Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

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Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

"The spring equinox rain foot falls softly, and the willow bank oblique wind brings guests home."

At 5:24 on March 21, we ushered in the spring equinox. Peach blossoms are red, apricot blossoms are white, willows are green, in the weather of spring and Jingming, there are always subtle scenery that can shake our hearts.

A corner of the spring equinox

Hold a stroke of innocence, draw a corner of fireworks, and give you a side of fun.

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

CCTV News "Night Reading" X illustrator Huang Xiaoxiao exclusively presented

Spring equinox: the wind is soft and the face is happy

Xu Lijing Xu Dongdong

Excerpt from "Twenty-four Solar Terms and Seventy-two Weathers"

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The beginning of the spring equinox: the spirit of the first birth of life

The spring equinox waits for the "Yuan Bird Solstice". The Yuan Bird, or Swallow, was also called the Xuan Bird in ancient times. In China's Yellow River Basin, when swallows fly back, the spring equinox arrives. The return of the swallows brought spring warmth and blossoms, and brought the spring breeze and green shores.

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

The spring equinox is special in a "uniform" character: evenly divided day and night, evenly divided between cold and summer, and evenly divided into spring. On this day, the sun reaches 0 degrees of ecliptic longitude and hits the earth's equator, twelve hours each for day and night; Spring has reached the halfway point, Jiangbei is warm, Jiangnan is not hot. Everything was just right!

The most spiritual beauty of the spring equinox is that the colors finally usher in the season of bloom at this time. The land that once lay dormant in the cold of winter, has completely awakened after the beginning of spring, through the rain, and through the sting. The spring breeze blows a hundred flowers, and the north and south of the river are warm, which not only infects people's hearts from the outside to the inside, but also comes from the inside out, from the heart, and the happy soul wanders freely in the spring color of the garden.

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

Spring equinox: the sun rises and there is great beauty

"Renai sounds", which is the second season of the spring equinox. As the name suggests, thunder begins to appear in the sky. This is the phenological characteristic of the four o'clock of heaven and earth to this moment.

When spring comes to the time when Lei Nai speaks, the spring warmth of each day is increasing, and every increase in spring warmth is prompting green trees and flowers to win.

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

Walking in the capital at the second day of the spring equinox, the magnolia of the botanical garden blooms under the blue sky, the cherry blossoms of Yuyuantan bloom like snow, and the apricot blossoms of Phoenix Ridge are as brilliant as clouds. The bright sun shines on the northern land, and in the comfort and warmth, there are still thin branches standing obliquely, looking forward to the germination of new leaves.

Such a scene can't help but make people happy and moved. Spring should completely get rid of the shackles of winter and gain the freedom of new life, "Lei Nai Speak", is a beautiful place where the sun rises between heaven and earth, full of unstoppable upward growth power!

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

Spring equinox: the fragrance of flowers and rain, sweet spring melancholy

The spring equinox is the third "starting electricity". The "Seventy-two Collections of the Moon Order" says: "Electricity, sunshine, the four suns are prosperous, and the value is sometimes radiant." ”

"Beginning electricity", spring rain Xiaoxiao, flower rain Jiangnan is a typical spring scene that expresses the three seasons of the spring equinox.

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

A gust of spring thunder and a shower, spring rain flies where spring flowers fall. A gentle wind blows, and the petals will turn into rain. Song Dynasty Zhinan's "Jueji": "Wet apricot blossom rain, blowing noodles without chilling willow wind." "That's exactly what it depicts. And the phrase "helpless flowers fall, déjà vu swallow returns", is really a swan song depicting the realm of the spring equinox!

Seeing this scene, there is no spring sorrow. Xu Xuan has a poem: "Yan Fei is still one by one, and the flowers have fallen." Li Bai's "Solitude Under the Moon" wrote: "In March Xianyang City, a thousand flowers are like a brocade. Whoever can be alone in spring must drink this. ”

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

At this time, the falling flowers, not withering and falling, but also with the delicate delicate of new life, a flower has fallen, look at the branch, and there are hundreds of thousands of flowers competing to open. Such spring melancholy, like the falling petals, carries a sweet fragrance. Dance in the spring breeze, become the protagonist of spring, and take advantage of the spring color.

Equinox Grass and Wood World

"All the thoughts of the first youth will be treated kindly,

The fields covered with purple clouds gave some points to show Mai Niang,

Look at the distant place where Mai Niang watches,

Canola flowers are willing to accompany. ”

It's such a fascinating equinox,

Let's fall in love with poetic spring again.

Spring equinox is pleasant

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

At the spring equinox, go and put paper kites once.

Koi kite, dream butterfly kite, sand swallow kite, coiled eagle kite, centipede kite... When a good wind rises, with the sound of "sassing", we give the sky not only a childlike happiness, but also a reverie for soaring the wind, and a yearning for the pure, vastness and freedom of the sky realm.

Kite flying is a great way for us to get close to spring. The kite flew in the sky, we ran on the green field of spring grass, we saw the delicate color of the willow, smelled the fresh smell of the rising spring water, and touched the gentle warmth of the spring breeze.

Spring equinox丨Life is bright, and everything is lovely

For a kite to be placed well, mastering the balance is a sense of proportion. Just like in life, we must not only have the lofty goal of "sending me to Qingyun", but also know how to keep a good mentality and find a "wind power" that is more suitable for exerting our own strength.

If you flew a kite, what would your kite look like? May everyone who walks in the spring, running but not busy, has a heart to hold and a free heart.

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