Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

author:Mochi mom

The weather is gradually warming up, the baby sweats more every day, and the water he drinks slowly increases.

However, drinking water can not be too capricious, if you drink too much at once, whether it is adults or children, something may happen!

Ever heard of "water poisoning"? It's not that the water itself is poisonous, but that adults give children the wrong drink:

There used to be a piece of news: When Yiwu's 1-year-old baby Xiaoxin had nausea and vomiting, his parents thought it was just gastrointestinal discomfort, and gave him more porridge and water, which later developed into convulsions. When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor judged that drinking too much water caused "water poisoning".

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2


It turns out that drinking too much water will lead to "water poisoning" - ingesting too much water in a short time, the body can not be excreted in time, resulting in dilution of sodium ions in the blood, the body can not function normally, causing dizziness, vomiting, and even convulsions, severe cases can lead to permanent damage or death of the nervous system.

Moreover, drinking too much water can easily lead to malnutrition. The little baby's stomach capacity is very small, and the stomach is occupied by water, how can he drink really nutritious milk?!

Since drinking too much water will cause accidents, how much water does the baby need every day? What water is not suitable for babies? How do adults tell if a baby needs to drink water?

Part 1

How much water do babies of different ages need per day?

According to the recommendation of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, babies aged 0~8 need so much water every day:

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

Note!!! Water requirements ≠ the amount of water to drink, but "the total amount of water contained in the food itself + the amount of additional water to drink".

Don't underestimate the water content of the food itself -

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

Based on the diet of a 1 ~ 2-year-old baby, it is usually possible to supplement more than 700ml of water by drinking milk and eating complementary foods.

After talking about the water contained in milk and food itself, then, how much extra water does the baby need to drink at each stage?

● Within 6 months:

Generally, you do not need to drink extra water, and you can drink a moderate amount when you are sick or have constipation, yellow urine, less urine, dry crying without tears and other dehydration manifestations.

● 6 months ~ 1 year:

Milk is the protagonist, and drinking water is not so necessary.

After the baby eats complementary food, you can feed a few mouthfuls of water to rinse your baby's mouth, which can not only hydrate but also clean the mouth. But don't force your baby to drink water.

● 1 year old+:

Babies eat more and more complementary foods, increase their activity, and increase their water needs.

In addition to water from food sources, we recommend that your baby drink so much water every day –

1 ~ 3 years old: 300 ~ 700ml

3 ~ 5 years old: 600 ~ 800ml

5 ~ 8 years old: 800 ~ 1000ml

It is not recommended to drink too much at a time, you can supplement 2 ~ 3 times in the morning and afternoon, and drink water in small amounts many times.

However, these drinking amounts are only a rough reference, and mothers do not have to follow them exactly like textbooks. The specific amount of drink, but also comprehensive consideration of the baby's physical condition, exercise amount, sweating and other factors. Drink more when you are thirsty, and drink less if you are not thirsty.

Part 2

How to tell if your baby is short of water?

Many babies do not understand and will not express whether they are thirsty, and old mothers must be worried: Is there enough water?

The way to judge is simple -

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

Sufficient urine output (pee once in less than 3 hours), light yellow color, clear - indicating that the baby has enough water:

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

Low urine output (not urinating for more than 3 hours), dark color, cloudy – need to drink water in moderation:

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

Part 3

What water should the baby drink?

For babies under 1 year of age, don't hydrate with these:

Do not give this water to your baby until the age of 2

Among them, honey, pure milk, and salt water we have popularized before, are all contraindicated foods for babies under 1 year old; If you have juice and sugar water, the sugar content is too high, and daily drinking is not recommended. In fact, for babies over 1 year old, if you need to hydrate, we also recommend using the most simple way, without spending so much. Pure milk those, after 1 year old is a good calcium supplement, not to drink as water.

So what is the best water for babies to drink? It's simple -

White! Open! Water!

√ Yes, plain water is the best choice.

√ drink pure water is OK (pure water is not equal to mineral water)

Cake mom must make an important point here: mineral water with a sodium content of more than 20mg/L is best not given to children under 2 years old! There are more minerals in mineral water, but the specific content varies, and if it is excessive, the baby's kidneys will not be able to withstand it.

In particular, do not soak the milk powder with mineral water, it will destroy the proportion of minerals in the milk powder.

And Bao's mother asked, can baby water be drunk?

Yes, of course. But baby water is not cheap, ordinary boiled water and filtered water sodium content, minerals, etc. are already very low, not very necessary. Of course, this choice is in themselves, mothers can buy it according to their own situation, local water quality and other comprehensive assessment.