Crazy criticism of beauty is not good! There is a gap between the two generations of actresses PK: is Li Sarah nothing?

Song Huiqiao set off after her divorce, and the transformation work "Dark Glory" ushered in numerous praises.

Some people say that she has got rid of the "Korean puppet acting" that is divorced from reality in the play, and the heroine Don Eun is very successful, so successful that it is difficult to imagine that she used to be the "silly white sweet" in "Full House".

But the success of "Dark Glory" is not the credit of her alone, and the villains in the play, such as Sarah Lee and Park Yeon-jin, are also indispensable.

These two are "crazy beauties" in the eyes of the public:

They are young and beautiful, but sick and crazy, they attracted the attention of the audience as soon as they appeared, and netizens were even more happy to play terriers, and even used AI to exchange the face of "national sister-in-law" Gao Ye to Park Yeonjin's face.

In fact, "crazy criticism of beauty" is very common in film and television works, even every year - from the original Jiang Yuyan and Bai Feifei, to today's Li Sarah and Shunde Xianji, what are the differences between the stunning actresses when interpreting them?

If you compare the more representative old and new "crazy beauties" together, who can win?

First, the new generation is sick and coquettish, and the main word is cool

"Yeonjin, I'm very satisfied with this ending."

After brushing "Dark Glory 2" in one breath, I believe that many viewers have an unfinished feeling.

In particular, the villain female characters of the bullying Gang of Five in the play, Lee Sarah and Park Yeon-jin, are typical "crazy critics of beauty", why do they win a lot of applause from the audience, and what are the moving things in character shaping?

1. 2022 "Dark Glory" Lee Sarah, Park Yeon-jin: Vicious

Li Sarah, played by Kim Hera, is the craziest in the whole drama, compared to the female number two Park Yeon-jin, it is simply "all five poisons".

Her body has an extreme decadent beauty, actress Jinhera herself is quite beautiful, and her makeup looks very neurotic, and there is a sense of broken sickness.

Someone has specifically analyzed Li Sarah's makeup, especially the eyes, especially using eyeliner to create a sense of exhaustion and paranoia.

However, in terms of acting, she has also managed to jump back and forth between crazy criticism and liveliness, which is simply addictive.

Another female character, Park Yeon-jin, is just as beautiful as Lee Sarah, although she is inferior to Sarah Lee in a crazy rank.

It's hard to imagine that the actor Lin Jiyan's last relatively out-of-the-loop role was the movie "Human Poisoning" with Song Seung-heon, which played a quiet and literary young woman with a very emotional image.

And "Dark Glory", she challenged Park Yeon-jin to star on the surface as an arrogant and rude eldest lady, but in her heart she was insecure because of the fragility of her native family.

Yeonjin's crazy part, the acting skills are simply killing Song Hye Kyo in seconds - and, I believe that everyone will tremble in their hearts when they see such a beautiful woman going crazy.

Crazy criticism of beauty is not good! There is a gap between the two generations of actresses PK: is Li Sarah nothing?

2. 2022 "Eve" Li Laai: Fierce

In addition, the heroine Li Laai in the Korean drama "Eve" is also a very typical image of the crazy Nemesis.

What is even more "gratifying" is the temperament and experience of the actor Xu Ruizhi himself.

Her appearance is a sweet girl with a slight taste of "youth pain literature", toughness, and youth, but she can fuse sickness, hypocrisy and other expressions into a body to form a complex weird feeling.

Xu Ruizhi was previously famous for starring in "Although It's Psychotic but It's Okay", and after the fire, it was revealed by Korean media that he was suspected of manipulating gas lamps on her boyfriend Kim Jong-hyun, which is commonly known as PUA.

Subsequently, she was also exposed to a lot of negative news about splitting legs, bullying, academic fraud and so on, so she was known as "female devil Han Xing" by the outside world.

Xu Ruizhi in "Eve" once again starred in "Femme Fatale", and took turns in various costumes in the play, which was very eye-catching.

Crazy criticism of beauty is not good! There is a gap between the two generations of actresses PK: is Li Sarah nothing?

In terms of plot, she can be friends with the enemy for revenge, and she can also seduce the enemy's husband - that is, for the sake of revenge, she can give up anything.

In terms of acting skills, Xu Ruizhi carefully plans his every move, down to every look and movement, easily switching back and forth between the little white rabbit and the big tiger.

Coupled with Xu Ruizhi's own experience, she challenged the role of Li Laai in "Eve", which can be called the best representative image of such roles in various Korean dramas, and there is no one.

3. 2020 "Penthouse" Qian Ruizhen, Zhou Xijing: Desire

And the last "fascinating" Korean drama crazy beauty is the role of Cheon Seo-jin portrayed by Kim So-yeon in "Penthouse".

Kim So-yeon is no stranger to everyone, in her early masterpiece "The Temptation of Eve", she has played a bad woman to the bone, and thus formed her own style.

Qian Ruizhen in "The Penthouse" is also a ruthless person, her bad performance will not stop if she does not achieve her goal, even if it is her own closest relatives, as long as it is in the way, she must be immediately removed, and she will not be soft.

And her emotional management skills are also very poor, impulsive and roaring at every turn - in short, watching the whole show, it is obvious to be crazy.

However, due to Kim So-yeon's excellent acting skills, this crazy beauty is affectionately called "Qianqian" by the audience, and there are many fans.

There is another sick beauty comparable in "The Penthouse": Zhou Xijing, who is particularly bright in the third part.

She took the lead in bullying others when she was studying, but then she was suddenly "abandoned" by her brother Seok-hoon, and gradually began to become more crazy.

