Sexually assaulted 17 times in 3 years, Hong Kong star girlfriend exposed the evil deeds of the Korean cult

author:Gonzo Dig Ji

Sexually assaulted 17 times in 3 years, the girlfriend of a well-known Hong Kong star was controlled by a Korean cult.

Sexually assaulted 17 times in 3 years, Hong Kong star girlfriend exposed the evil deeds of the Korean cult

Ye Xuan

God's bride

Today I would like to recommend a documentary to you - "In the Name of God: The Betrayal of Faith".

The film tells the true stories of 4 Korean cult leaders and believers, and exposes the evil deeds of Korean cults.

One of the victims of a cult is Ye Xuan, the girlfriend of well-known Hong Kong actor Fang Lishen.

Ye Xuan, 28, was born in Hong Kong, China, and she was a believer of a cult in South Korea.

Just last year, she risked her life to tear open the "scar" of this decade and expose the crimes of the adulterous cult leader in front of the camera.

In the second year of high school, Ye Xuan was in the most confused stage of her life, her parents divorced due to discord, and she was bullied at school.

It was at this time that Korean cultists began to approach Ye Xuan and brainwash her in the name of God loving the world.

In the mouths of believers, the leader Zheng Mingxie is the god of the mortal world, Ye Xuan, who is extremely thirsty for love, under this propaganda, he felt liberated and purified, and went to South Korea in 2012.

From 2018 to 2021, she was forced to have 17 relationships with sect leader Zheng Mingxie.

The scary thing is that there are many girls like Ye Xuan, and these girls are called "God's brides".

Sexually assaulted 17 times in 3 years, Hong Kong star girlfriend exposed the evil deeds of the Korean cult

Cult leader Zheng Mingxie

According to incomplete statistics, there are tens of thousands of followers of this cult, and young people are the main force of the church.

At church events, you can easily get to know the top students of Seoul, Korea, and Yonsei.

They are the pillars of South Korea's future, which adds to the credibility of the Jung Myung-seong cult.

One young man after another, he became a believer of Zheng Mingxie.

The young students had little money, and they relied on work-study and free labor to accumulate huge fortunes for Zheng Mingxie.

Make him one of the few people in South Korea who can drive big in the 80s.

With money, he wanted a woman, and as the organization expanded, Zheng Mingxie began to choose concubines.

The girls affected ranged from college students in their twenties to teenagers, the youngest of whom was said to be a schoolboy.

Sadly, these girls themselves believed Zheng Mingxie because they were in trouble and wanted to seek spiritual comfort.

Who would have thought that it was their own spiritual sustenance that dragged them into hell.

Sexually assaulted 17 times in 3 years, Hong Kong star girlfriend exposed the evil deeds of the Korean cult

Documentary "In the Name of God: Betrayal of Faith"

South Korea, cult center

Zheng Mingxie's behavior is already outrageous.

But in fact, in the field of Korean cults, this is only rare.

According to statistics, in 2010, there were 14.1 million believers of all kinds in South Korea, accounting for 30% of the total population that year, of which there were many cult believers.

South Korea, which has not yet become a space center, has first become a cult center.

But South Korea is also a developed country, so how did it become a fertile ground for cults?

This starts with the beginning of the founding of South Korea.

In 1910, Japan invaded the Korean Peninsula and the Yi dynasty collapsed.

War destroys the spiritual pillars of the people, and the more people suffer, the more they need spiritual salvation.

In the 50s, after South Korea fought the Korean War, it suffered heavy casualties and collapsed its economy.

The whole society is plunged into terror and despair, and everyone hopes not only to solve the problem of food and clothing, but also to the gods to change the situation of the country.

At this time, the United States stood up and supported the Christian church forces into South Korea.

On the one hand, through food, clothing and other materials, it assists a large number of low-level Korean people.

On the other hand, it supports local Christian churches in Korea and establishes the Korea Christian Broadcasting Network to provide spiritual food for Koreans.

In this way, the dual induction of material and spiritual control of the spiritual world of the Korean people.

Religion cannot merge with politics, this is a truth that we have understood since ancient times Chinese.

But South Korea did the opposite, and in order to show favor to the United States, the first president, Syngman Rhee, even used administrative power to promote the development of Christianity.

It's magical to think about it, a group of Asians in a Confucian tradition, believing in a Western god.

Sexually assaulted 17 times in 3 years, Hong Kong star girlfriend exposed the evil deeds of the Korean cult

Korea in the 50s

But at this time, Christianity did nothing, just for Americans to better control the country, and it did not involve the level of cults.

The problem is that local Protestants in Korea have a special rule that if you can provide a unique insight into the Bible, even if there is only one person, you can stand on your own.

This has allowed countless people with careful thinking to find the secret recipe for accumulating wealth, and various evil sects have emerged.

So, faith is right, it's people who are wrong.

South Korean society is already seriously solidified, and those who have families in difficulty, cannot find jobs, are emotionally entangled, and are seriously ill have all found short-term redemption in various cults dressed in the cloak of "God".

In capitalist countries, money is the source of everything, relying on money stolen from believers, cults can easily break into chaebol families and political circles.

From Lee Myung-bak to Park Geun-hye, they all relied on the financial support of South Korean cults.

With the soil of the social environment, the support of political circles, and the collusion of capital, various cult organizations have been born one after another.

Some people may ask, China also had a crisis of losing the country a hundred years ago, why is there no cult prevalent?

The answer is simple, in the face of crisis, if the social trend is negative, it is easy to go down the path of religion.

Everyone bows their heads and believes in the so-called gods, and the country is hopeless.

But if the trend of social thought is radical, it will go down the road of revolution.

Countries with revolutionary traditions and thousand-year-old history will not trust the fools of various religious leaders.

If you think about it, Westerners trust God for a while, kneel to the Savior for a while, and even the promulgation of state laws has the shadow of religion.

And we, who have never believed in any savior, nor rely on immortal emperors, create the happiness of mankind, all by ourselves.

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