8 growth tools highly recommended

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Share 8 minimalist apps today, most of which are completely free, to help you learn and grow and improve yourself.



HiPaint is a treasure painting software and animation production software that is currently completely free; The software supports Android version, supports Apple version, and iPad can also be installed and used.

First of all, there are not many free painting software on the Android platform, this software is not only suitable for Android phones, but also for Android tablets.

It is currently completely free, the interface is minimalist and clean, simple and intuitive, the whole software does not have any superfluous things, small size, high value.

It is easy to use, easy to use, powerful, has a smooth and low-latency handwriting software experience, and is an excellent drawing software, sketching software, hand-drawing software, animation software.

It does not need to register and log in at present, click the plus button in the lower right corner to create new works and new folders, click New Works, support the selection of canvas scales, including: 9:16, 3:4, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, etc., also support custom brush scale and creation based on pictures.

It supports connecting pen tablets and freehand drawing board painting, and supports common shortcut key customization operations; It supports multi-touch gestures, including: three-finger tap to redo, two-finger tap to undo, two-finger zoom in and out of the canvas, long press on the screen to activate the eyedropper tool, and more.

It has more than 90 built-in beautiful brushes, supports brush group function, supports more than 60 brush parameter settings, brush categories include: basic, sketch, dry media, writing, airbrush, ink, plant, material, light, element, grid, and also supports import and export brush function.

Each category includes multiple specific brushes, for example, writing brushes include: ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers, ink pens, chalk, etc., ink brushes include: roundhead, flat, serrate, watercolor, wash, plant brushes include: grass, hay, leaves, dandelion, maple leaf, cactus, element brushes include: smoke, clouds, water ripples, snowflakes, heavy rain, drizzle.

It supports up to 100 layers and supports rich layer editing features, including: duplicate layers, merge layers, merge all, empty layers, lock layers, clip masks.

It supports more than 20 layer blending modes, including: Dissolve, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Light, Soft, Strong, Bright, Linear, Solid Blend, Exclude, Subtract, Divide, Hue, and more.

It supports inserting pictures, tracing references, shapes, symmetry, lasso tools, paint bucket tools, eyedropper tools, drag coloring and dragging to adjust tolerances.

It supports horizontal flip, vertical flip, dithering correction, animation assistance, painting settings, and a variety of processing decorative effects, including: color equalization, brightness contrast, hue saturation, natural saturation, opacity, Gaussian blur, motion blur, liquefaction, sharpening, black and white, nostalgia, cool warm color, edge outline, bloom.

Finally, it also supports exporting paintings and animations in a wide range of formats.

8 growth tools highly recommended


Daily fitness

Daily Fitness is a completely free fitness program software and fitness recording software that is currently completely free; The software supports the Apple version, and the iPad can also be installed and used.

It is currently completely free, such as a clear stream, minimalist and comfortable, simple and fresh, very clean, and supports cloud synchronization of data.

It supports custom training templates, supports adding templates, supports setting template names, each template can add multiple training actions, each action can set weight units, times, number of sets, rest time between sets, etc.

It supports quick start free training, also supports choosing a template to start training, and supports focused training mode.

It supports the training action section, provides a large library of actions, supports filtering by the body part of the training, also supports filtering by training type, and also supports the creation and addition of new training actions.

Each training movement will provide GIF demonstration and interpretation, as well as detailed movement guidance.

It supports the full training record function, showing all your trainings in chronological order; It supports the calendar tile, which shows all your daily training in the form of a calendar.

Click a training action to support detailed training data analysis and comparison, including: training data and charts, training history, training records, etc.

Overall, it's so simple and pure, with no redundant features, no messy superfluous stuff, and it's free and easy to use.

8 growth tools highly recommended


Conch words

Conch Words is a completely free English word memorization software, and it is also a very useful new word import learning software; The software supports Android version and supports Apple version.

It's completely free, no redundant features and stuff, minimalist design, simple aesthetics, smooth and easy to use, and the actual experience is excellent.

