There are many good films to be screened this week, and "Journey to the Bell Buds" and "More than Endless" are ready to go

This weekend, the box office performance of theatrical films is actually quite average. In fact, the previous few domestic films were also fine, mainly the two imported films released last Friday, and the performance was not very good.

Especially DC's new superhero blockbuster "Thunder Shazam! Wrath of the Gods", the box office performance is simply miserable, the box office on the first day of Friday has not even passed tens of millions, the box office of the two days of the weekend is also very pitiful, now the total box office forecast is only 50 million, even 100 million yuan can not pass, how to say that this is also a synchronized Hollywood box office blockbuster, this performance is really a bit stuck.

The actual box office is 30 million, and the total box office is predicted to be 50 million

Therefore, even the simultaneous release of Shazam is not good, the other is two months late, there has long been online "Meghan", the box office performance is not too surprising.

And entering the new week, there are still a few theatrical films worth paying attention to, but you can pay attention to it.

At the same time, the weekly word-of-mouth list of Douban movies last week was also updated, and there were slightly three or two new films on the list.

First of all, let's first understand what are the new films in theaters this week.

"Journey to the Bell Buds"

Release date: March 24

It is also a Japanese animation masterpiece that is expected every year, and when it was released in Japan before, everyone was very looking forward to it, and this time it can finally be seen in China.

In order to promote this film, director Shinkai Makoto also came to China to carry out publicity activities, I saw that many friends and neighbors went to see it, each of them shared their experience in the circle of friends, envy everyone!

It is said that scalpers are very expensive and powerful.

Looking back and waiting for the release, we can also go to the theater to feel how this new work directed by Makoto Shinkai is.

Therefore, the synopsis from the official Douban can also be understood:

The story tells the story of Suzuya, a 17-year-old girl living in a field house in Kyushu, Japan, who meets a young man who embarks on a journey to find the "door". Following in the footsteps of the youth, Suzuya came to a ruined place on the mountain, where an ancient door stood quietly, as if it were the only remnant of the collapse. As if attracted by something, Suzuya stretched out her hand towards the door...

Soon after, doors across Japan began to open one by one. It is said that the open door must be closed, otherwise calamity will befall this world from the other side of the door.

The art style of Makoto Shinkai animation has never been said, let's see how this one is!

"More than Endless"

Release date: March 24

This film has also dragged on for too long, and it appeared in Venice in 2020, and it can be released in the mainland after almost two and a half years.

But it's always on, and that's a good thing.

This film has also had some screenings before, in fact, the evaluation is still okay, and we have also recommended this film before the Fan Spirit Award.

It belongs to a film that focuses on news themes and journalists, which is a relatively unpopular film in China. The topics are also very realistic.

The synopsis from Douban can also be understood:

In China in 2003, social change was raging and people were ambitious. At that time, the Internet had not swept everything, and print media was king. Han Dong (played by Bai Ke), a "three-nil youth" with no money, no education and no background, began his career in North Drift with his girlfriend Xiaozhu (played by Miao Miao) with news ideals, during which he entered the newspaper internship with the help of well-known reporter Huang Jiang (played by Zhang Songwen), and in a case investigation, Han Dong discovered the bigger truth behind it. With a bright future on the one hand and justice in his heart on the other, Han Dong is caught in a dilemma...

The film is based on the experiences of real people.

The young director Wang Jing has been the assistant director of director Jia Zhangke before, and interested friends can also pay attention to this small film.

"Born Unloveable Otto"

Release date: March 24

This original movie was very popular back then, and it is estimated that many friends have seen it. I believe that in terms of plot, you may be more familiar with it than me.

In fact, the lineup of this film is still quite strong, directed by Mark Foster, the director of "The Kite Runner", starring Tom Hanks. Including the screening at the end of last year, all the preparations are actually going to the awards season and the Oscars.

