Unlock Street Basketball's SFSA Regional Gameplay New perks

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The 2023 Street Basketball SFSA National Super League Regional Tournament will kick off in mid-April, so let's get together and get started! National Contest We're Coming! Let's unlock new ways to play Street Basketball SFSA Regional and learn about the new perks.

Unlock Street Basketball's SFSA Regional Gameplay New perks

【Vote for city-specific benefits】

Unlock Street Basketball's SFSA Regional Gameplay New perks

City owners who have participated in the SFSA voting activities can choose a privilege when they participate in the competitions of Changchun, Hangzhou, Nanning and Guiyang for the first time. Players who participate in the vote can only enjoy the privilege by going to one of these 4 cities for the first time, and they will not enjoy the privilege if they go to the other 3 stations after running the station.

Choose one of three offline privileges:

1. Defeat in the first round can be resurrected, and then the lot will be drawn again to participate again.

2. Double the reward for the first round to get an extra reward card for the first round.

3. The first round changed from BO3 to BO5.

Note: Failure to select a privilege at check-in is considered a waiver of privilege.

【Detailed explanation of the 4 categories of the National Super League】

Unlock Street Basketball's SFSA Regional Gameplay New perks

This year's "Street Basketball" National Super League is divided into four categories, namely the popular division, the classic division, the return division and the emerging division. The popularity competition refers to the popular competition area, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing these 4 competition champions and runners-up can advance to the SFSA finals, the classic division after the popularity PK left 4, namely Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing and Wuhan.

The new competition area is the city that has never held a regional competition, after voting for Changchun and Nanning, the return competition refers to the city that has not held a regional competition within three years, Hangzhou and Guiyang successfully broke through, and players who participated in the offline voting can enjoy privileges to participate in these 4 city regional competitions.

In fact, the competition for regional competition points is very fierce every year, and it changes every year, and the popularity will greatly affect whether these cities can be shortlisted, of course, if the popularity of participating in the offline competition this year is high enough, it is likely to replace the 8 resident competition areas as the next year's popular competition area.

This year's regional tournament has also been renovated in terms of gameplay, and in addition to the traditional competitive competition for the finals, it is said that 2v2 tournaments will be canceled, and you can win great prizes.

Assemble and go! "Street Basketball" has been held for 18 years, with a huge mass base, will you come to participate in this year's SFSA?, we are waiting for you on the court!