It is very intimate, click on any function and section, there are function introductions and guidance, there are up to 37 tips for use, and there are also detailed tutorials to help you quickly get started with the software and understand all the functions of this software.

It provides a rich and comprehensive word thesaurus, which can be added in the thesaurus section; It supports the self-customization thesaurus function, supports setting the name of a new thesaurus, and supports importing new words.

The steps to import new words are very easy, and only two simple symbols are enough.

It supports viewing word functions, including: pronunciation, dictionary meaning, mnemonic syllables, extended words, similar words, example sentences, notes, word pictures.

It supports word learning functions, including: English and Chinese word recognition, listening training, spelling training, Chinese and English word recognition, support adding notes, support dictionary word meaning, edit words, night mode, start external keyboard, super listening function.

Among them, the super listening function can help you memorize words when running, no need to look at the phone screen, just tap the phone screen.

It supports fuzzy word lookup function, multi-character matching and single-character matching; It supports the handwriting function, which can help you add words to the vocabulary book and automatically add them to learning tasks.

It supports the My Notes feature, notes and words are highly correlated, when you take a note in a word, the word can see the note wherever it appears.

It supports Ebbinghaus to memorize words, supports setting Ebbinghaus strength, Ebbinghaus review interval, task default word count, etc. in the settings section.

It supports a high-freedom system and an autonomous task mode, and how you want to memorize words is up to you; It also supports practical data export capabilities.

Overall, it is free and practical, comprehensive and feature-rich, and it is an English word learning software with a good conscience.

8 growth tools highly recommended


Astronomical Pass

Astronomical Pass is a completely free astronomy software that is amazing; The software supports Android version, supports Apple version, and iPad can also be installed and used.

It is completely free, simple and beautiful, each functional section is clear at a glance, and the whole software is powerful and rich in content.

It supports 4 functional sections of stargazing, space station, daily map, and star map.

The specific functions it supports include: moon phase and moonrise and moonset, sunny day clock, weather at the moment, hourly forecast, 15-day forecast, weather forecast, astronomical forecast, day's celestial phenomena, stargazing condition calculation, stargazing index, real-time air pollution, sunrise and sunset, satellite cloud map, local light pollution level, light pollution map, sun, planetary rise and fall map at this moment, star map, geographic location management, etc.

It supports real-time astronomical star maps, combined with AR and mobile phone gyroscopes, realizes the combination of star map orientation and star map reality, and supports the display of atmosphere, landscape, equatorial network, azimuth network, constellation, constellation mapping, deep-sky objects, planets, milky ways, artificial satellites, etc.

8 growth tools highly recommended


IQ test

IQ Test is a completely free brain test software, but also a minimalist and easy-to-use puzzle software; The software supports Android version.

It is completely free, only beautiful, simple and fresh, smooth and comfortable, open the software at a glance, each functional section is very intuitive.

It supports tests and trainings including: digital connection, dot connection, 2048, fill, Sudoku, pipe, unlock, flop memory, 8 different tests and trainings with different purposes and effects.

Corresponding to thinking test training, concentration test training, logical ability test training, spatial thinking ability test training, reasoning ability test training, observation test training, brain test training, memory test training.

Each of its tests and training includes multiple levels of difficulty, each of which includes many levels; Each of its tests and trainings is simple to play, and you know how to operate it when you open it.

For example, 2048 training, the same number can be slid superimposed, not only left and right, up and down, but also diagonal, support multiple numbers stacked, new numbers will appear, very interesting and fun.

The unlock training is a space with a lot of small rectangular wooden blocks, placed in different positions and directions, you need to move other small wooden blocks to make the target wooden block come out of the space.

Pipeline training tests your observation ability, and you need to combine and splice parts of the pipeline; Filling training is similar to a stroke drawing in that the graph needs to be filled.

Digital connection training requires the same numbers to be connected, but the connections of different numbers cannot be crossed.