But all the way down, there was basically no sound. Not only was the Oscar not nominated, but even the awards season, there were not many references to this film, which was a bit embarrassing.

Of course, in fact, from the film itself, the performance is quite okay. After all, the basis of the original is so great, and a remake of the film is not too bad.

Therefore, even if many are not satisfied, Douban has 7.6 points.

The synopsis from Douban can also be understood:

"Poisonous tongue boss" Otto became depressed and irritable after the death of his wife, and while nitpicking and blaming his neighbors who did not follow the rules in the community, he quietly planned "a dignified death". As a vibrant young family moves into the community, Otto's unchanging life is bustling and surprising, and his "plans" are repeatedly ruined. What happens to Otto's life when the warmth and kindness of the neighborhood refills his heart?

Adapted from the world-warming high-scoring best-selling novel "A Man Named Ovi Decides to Die".

It's good, you can see it at the first time. At the very least, don't worry about being spoiled.

"Hope Road"

Release date: March 24

The work directed by the great photographer Hou Yong, a film co-starred by Liu Ye, Hu Jun, Wen Yongshan and others.

The story is a biopic about Chen Wangdao.

The synopsis from Douban can also be understood:

Chen Wangdao, who returned from studying in Japan, took over the task of translating the Communist Manifesto, which changed the trajectory of his life; Chen Duxiu, Yu Xiusong, Shi Cuntong, Jing Hengyi, Dai Jitao, Cai Muhui and other historical figures appeared one by one. After experiencing the turbulence and changes of the times, friends and friends either sacrificed or left, Chen Wangdao faced the test of life and death decisions.


"Square Inch Love"

Release date: March 25

Recently, it seems that many Indian films have suddenly been set, and often some old films, like this one, which is also a 2018 film, which is a movie five years ago, I don't know why it was suddenly released.

Looking at the evaluation, the story is actually a make-up, it is a story of two young people who get married in a fake way to buy a house, but it also has some practical significance.

The synopsis from Douban can also be understood:

Sanjay and Karina, bank clerks, could not earn enough money to buy their own house, so the two decided to fake their marriage for mutual benefit.


Probably, this week's theatrical film is basically like this.

At the same time, the weekly Douban word-of-mouth list can also be understood. Let's take a look at what new films are on the list this week.

Word of mouth list of the week

5. "The Next Sohee"

This film is also out, and it seems that it is not ripe yet. Interested friends can pay attention. The film has appeared in Cannes and won awards in Pingyao before.

Starring Pei Douna, the quality is still okay, I believe some audiences will also have some resonance from it.

The plot synopsis from Douban is as follows:

So-hee (Kim Shim-eun) is a high school student who focuses on vocational training education. Suhee, hoping to find a good job, began vocational training in a sorting call center, but she faced great pressure from greedy companies. The high school student was too hard to bear the situation, which eventually led to her death. Wu Youjin (Bae Doona), a criminal police officer who has something in common with Sohee, is in charge of the case. She begins to search for the cause of Sohee's death.

You can follow it.

7. "The Escape of Captain Volkonogov"

This film suddenly attracted attention, also because, it came out.

If you are interested, go and find it yourself.

8. "My Mom Came Out"

An Indian comedy last year, in fact, looking at the title, you also know why this film will get attention, which is good.

The plot synopsis from Douban is as follows:

In a middle-class family in India, fathers have successful careers, mothers love to dance, daughters fight for sexual minorities, and sons fall in love and prepare for engagement. But at a holiday ball, the secret that her mother was gay was revealed to the public. Where should the family that knows their mother's secret go? Will my son's engagement banquet go smoothly? Weibo @ Billions of fantitles to share

Last week, there were a little fewer new films, so the word-of-mouth list was only updated with so three in a week, let's see how it will be next week.

And, interested friends, you can find the film in it to see, perhaps, there will be a surprise.

Finally, it is routine to attach a complete list of the Douban word-of-mouth list for a week:

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