The core of various races in "Heroes III" determines the upper limit of the race


Each race in Yingsanli has seven types of troops, seemingly consistent, but in fact, the gap is very different, whether a certain race is strong, depends on whether the core class is strong, as the saying goes, to make the train run fast, all rely on the headband, if the core combat power is not strong, improper matching, it is simply a disaster, seemingly strong race, who would have thought that it was the weakest?

The core of various races in "Heroes III" determines the upper limit of the race


It is definitely a disaster within a disaster, the black dragon brother seems to be powerful, the value is high, but because he cannot be resurrected, he really cannot play the role of the leading big brother, and the scorpion lion is even more unusable, and the dungeon without core combat power is tantamount to the race with the lowest ceiling.

Cavemen can barely become small cores, large in number and fast in production, and heroes like Sasha, but the advantage can only be used in the early stage, long-term development, and must be left behind by other races.


The strength of the swamp fortress flying dragon is not strong, but it is indeed a small core, all tactics revolve around the quick exit of the flying dragon, the early advantage is large enough, and it can quickly open a world. But other troops only brute bull can finally cooperate to fight the enemy's big brother, the rest unless it can be perfectly executed: use brute bull against the enemy big brother, their own nine heads to bully the opponent's little brother tactics, but in fact it is difficult to succeed in the tactic, even the computer will not let you comfortably achieve your wishes, the upper limit of the entire race can be seen at a glance.


Big core big demon, with the fire elf, the two forces are at the top, but other troops are too stretched, whether it is speed or strength is difficult to cooperate, often let the two fast troops fall into a heavy encirclement, the strength of the first to fifth level soldiers are below the horizontal line, not to mention anything else, just the beginning, it is about a week slower than other races, step by step, and finally even if the demon appears, it can only be under the gap accumulated by time, shouting in vain.

The core of various races in "Heroes III" determines the upper limit of the race


It is an undisputed fact that high-level troops are expensive and not strong, and they would have been as sad as dungeons, but fortunately there were earth elves, and if the core of other races is still controversial, then the absolute core of the barrier is undoubtedly the earth elves.

Although the earth elves single-handedly tried to change their lives against the sky, as time passed, the combat power of the upper classes became more and more obvious, unless they changed their families and changed their leading big brothers, they would inevitably be dragged by the golden dragon and sunk into the abyss.


The first few are the leading big brother is too weak, this one is strong enough, and even generally in the first week can appear as the early core role, throughout the beginning and end, the role of Beamon is irreplaceable, but caught up with the cyclops, the second in command that is difficult to appear in ten thousand years, the final decisive battle must be less to fight more, after all, who plays is also the priority to supply the resources needed by Bimon, and when there are resources out of Cyclops, even if it appears, it must be less than the number of sixth-level troops of other races, the entire race is not good at fighting far away, not good at flying, and the speed is slow, Racial characteristics dictate that the upper limit will not be the highest.


The core is the Titan, the first race with a seventh-level soldier as the core, strong is really strong, but slow is really slow, due to resource needs, the tower often goes out to the mage in one week, the giant in two weeks, and the titan in three weeks or even four weeks. The previous hard days can only fight the world by losing the world, looking around all races, only better than hell, different from the barrier, it belongs to the Vietnam War is stronger, and if time is pushed long enough, the strength of the tower will become stronger and stronger.

The core of various races in "Heroes III" determines the upper limit of the race


The cemetery is more special, the ghost dragon can not serve as the core, but the ghost king, skeleton, black horse and corpse witch, can form three cores, the value is not the most powerful, the strength is not the strongest, but is the highest growth, as long as it can drag on for a month, the number of skeletons can basically be raised to 1000, at this time, it does not matter the strength of the individual troops, eat me to the wind and slash.


The overall strength of the elements is weak, even the individual strength of the phoenix is not strong, but the advantage of the phoenix lies in the number and absolute first, as the core seems to be not strong, but cheap and full, the first-class soldier blue butterfly second-level soldier mine element can be used as another core to fight in the four directions, perfect through the early stage is not difficult, after all, the various buildings of the elements are very cheap. In the same time, the phoenix can do two to one, and several other elements pull back, otherwise there is really no one who can fight with the elements.


Core archangel, deputy core marksman, strength represents everything, the key is that other levels of troops are still strong, even if resources are not sufficient, we can first let angels and so on out of the knight to spend the early stage, to the final battle, against a single class of archangels is the undisputed first, even if all the members of the duel, all levels of the arms are not worthy, the horizontal knife immediately, no matter who the enemy is, we ask, where is he? The real race has the highest ceiling.

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