Crazy criticism of beauty is not good! There is a gap between the two generations of actresses PK: is Li Sarah nothing?

But equally, the audience loves and hates Zhou Xijing, behind which is her complex upbringing and obsession with lack of love since childhood.

4. 2022 "Acquaintance with Junchu" Shunde Xian Ji: Ambition

In the ancient puppet drama "Acquaintance with Jun Chu" broadcast last year, Shunde Xian Ji, played by Guo Xiaoting, also set off a wave of "femme fatale".

Her personality is paranoid and arrogant, which contrasts sharply with her beautiful appearance.

Especially in terms of style, Guo Xiaoting is so beautiful that people forget her bad and poisonous, and some people even bluntly say that they want to "get her full set of the same style from nails, masks to hairstyles and lipsticks".

The biggest feature of Shunde Xian Ji is ambition, her desire is obvious, and she doesn't even bother to hide it.

Behind this is what she got after growing up all the way against the attack and luckily meeting Ning Qing, so she cherished it especially and gradually lost control until it evolved into a sick state.

After the disfigurement, Shunde is particularly crazy, but if she wants to still control everything, she can only force herself to be stronger - but she may not know that even if she is disfigured, she is still incomparably charmingly beautiful.

Crazy criticism of beauty is not good! There is a gap between the two generations of actresses PK: is Li Sarah nothing?

Second, the blackening of ancient dramas broke out, paying attention to the contrast before and after

Compared with the popular "crazy beauty" in recent years, similar characters 20 years ago may pay more attention to restoring the contrast before and after.

In fact, "crazy beauty" has a lot in common, such as beautiful, powerful and crazy, usually shy and even cute, but once something breaks through their principles or bottom line, they will immediately blacken and break out, even if they kill and set fire.

The following 4 are representatives of the representatives, each of them can be called a "childhood shadow", but they have a beautiful enchantment that cannot be forgotten, and the stories behind their madness are embarrassing.

1. 2001 "Outer History of Wulin" Bai Feifei: Black Lotus

Bai Feifei in "Outer History of Martial Arts" had a harmless face of humans and animals, and was also at the peak of actress Wang Yan's appearance at that time.

This is a girl who has lived in deception since she was a child, and was used by the previous palace master Bai Jing, instilling the idea that men do not have a good thing, and became a tool for revenge.

Her methods are ruthless, her martial arts are strong, and her heart is dark, like a black lotus flower.

It can be said that Bai Feifei is pathetic, and the hand of fate has already written the end of her life, so falling in love with Shen Lang will not have a good result.

She is the first generation of "beautiful and strong miserable", and finally chose to kill herself by moths to the fire, becoming an unforgettable white moonlight in the hearts of the audience.

2. 2003 "The Legend of Relying on the Sky and Slaying the Dragon" Zhou Zhiruo: anti-correction master

In "The Legend of Relying on the Sky and Slaying the Dragon" broadcast at the same time, Zhou Zhiruo, played by Gao Yuanyuan, was called "the anti-correction expert of the love brain" by netizens.

She is also one of the representatives of unscrupulous means to achieve the end.

After the ambiguity between him and Zhang Wuji was broken, Zhou Zhiruo realized the true meaning of the big heroine: "Men are not reliable, and they rely on themselves to be queens." ”

After that, she began to devote herself to her career, always reminding herself that "you can't be too kind", but because she is too beautiful, she makes men love and fear.

3. 2005 "Little Fish and Flowers" Jiang Yuyan: Love can't be

Jiang Yuyan's prototype is Jiang Yulang in Gulong's masterpiece "Peerless Double Pride", and is the biggest villain in the play.

She is an illegitimate daughter, although she is extremely beautiful, she is smart and vicious, and since she was rescued from the green building by Hua Wujie, she fell in love with the other party and wanted to get him.

Jiang Yuyan also fell into an obsession, from the initial pitiful little white rabbit, and finally became a femme fatale beauty who did nothing evil, cocooning herself and eating her own evil consequences.

Many viewers should remember her famous words to men: "Either love me or be killed by me!" ”

Crazy criticism of beauty is not good! There is a gap between the two generations of actresses PK: is Li Sarah nothing?

No wonder after Park Yeon-jin of "Dark Glory" came out of the circle, some people went to @Jiang Yuyan, saying that she was the "childhood shadow" who blackened without eye makeup.

Throughout the endless femme fatales in film and television dramas, Jiang Yuyan's status has always been unshakable, and she has won so far.

4. 2010 "Beauty Heart Scheme" Nie Shener: Perfect counterattack

Nie Shen'er in the palace fighting drama "Beauty Heart Scheme", played by the "plain goddess" Wang Likun, is also an unpleasant "ruthless beauty".

She fell in love with the scumbag, but was abandoned by the playboy, but Nie Shen'er did not take care of herself like other female characters, but took up the knife and slashed the other party.

Her inner monologue at that time still seems to be chilling, breaking through the bottom line of morality, and also showing another kind of domineering and ambition:

"No husband is nothing, a hundred responses, glory and wealth is the most important thing."

Since then, Nie Shen'er has also opened the road of no return of solitary madness, she only pursues fame and money, and is gradually eaten back.

Femme fatales represent madness, arrogance, but also strength and awakening, a mesmerizing temperament, coupled with their impeccable beauty, it is naturally easy to gain a large number of fans.

But what everyone likes may just be a cool process, after all, each of the above beauties does not have a good ending, and it is still embarrassing to think about.

Which crazy beauty do you remember the most? Welcome to leave a message, do not spray if you don't like it.

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