical Cord", the first two starring Yao Chen, and "Find You" starring Ma Yili hit 285 million at the box office.

But this time, Yao Chen lost a mess, not only lost a lot of time, but also lost a lot of real money.

The production cycle of "Umbilical Cord" has been four years, and since the release of "Send Me to Qingyun", Yao Chen has devoted all his thoughts to this movie.

But this time the effort was not rewarded, and judging from her announcement, she was indeed a little anxious.

She said: "The row of films is down, Douban is divided, and fate is always tempted back and forth between tragedy and joy. ”

After the premiere, Yao Chen and her husband were busy with the roadshow with a group of main creators, and all the resources available were used, and the six princesses of CCTV and the China Film Directors Association both came forward.

But in the end, the box office is still this shape, which is really worth the loss.

Why did "The Umbilical Cord" hit the street at the box office?

The story is very simple and can be directly divided into road movies.

The mother with Alzheimer's disease (played by Badma) keeps going out, but does not remember to go home, and no way, the eldest son locks her in the hut.

The locked hut and prison resembled a prison, and my mother painted yin and yang trees on the walls and clamored to go home.

The youngest son came home and realized the reason, it turned out that his mother wanted to return to the grassland.

So, Arus, the son played by Ider, takes his mother on a journey.

In order to prevent the mother from getting lost, the son tied a rope around the waist of the two, which seemed to be connected like an umbilical cord...

The movie is warm and healing, especially the last scene around the campfire and dancing happily to the music, which makes people unable to let go for a long time.

Fans gave "If I hadn't seen this movie today, I would have had another regret in my life." "Such a high rating.

The Douban score rose from 7.6 points to 7.7 points, and the ticket platform score was 9.2 points, which can be seen from the audience's word of mouth that this is a good plot film, which is what we call a literary film.

There are three main reasons why such a high reputation cannot be exchanged for the box office:

First, the attributes of literary and artistic films.

The artistic value of this film is undeniable, but it is also a fact that the audience is unwilling to pay for the Mongolian steppe warm love film.

Like last year's Tu Men's movie "Call Me Mr. Zheng", the purpose of making this kind of film should be clear, don't care about the box office, and put your mind on how many awards you can win.

Second, the blockbuster cast is missing.

In my opinion, this movie is missing a blockbuster cast.

Last year's "Hidden in the Dust" came out with the same as this movie, and finally hit 100 million at the box office, and others invited Haiqing to star.

Yao Chen originally had a part of the plot in "The Umbilical Cord", and her husband Cao Yu cut that part of Yao Chen for the overall quality of the movie.

Quality assurance, there is no way to guarantee the box office, and it is too unfriendly to the film publicity.

The younger son should find an actor with acting weight to play, for example, Huang Xuan can be qualified for this role.

With a blockbuster actor joining, the box office may be completely different.

Third, publicity.

The publicity of this movie completely depends on Yao Chen, and from the time the movie is finalized to the release so far, Yao Chen is almost doing it alone.

In fact, it can be completely imitated by last year's "Hidden in the Dust".

Won't it be useful to sell miserable propaganda?

"A Hundred Birds to the Phoenix" producer Fang Li knelt down and begged for a film.

"Interloper" director Wang Xiaoshuai sold tragic essays to find a worthy audience.

The plot of "Hidden in the Dust" itself is very miserable, just kneel and beg, and the audience will become tap water.

Gu Tianle can sell miserable for "Tomorrow's War", Yao Chen, why can't you sell miserable?

Sell miserable first, sympathize, seek more films in theaters, and create heat and topics.

Then, enable short video marketing, and the overwhelming number of short videos sweeps in.

There will definitely be a discerning audience coming to watch the movie.

As long as the quality of the movie is good, don't be afraid of selling badly, and it is king to be able to get the box office up and make money.

It's better than a 5-day tour of 250,000 and a loss.

Yao Chen, what do you say?

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