"Russian fans" have something to say

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First of all, I am not a "Russian fan"! I'm an authentic Chinese, Chinese fan! I chose this title in order to attract those who scold "Russophiles" and wake them up! Of course, if they are completely pro-Western, I'm afraid that my iron and mouth will not help!

You are welcome to read, if there is something to offer, like and follow. Back to business:

Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Internet has been filled with a large number of anchors and writers talking about Russia's mistakes in sending troops to Ukraine; Talk a lot about the various acts of aggression of Tsarist Russia and the former Soviet Union. They pointed out that Russia is expanding wildly and has almost greedy ambitions for territory, especially when it comes to the harm that modern Russia has done to the mainland, and even more so when it comes to territorial losses and killings Chinese it is even more indignant, which makes the listeners resentful!

This knowledge does not need you to popularize now, we have already learned and mastered it in the compulsory education stage, and we clearly know who has hurt us in history! This is the basic understanding of the state in order to educate us to remember history when we were young, not to forget national shame, not to let history repeat itself, and tragedy to reappear! This is a memory engraved in the bones of contemporary Chinese!

"Russian fans" have something to say

First of all, to talk about this topic, you must see the international situation clearly!

Now the United States has united its allies to frantically suppress the mainland, and various means have emerged one after another: trade wars, biochemical warfare (SARS in 03, new crown in 19, the two epidemics are so coincidentally originated in China, isn't this suspicious?). The idea of artificial viruses on the Internet is not unfounded. ), the South China Sea dispute, the Taiwan Strait issue, the peninsula issue! The four-nation alliance of the United States, India, Japan and Australia, the trilateral mechanism of the United States, Japan and South Korea, and the stationing of troops between Japan and Britain ...! If you are okay with Chinese eyes, can you not see these things? In order to contain China's rise and shake its hegemonic status, the United States has done everything to the extreme, and it is already playing the famous card, don't you understand? You pretend to be deaf and dumb by the threat of reality, you hold on to historical issues, are you stupid or bad, ah?

"Russian fans" have something to say

The country now is in need of helpers to fight the crazy suppression of the United States and the West, and at the moment of striving forward, you help the country to pull back, saying that you are a lackey of the United States and the West, you say that you are scolding you! Say that you are a stumbling block for the country, you will not say anything more!

When we face challenges, we must unite all forces that can be united, which is a sober understanding that every politically minded person should have!

Isn't it good that Russia singles out all the forces of the United States and the West, virtually relieves us of some of the pressure, postpons the time for us to completely have a showdown with the United States and the West, and gives us more time to prepare adequately?

"Russian fans" have something to say

Russia can weaken some of the power of the United States and the West, and it can also share some of the pressure that the United States and the West put on us. Back to back with Russia, we are each other's big rear, Russia can get support from industrial products and funds, the mainland can get support in energy, minerals, trade, etc., you say if it were you, what would you choose?

You will say: Russia is a 'polar bear', it eats meat and sooner or later it will hurt itself.

The United States, Great Britain and France do not understand the USSR (Russia), how did they lie in the same trenches during the Second World War? The great man and his old man do not understand the USSR (Russia), why did he befriend him before and after liberation? Could the Korean War have been won without Soviet support? Could the Chinese industrial system have developed so quickly without Soviet assistance? Countries use each other to each other, one moment and another, understand? As soon as you say support for Russia, you buckle a hat of "Russian fan", I tell you, we only support our own Motherland, and no country can go beyond this definition!

Some people may also say: we are out of humanitarianism and empathy, then you are wrong, don't be too saintly mentality! The suffering of the Ukrainian people is not imposed by us, it is chosen by the Ukrainians themselves, and their politicians are encouraged and led by the United States and the West! There is no half-dime to do with us helping Russia!

Only common interests between countries can come together, this is an iron law, do not believe look at ancient and modern history, when we were poor and weak and bullied, several countries have lent a helping hand!

"Russian fans" have something to say

Russia is indeed dangerous, he is a mace, swinging it is to hurt people, but you have to see in whose hand he holds, now Russia has taken the initiative to send the handle to us, with our fine traditions of Chinese martial arts, how can we not wave a few times?

In the battle of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, if Russia wins, it will completely split from the United States and the West, and it is impossible to restore the rift without ten or twenty years, or even decades of digestion! At that time, Russia can only turn to the East and join forces with us, and there will be no more second thoughts. Because Russia's victory is also a crushing victory, it is impossible to recover on its own.

"Russian fans" have something to say

If, Russia recognizes the bear, admits defeat! Then they are even less likely to be able to do without us, and they need China's assistance and support. He has to recognize the eldest brother as the younger brother and depend on us, what do we lack less, can he not support us?

If you say to some netizens: Russia will fail completely, it will disintegrate and split, and then NATO can directly advance to the western and northern borders of the continent. Then I tell you, by that time the vast majority of Siberia will be the territory of our China! You think that the United States and Japan will intervene, remember, even if the United States and Japan intervene, it will not help! When we were poor and weak, the 16-nation coalition of the United States and the West was unable to take the entire Korean Peninsula, let alone now! Japan can get up to the four northern islands, as for the United States and Japan want to climb the Asian continent, China will never allow it, and he does not have this strength! By that time, China must push its borders forward to the area west of Lake Baikal! As the saying goes: a whale falls to all things! How could we miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Russia is defeated and really disintegrated, the United States and the West cannot get all the benefits, only the European part of Russia and the part close to Europe! Our push forward is to push NATO and other Western forces back to the west, to preserve our pure land in China and Asia, and to become our basic plate, leaving a buffer zone!

"Russian fans" have something to say

In fact, Russia has taken out 6.96 million square kilometers of land in the Far East to open up to us, which is not only a reward for us but also a way to seek self-help, and at the same time can remind the United States and the West not to push themselves too hard, if Russia has no room for maneuver, then the Far East is all China, and the West cannot get it. It is impossible for the United States and the West not to read such information!

Therefore, our country must not miss this good opportunity, we must deeply intervene in the Far East, we must not suffer from gains and losses, we must dare to take risks, we must actively participate in all local economic activities, increase the good impression of Russians in the Far East towards China, and make their ideological consciousness tilt towards us, and leave it until the time is ripe!

Therefore, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is beneficial to the mainland regardless of whether Russia wins or loses! As for some people saying: we do not stand on the side of the United States and the West and choose to support Russia, we will be sanctioned and suppressed by the United States and the West, that is even more nonsense. No matter what we do, the United States and the West will target us, not if we hide or follow in the footsteps of the United States. When you are already comparable in height to the United States, you have the ability to challenge the United States, and you still fantasize that the United States does not see your existence, isn't that self-deception!

Our country must unify its thinking on foreign issues, and there can only be one voice and one policy abroad! The decision of this policy must be our leadership group, who has weighed the pros and cons when making the decision. We, the ordinary people, must defend the decisions made by the leader, and not mess with ourselves and consume and distract our own strength!

Therefore, as a qualified citizen, we should consciously maintain the same position as the state in foreign policy, and not give external enemies the opportunity to divide and disintegrate and increase the internal contradictions of the nation. Remember!

Disclaimer: My ability is limited and mistakes and omissions are inevitable

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