Stay in the beautiful landscapes of the African land

author:Nanjing Juli Holding Group

Angola, because of its pleasant climate, is known as the "Spring Country" of Africa. September is the best season in Angola.

On September 24, 2022, in the bustling crowd, six black-haired, yellow-skinned Chinese walked out of Luanda International Airport, a member of the team sent by Nanjing Juli Holding Group to a cement company in Angola to implement the wheel belt and carrier welding repair project. Minister Wang Jiulong walked in the front, he was tall, his face was as angular as a sculpture, and his eyes were cold and sharp. He has been doing maintenance and transformation in the cement machinery industry for more than 20 years, and has rich professional knowledge and practical experience.

The cement plant is located on the outskirts of the capital, Luanda, and is surrounded by dense greenery by a wide road that passes in front of the factory. The plant has two cement production lines with a capacity of 5,000 tons per day, one of which was commissioned in 2010 and was idle due to insufficient local cement demand. The other was put into production in 2013 and has not been repaired since it was put into production. After putting down the luggage, Minister Wang led the employees to the scene to inspect the equipment, and the situation was very worrying. Among them, the most serious is the three-speed carrier wheel, about two-thirds of the area is peeled metal, the peeling depth reaches 150mm; Both gears have crushing, which is 4 mm lower than the working surface. In addition, the stripping state of the wheel belt metal is also very serious, and the peeling depth reaches 70mm. These problems caused the vibration of the cement kiln to be very serious, and the workers did not dare to walk the inspection channel on the kiln.

Stay in the beautiful landscapes of the African land

Workers are digging and repairing the peeling parts of the carrier wheels

However, when discussing the maintenance plan, the opinions of the project team and the factory were not consistent. The director of the factory, Mr. Ben, an Egyptian who has also worked in the cement factory for many years, proposed a maintenance plan that dismantled the two carrier wheels in the second and third gears for repair, and replaced the other severely peeled carrier wheels with spare rollers in the factory. From his own professional point of view, Minister Wang believes that dismantling and repairing not only delays the construction period, but also is inconvenient to operate. In addition, another important reason is that through on-site inspection, it was found that the two new pallets in the factory had been seriously rusted and could not be used due to the early purchase and storage in the open air for many years, so Minister Wang proposed an online repair operation plan. Due to the disagreement between the two sides, Mr. Ben was full of suspicion about Minister Wang's maintenance team and decided to organize several other people to disassemble the carrier wheel set.

However, what Minister Wang did not expect was that a few days later, Mr. Ben found Minister Wang again and admitted very sincerely that his previous insistence on removing and repairing the carrier wheel and replacing it with a new one was unrealistic and might cause major losses to production, so he decided to adopt Minister Wang's online repair operation plan. Through this exchange, the trust of the factory executives in the project team was greatly enhanced. Mr. Ben also specially arranged for the project team to have dinner with them, and white wine, red wine, and beer were served.

On September 28, the pallet wheel repair project was officially implemented. According to the work plan, the repair is divided into four processes: digging, grinding, surfacing and heat preservation, which are both technical and physical work. In order to ensure the construction period, Minister Wang divided the five employees in the team into two shifts, including 3 people in the day shift and 2 people on the night shift, and continued uninterrupted construction 24 hours a day, while he himself had to manage both the day shift and the night shift, working more than 15 hours a day. In those days, Minister Wang wrote the construction progress into a formal daily report every day, and submitted it to the group company at the same time as the customer, so that all parties could understand the construction progress and construction quality.

Despite the small number of employees on site, the project team adhered to the requirements of militarized management. Every day when they go to work, employees line up and walk into the construction site with neat steps. At the scene, everyone lined up again to listen to the work arrangements for the day. The rigorous style of the project department has become a beautiful landscape in the cement plant.

Stay in the beautiful landscapes of the African land

Early in the morning, when the night shift workers left work, even though there were only two people, they still lined up and walked in a neat step towards the dormitory.

Time passes day by day. The cooperation between the project team and the management personnel at all levels of the factory is also becoming more and more smooth. But factory executives still haven't relaxed their monitoring of quality. Although Mr. Ben is the top leader of the factory, he has to take time to go to the site from time to time to personally inspect the construction quality. Through the random inspection, he has a deeper understanding of the construction quality of the project team and has fuller confidence.

Stay in the beautiful landscapes of the African land

Mr. Ben, the director of the factory, randomly inspected the construction quality on site

On December 10, 2022, the project team's support wheel repair project was officially completed, ushering in the critical moment when the rotary kiln was put into operation. Mr. Ben, the director of the factory, Mr. Shumir, the mechanical manager in charge of the equipment, Mr. Tang, the representative of the Chinese side, and other senior executives and workers on the production line all came to the production site. At this moment, seeing the big kiln start with a bang, running smoothly, without the previous shaking and vibration, and without the harsh noise, everyone's faces were full of joy and smiles, and they all gave a thumbs up.

Stay in the beautiful landscapes of the African land

Foreigners gave a thumbs up at the scene