A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

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Recently, I have been idle at home and have nothing to do, so I went out with my husband and children for a few days some time ago.

Because the baby is still young, he is not ready to go far, and he is still in the Yangtze River Delta.

The nearby cities of Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Nanjing have all been visited, only Yangzhou has not been there, so we decided to go to Yangzhou to see. If we have enough time, we are ready to visit Taizhou when we return.

March 5

We booked a train ticket from Shanghai West Railway Station to Yangzhou Railway Station at 7:58 am on March 5 and arrived in Yangzhou at 11 noon. Then take the K1 bus to the city center.

booked the all-season hotel (Wenchangge Slender West Lake Branch), because I went to the app VIP Diamond member, so I exchanged the right to check in early, and you can check in at 12 noon. Because the baby is still small, our requirements for hotel beds must be 1.8 meters of large beds, as for those hotels where the bed is only 1.5 meters, we will not consider.

This hotel was chosen mainly because it is located halfway between Slender West Lake and Dongguan Street, and it is close to both attractions. Of course, the price is another factor, and I feel okay after staying. Breakfast can also be provided, which also saves us the time to go out for breakfast every morning, after all, it is convenient to go to the attractions after breakfast in the hotel.

After we arrived at the hotel at noon that day, we put down our luggage and sorted it out simply, and when we walked from the bus station to the hotel, we found a small restaurant in Dongyuan, and my husband said that I had come to Yangzhou on business to eat in this store before, and they were all chain stores, so it was okay. We immediately decided to come over later for a quick meal before going to the attraction.

There is also a four-lookout pavilion at the intersection

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

After eating at the East Garden Restaurant, we walked to Dongguan Street. To be honest, Dongguan Street is quite lively, but people and cars go together, people and electric vehicles are mixed in a street that is not spacious, walking together, very crowded, and electric vehicles honking their horns are also very much, it can be said that it is crowded and noisy. Because we had just finished eating, we were not interested in the food stalls introduced by Dongguan, so we took a general look at some of the souvenirs and some other things, and we walked directly to the garden (Figure 4). This tour was also planned in advance. Because it was already noon when we arrived in Yangzhou, we had to eat first, and it was already the afternoon after eating, and the remaining half a day to visit Slender West Lake was definitely not enough, so we specially arranged the Slender West Lake tour for the next day, and we went to a garden first in the afternoon of the same day, because I heard that this garden is also very famous.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

East Garden Restaurant

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Dongguan Street

It should be said that the impression of the garden is still very good, the garden is exquisite and beautiful, and the architecture is also very magnificent.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour


After visiting the garden, we walked to the canal and took the bus directly back to the hotel.

In the evening we had dinner at Yiyuan Hotel near the hotel.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Yiyuan Hotel

March 6

Woke up the next morning to find that the breakfast in the hotel was also good, with bread and fried rice and noodle soup and tofu flowers! It tastes delicious with fritters.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

All seasons hotel breakfast

After breakfast, we pushed the stroller and walked with the baby to Slender West Lake.

Because we bought the cruise ticket in advance, we went directly to the cruise ship as soon as we arrived at the gate, and took the boat from the south gate until the Twenty-Four Bridge. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, although the ticket is a little expensive compared to other attractions~ But Slender West Lake is very large, basically three or four hours to play, so this ticket price is also acceptable.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Slender West Lake

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Slender West Lake

Because we were basically in the scenic area for most of the day, we didn't think about lunch that day, we only brought something to eat, and ate when we were hungry. We didn't go out from the north gate of Slender West Lake until two o'clock in the afternoon, and then because it was still early, we went to Songjiacheng Sports Park to take a casual look, and then called directly back to the hotel. Here I have to say that the starting fee of a taxi in Yangzhou is only 10 yuan, so it is very cheap.

March 7

Early in the morning of the third day, we went directly to the Grand Canal Museum in Kayanzhou, this museum was newly opened last year, I heard that when it first opened, there was no appointment at all, there were many people, and now it is relatively good to make an appointment, we made an appointment a few days in advance, about 9:30 in the morning to the door, but did not expect that there were still very many people, we waited in a long line at the door to enter the museum, and there was a long queue.

Originally, the line was quite good, but I don't know why the front suddenly became chaotic, and then many people suddenly rushed towards the door, and we followed the flow of people together. Later, I learned that it seemed that there was a fight because of the problem of queuing order in front, and then the nearby security guards and police were insufficient, and I felt that the management was a bit chaotic, and so many people lined up to enter the museum very slowly. By the time I finally entered, it was already past 10 o'clock.

From a personal point of view, the Grand Canal Museum building is very grand, this is undoubtedly great, and the various public facilities inside are very good, basically every exhibition hall will have toilets next to it, and there are many stools for visitors to rest, and drinking water is also provided. The first two or three exhibition halls are more visible, mainly talking about the history of the Grand Canal of Dayunshi, as well as some ships of various dynasties and some scenery of cities along the coast, or history and the like. Because it is the first three exhibition halls, it is not recommended to stay in front for too long, and there are indeed many people.

