Liu Guoliang reused Lin Shidong and Qian Tianyi after 00! Where are the unsuccessful Chen Xingtong and Lin Gaoyuan?

After the Grand Slam Singapore stop, the main players of the national table tennis will start playing in the Xinxiang Championship again. The players who won the wild cards in this battle were Lin Shidong and Qian Tianyi, and Chen Xingtong and Lin Gaoyuan, among the original five main players, both lost.

This also marks the beginning of Liu Guoliang's new blood in the men's and women's teams. Chen Xingtong and Lin Gaoyuan, who had already given too many opportunities, had some meaning of being abandoned.

Chen Xingtong and Wang Yidi are both 26 years old, and it is too difficult to play chipping in Singapore, and the world ranking is overtaken by Qian Tianyi.

From the perspective of the age structure of the national table tennis women's team, among the five main players, Chen Meng is 29 years old, Wang Yidi is 26 years old, Chen Xingtong is 26 years old, Wang Manyu is 24 years old, and Sun Yingsha is 23 years old. Four of the five players are post-90s, while the main players of the Japanese men's and women's teams are already post-00s players.

Of course, age does not indicate technical level, like the 35-year-old Ma Long won the championship in the team direct match, and Singapore also reached the men's singles final. However, for the national table tennis women's team, it is somewhat embarrassing to have 2 players who are both 26 years old.

The key is that if Chen Xingtong can rank after "Mengshaman " + Wang Yidi, now her world ranking will be after Ito and Hayada, and after the Singapore station, Qian Tianyi will surpass Chen Xingtong to become the 7th in the world.

Age is only a reference factor, mainly depending on whether you can still be the main force in the breakthrough of foreign combat achievements. Chen Xingtong was the first to be called the "Little Devil" in the new generation, and became a member of the team world champion as early as 2018.

When Chen Xingtong debuted, against the defensive Ding Ning, her forehand and backhand attacks played Ding Ning defended everywhere, left and right defense, allowing people to see the violent playing style of a new generation of women's ping.

After Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha were promoted to the first team, Chen Xingtong and Wang Yidi, two players who are "not much older", have always been walking between the main and non-main players. Wang Yidi has indeed made great breakthroughs in foreign combat achievements in recent years, and the world ranking is also closely behind "Mengshaman ".

In the singles, "Dadi" Asian Cup Nick Ito and Hayata won the championship and defended the honor of the national table tennis women's team, while Chen Xingtong lost to India's "first sister" Batra in the first round; In the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Wang Yidi single-handedly sent Ito, Hayada, and Hitomi Sato home, but Chen Xingtong did not have such a feat.

In doubles, Chen Xingtong did have strong mixed doubles and women's doubles ability, but the actual results in international competitions lacked support, and Wang Yidi partnered Chen Meng in Singapore and reached the women's doubles final.

In the semifinals, Mimato Ito/Hina Hayata were eliminated. If one of the five main players of the women's team is removed and replaced with a post-00 player, then none of Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, and Sun Yingsha will be abandoned, and Wang Yidi's external combat results in this two years are far better than Chen Xingtong.

Therefore, if the same 26-year-old wants to be renewed, then Liu Guoliang can only take Chen Xingtong and replace it with Qian Tianyi after 00.

In addition, the five main players of the national table tennis women's team are all right-handed, and a left-handed player is indeed needed to occupy the main force. If Qian Tianyi plays well in the Xinxiang Championship, her points will continue to rise.

After the ITTF clears the points on April 4, Qian Tianyi will surpass Hayata and Ito, and the world ranking is second only to "Mengshaman" + Wang Yidi.

It should be said that it is not to give Chen Xingtong a chance, watching her play chipping from Singapore, the ability to control and mentality on the field is indeed an important reason for Chen Xingtong's stagnation over the years. Qian Tianyi and Chen Xingtong are both holding types, and they are not dead, but Qian Tianyi is younger than Chen Xingtong.

Lin Gaoyuan played well in doubles, but the digging hole in the outer singles was too big, and Singapore's victory in the civil war to win Leung Jingkun did not explain the problem

Lin Gaoyuan has not been abandoned, mainly because Liu Guoliang wanted to find a mixed doubles replacement for Wang Chuqin after Xu Xin retired. Therefore, the coaching staff also let Lin Gaoyuan partner with the absolute main Wang Manyu to play mixed doubles.

However, after staging a round of three consecutive international competitions in 2022, Liu Guoliang's confidence in Lin Gaoyuan was completely consumed.

On the contrary, Lin Shidong rose strongly in Goajan, India, and "Little Fat" eliminated Zhao Dacheng and Lin Yunru to advance to the men's singles final. In the final, facing Liang Jingkun, he was still in a big lead. If it hadn't been for Ma Long in the second round of Singapore, Lin Shidong might have been able to go further. Lin Shidong is a player born in 2005, 2 years younger than Zhang Benzhihe.

The men's team is also looking for a replacement, Ma Long is 35 years old, Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan are all post-90s players, only Wang Chuqin is post-00s. If you remove one of the main players of the men's team, it will only be to replace Lin Gaoyuan, who is not strong in foreign battles.

At the Singapore station, Lin Gaoyuan also ended his 3-game losing streak against Liang Jingkun, and there was even a "resurgence", but winning a civil war could not fill the hole that Lin Gaoyuan had dug in foreign wars for so many years. At least Lin Gaoyuan has not yet turned over in front of Zhang Benzhihe.

In addition, Lin Gaoyuan's age in the team is second only to Ma Long, and Wang Chuqin, who is also a left-hander, took over Xu Xin's class in men's doubles and mixed doubles. Therefore, Lin Gaoyuan seems to be more and more chicken. If you also lose in an external war, it is better to give Lin Shidong more opportunities to participate and cultivate these post-00s players.

WTT Henan Xinxiang Championship Participants:

Women's singles: Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi

Qian Tianyi (Wild Card)

Men's singles: Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Wang Chuqin, Liang Jingkun

Lin Shidong (Wild Card)

How do you think of the situation of Chen Xingtong and Lin Gaoyuan, have they had fewer opportunities for Guoping over the years? Will Qian Tianyi and Lin Shidong become the fifth main force? Or will they also be tested in foreign wars for a longer period of time? Welcome to leave a message, discuss, thank you for your attention! I am a teenager from the horseback riding temple.

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