The experience is excellent, and there is nothing superfluous during the test training, which is very rare.

8 growth tools highly recommended



Shiyin is a beautiful poetry reading soundtrack software, as well as a poetry creation software; The software supports Android version and supports Apple version.

It adopts minimalist design, beautiful painting style, simple operation, supports intelligent recording, can help you practice Mandarin, practice speaking, and will follow the user's reading rhythm when reading aloud to intelligently scroll to display the content of the poem.

When you read aloud, the reading interface will give feedback in real time, and when you finish reading, the software will display the reading score, including: pronunciation, speech speed, intonation, pause, fluency, as well as reading achievements and single sentence rating, single sentence scoring is the rating and recommendation of each sentence read aloud.

It supports one-click generation function, supports one-click generation of video works with soundtracks, that is, the video corresponding to your reading of poetry, and supports setting and editing sound effects, word effects, and pictures.

Among them, sound effects include: volume, reverb, change accompaniment, word effects include: flow year, radio, picture axis.

Once set up, you can generate your own creations.

It provides a large number of poems, you can also see the poems created by others, and the poetry article categories include: feelings, emotions, love, ancient style, classics, parent-child.

Each category includes multiple specific categories, for example, ancient style includes: ancient style poetry, Tang poetry, Song poetry, etc., love includes: to lover, touching love words, silent like, just passerby, regret to miss, beautiful encounters, etc.

8 growth tools highly recommended


There is an encyclopedia of first aid

Youlai First Aid Encyclopedia is a completely free first aid science popularization software, and it is also a simple and practical first aid knowledge learning software; The software supports Android version and supports Apple version.

It is completely free, the whole software is very clean, there is nothing superfluous, simple and pure, it is a simple style of first aid knowledge learning software.

It supports detailed classifications including: First Aid Skills, Family Life, Critical Illness, Common Injuries, Poisoning First Aid, Accidents, Animal Injuries, Marine First Aid.

Some classifications will continue to be classified, for example, first aid skills include: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic skills, Heimlich, common injuries include: chin dislocation management, abrasion management, foot sprain management, leg cramp management, etc.

Its popular science knowledge provides a variety of forms of presentation, including: videos, pictures, text; Among them, the video supports download, and it can continue to play without network.

The graphic step supports keyframes, which means that you can jump to a certain position in the video by clicking the graphic step, which is very intimate.

In addition to treatment methods, it also provides risk prevention and special tips.

8 growth tools highly recommended


Graduate School Clock

Graduate School Clock is a software that tracks the study time, as well as a custom preparation subject and study plan software; The software supports the Apple version, and the iPad can also be installed and used.

The functional sections it supports include: clock, calendar, statistics, settings; The settings sections include: theme, homepage module, calendar style, exam date, edit subject, clock settings.

It supports editing the subjects you need to study, and also supports adding the subjects you need to study, each subject can add multiple study plans, for example, English learning includes: memorizing words, reading, writing, mathematics learning includes: whole book, real questions, mock exams.

Its clock bar in the upper right corner supports setting the start date of preparation, the date of the exam, and the percentage of time remaining, the time learned, and the time until the exam.

Click to select a study subject and plan, supported features include: full-screen clock, Pomodoro clock, countdown, stopwatch, background timer, you can choose the timekeeping mode to start learning.

It supports picture-in-picture floating small window background timing mode, supports a variety of white noise arbitrary switching, supports setting clock style and content, including: digital clock, page turning clock, background color, text color, text size, display seconds, display countdown, display subject, focus time, rest time, vibration, ringtone, screen orientation, etc.

It supports the display of learning data in the calendar section, supports powerful statistical functions, and clearly displays through multiple aesthetic charts, including: the learning time of each day of the week and each subject, the percentage and comparison of the learning time of different subjects, the increase and decrease of learning time, etc.

Finally, some of its features require a premium version to be available, and the price is 6 yuan per month and 30 yuan forever.

8 growth tools highly recommended