Millennium Era Mobile Game Beginner's Guide

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Millennium Era Mobile Game Beginner's Guide

Millennium as the beginning of the domestic martial arts game, his style is closer to the real martial arts world, in the game we need to continue to practice a variety of powerful martial arts, as the realm of martial arts improves, the character's attack power and armor value will also increase. At the same time, with various enhancements to equipment, we can also improve our attributes to a certain extent. Today, I will take you to understand how to play when newbies open the game.

After the newbie registers the game, follow the main line to complete the task in the early stage, familiarize yourself with the game, and click the task interface on the left to automatically find the way to complete the task.

Beginner's Guide steps

1. Find the Jade Immortal Dialogue (Reward Ronin Suit)

2. Put on the axe (open the package and put on the axe, and wear the ronin suit by the way)

3. Choose a reward (choose a weapon you want to cultivate)

4. Start light work and body protection (when you open the martial arts interface, you need to click - assist - use nameless footwork and nameless strengthening, here it is recommended to set the nameless footwork to the shortcut bar and set the automatic protective body in the settings to automatically release the nameless body)

Millennium Era Mobile Game Beginner's Guide

Pay attention when completing the following tasks, because all martial arts need to be cultivated, the higher the vitality value, the higher the damage, be sure to go to the cultivation field to cultivate a martial art to the full level when continuing the task (eating double experience pills when cultivating can speed up the improvement of the cultivation level), the first rush player chooses to cultivate the no-hit formation, after all, the strongest monster fighting skill in the early stage. After completing the martial arts you want to cultivate, the next task will be much simpler. When cultivating, you can choose to hang up offline.

On the map on the upper right of the cultivation site, find the boatman and start exploring the way.

Millennium Era Mobile Game Beginner's Guide

"The Millennium" is about to begin, welcome back to fight again

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