The more impressive one behind is Hall 8, and the three-dimensional animation is very beautiful. When we went, halls 9 and 10 were not open. After browsing all the exhibition halls, we went to the top floor to take a look.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Grand Canal Museum

When we went out in the morning, we didn't return the hotel room, because we were VIP diamond users, so we could check out until 2 pm, we returned to the hotel at about 1:30 pm to sort out our luggage, and then checked out first went to Fuchun for lunch, and went directly to Yangzhou Railway Station after eating.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour


We took the train at three o'clock in the afternoon, because it was very close, and it took about half an hour to reach Taizhou.

We chose to stay at Taizhou Wanfeng Hotel.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

The location of the hotel is very good, just like we chose before, there is a large bed of 1m8, the hotel transportation is also very convenient, from Taizhou Railway Station by 168 road can directly reach the hotel.

Because we ate lunch late that day, we didn't have much appetite for dinner, so the baby drank some milk powder, ate some roasted wheat or something, and we also bought milk, ice cream and Qingtuan in Rosen downstairs in the hotel.

Wait until around 7:30 pm, we will depart from the hotel, and then walk to the pier next to Taizhou Old Street, Fengcheng River Night Tour. We bought tickets online for 108 pieces for two people. (But when I returned to Shanghai, I found that I could actually swipe cheaper tickets on Douyin, sad, I'll take a look next time.) [Cover face])

I have to say that this Fengcheng River night tour is really worth seeing. The night view along the coast is very beautiful, and there are various fountains and lights, as well as shows.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Fengcheng River night tour

After the tour, we came down from the pier, walked slowly along the river, and then saw the fountain that was just photographed on the boat, which is really very beautiful, and the opposite bank of the river is the Wanghai Tower.

March 8

Because we took a look at the attractions in Taizhou, the more famous in addition to Taizhou Old Street, Wanghai Tower, Taoyuan, Plum Garden, Qiao Yuan, other attractions are far away in the suburbs, we didn't plan to go over, ready to only stroll around the center of Taizhou.

So early the next morning, we first walked along the river to the willow garden, but did not walk much, and then went to the Wanghai Tower, speaking of this Wanghai Tower is really a bit of a pit, this ticket costs more than 30 yuan a piece, and there is only one Wanghai Tower, there is nothing on it, that is, you can overlook the scenery next to it a little farther, but there is nothing good to see during the day. Later, after returning to Shanghai, I found that the Wanghai Tower plus the water bus only cost 15 yuan and 8 tickets, which felt like a big loss. [Tear Run] [Cover face]

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Wanghai Tower

Originally crossed the bridge from Wanghailou and wanted to see the plum garden, but I didn't expect that to go to the plum garden, I had to cross the road, and I had to make a big circle to cross the road, so we said don't go shopping, let's simply go to the peach garden, and then we went directly to the peach garden.

The original plan was to go to Qiaoyuan again after visiting Taoyuan, and then we were ready to go back to Shanghai in the late afternoon. As a result, halfway through, my husband suddenly said that Taizhou is good, let's stay one more day. I said can you say in advance next time, don't change the itinerary suddenly. In the end, I could only refund the train ticket, and lost more than 40 yuan in refund fees, and called the hotel again and told the hotel that I wanted to extend my stay for one night. [Cover face]

Since we stayed for one night, our later trip was more relaxed, and we went directly to Guyuelou to eat after shopping in Taoyuan, just on Taizhou Old Street, but to be honest, I felt average about their food. Although the price is not very cheap, it tastes average and does not feel so good. I may not have ordered the right dish.

After eating, we went back to the hotel, because the baby was also sleepy, so we slept in the hotel, and my husband went alone to the north of the Fengcheng River to walk around Daohe Ancient Street.

In the evening, we went shopping together to Taizhou Old Street

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Taizhou Old Street

March 9

I have to say that the breakfast at Wanfeng Hotel is really very good, all Chinese and Western. I especially liked their fish noodle soup and fish soup ravioli.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

After breakfast, we checked out directly, because we were going to two places in Meiyuan and Qiaoyuan, and bought a train ticket back to Shanghai at 13:50 in the afternoon, so the time was relatively tight, and I expected to be unable to return to the hotel.

In terms of garden structure and architecture, Qiao Garden is more visible than Plum Garden. However, the plum garden is dedicated to Master Mei Lanfang, so those who are interested can also take a look.

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Plum Garden

A family of three Yangtai 5-day tour

Qiao Yuan

After visiting Qiao Garden, we also went to Taizhou's local time-honored Begonia Spring for lunch. After lunch, I went directly to the train station and arrived in Shanghai at 4 p.m.

In general, this trip is still relatively time-rich, not tired of playing, what we should play, we have all played until we should eat. Next time we have time, we are ready to plan another excursion.