The world's four top outdoor hiking bag brands, Kitty Gregory Lotte Archaeopteryx, who is stronger?

author:Brother Darcy

A hiking bag is one of the essential equipment for outdoor sports, and can carry a lot of other outdoor equipment, such as storm suits, hiking shoes, emergency food, medicine, etc.

A good hiking bag can reasonably adjust our weight, more comfortable and breathable.

Today, Brother Darcy will introduce the world's four top outdoor hiking bag brands, Kitty Hawk, Gregory, Dort, and Archaeopteryx.

1, Dotter (Deuter)

Dotter is an internationally renowned German hiking bag brand, founded in 1898, Dotter has more than 100 years of experience in designing and producing backpacks. In response to the rich terrain and a variety of outdoor activities in China, Dott has introduced backpacks that are most suitable for mountaineering, hiking, leisure, cycling and tourism to provide users with more ideal choices.

Dort's backpacks, from the ultra-lightweight 20L Speed Lite series to the 50L breathable backpack Futura Vario series, are designed to best meet the ergonomic and application needs. The comfort of carrying gear is the most important thing to consider when playing outdoor sports, and Dort's backpack is known for its comfort and breathability, such as the simple and clean shape of the deuter Futura 22L with a powerful wet and dry storage space and up to 3L of water storage space, which has the most requested functions for long-distance travelers.

  • German Dort Deuter Ford pulls outdoor mountaineering bag men
The world's four top outdoor hiking bag brands, Kitty Gregory Lotte Archaeopteryx, who is stronger?

German Dort Deuter Ford pulls outdoor mountaineering bag men

The Fordla series is a time-honored classic of Deuter and a full-distance (short, medium, long) hiking backpack that pursues excellent breathability, which has been continuously improved and optimized, and has won many awards and accolades since its launch in 1999.

FUTURA is designed for long one-day hikes and multi-day hikes, where high comfort and ease of use are the focus. A new mesh structure of the Aircomfort back system allows for greater ventilation. Reducing sweating, the removable ActiveFit shoulder straps and ergonomic waist wing (with pull-forward adjustment) also ensure comfortable wear.

AIRCOMFORT air floating mesh back panel, separating the back and back panel, multi-side ventilation effectively reduces back perspiration, summer is still refreshing and comfortable, while improving sports efficiency.

The round elastic steel frame remains firmly taut and provides stable tension to the Aircomfort back net. It creates a reliable ventilation space between the backpack and the back, through which moist air can evaporate freely.

The front pull-out belt makes it easier to tighten when carrying weights. The ergonomic padding effectively transfers the weight to the waist and ensures comfort, and when the weight is loaded, it fits tightly around the waist.

The ergonomically breathable mesh shoulder strap can be moved left and right to adjust to a comfortable position to suit the shoulder width of different people, and the pressure is relieved by the stable S-shaped padded shoulder strap, providing good carrying comfort.

Products with the PFCFREE label do not contain per- and polyfluorinated chemicals, so deuter reduces the use of harmful substances that pollute the environment and health. PFCs are also used as rain protection coatings because they are waterproof, stain-repellent, and oil-repellent. Instead, Deuter now uses a DHR treatment that is not healthy and environmentally sound.


OSPREY, an American outdoor backpack brand. It was founded in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer, California, USA. The product line includes outdoor series, urban series, cycling series, children's series, travel series and accessories. The sports involved in the products include hiking, camping/trekking, adventure mountaineering, hiking, trail running, cycling, urban daily use, cycling commuting.

The Kitty Hawk backpack is distinguished according to its contained scientific and technological functions, and can be selected separately: airspeed carry, airscape carry, AG anti-gravity carry, built-in alloy frame, etc.

Kitty Hawk's classic outdoor series mainly include: KESTREL Kitty & KYTE Harrier Eagle, AETHER AG Firmament & ARIEL AG Genie, HIKELITE Hacker, TALON Devil's Claw & TEMPEST Storm; URBAN SERIES PRODUCTS MAINLY INCLUDE: DAYLITE DAYLIGHT, RADIAL LIGHT AND SO ON.

  • Osprey Kitty Aether Backpack 70L
The world's four top outdoor hiking bag brands, Kitty Gregory Lotte Archaeopteryx, who is stronger?

Osprey Kitty Aether Backpack 70L

As the best and most recognizable hiking bag series sold on the market, the OSPREY Aether 70 Kitty Eagle 4th Generation Aether Sky gives you the perfect experience with its simple design, outstanding fit and comfort.

The new Aether has changed from a light mountaineering model to an all-round universal model, and the backpack adopts a new 3-point support carrying design and a new AirScape breathable carrying system, which can ensure that the backpack's center of gravity is tightly fitted, still has good breathability, so that the fit and breathability are no longer a contradiction.

Combined with the new IsoForm CM thermoplastic belt, the center of gravity of the lower plate of the backpack is effectively pressed against the hips for greater stability, and the use of 7075 hyperbolic aluminum inverted "U" struts ensures that back strength is distributed more effortlessly, and numerous improvements make it suitable for weekend camping or long vacation trips.

With sufficient space and efficient integration warehouse, it can easily cope with the travel needs of 3-7 days. Comes with a rain cover to easily cope with weather changes around the clock.


GREGORY is a professional backpack manufacturer from the United States, with a history of more than forty years, and has been named the Rolls-Royce of backpacking by outdoor magazines. Because of the excellent performance of GREGORY backpack in professionalism and comfort, it has won the reputation of "rucksack master" in the industry.

Many of Gregory's backpacks have won awards from authoritative outdoor magazines such as "Backpacker" and "Outdoor". Especially his carrying system, the recognition of donkey friends is very high.

Whether it's a long journey, a steep slope or an urban break, GREGORY's backpacks are divided into collections based on functionality. The most classic professional mountaineering bag Stout & Amber and Baltoro series, Stout & Amber not only has a capacity of 34~65 liters, but also a net weight of only 1.29kg, the design of the bottom hatch opening, water bladder and multiple storage spaces, making it a popular choice for travelers.

  • GREGORY STOUT 35 Men's Hiking Backpack
The world's four top outdoor hiking bag brands, Kitty Gregory Lotte Archaeopteryx, who is stronger?

GREGORY STOUT 35 Men's Hiking Backpack

The main body of this backpack is made of 200D*900D high-strength polyester fiber and 210D ripproof polyester fiber, with 630D+135D polyester fiber at the bottom and 135D polyester fiber lining.

THE VERSAFIT CARRYING SYSTEM COMBINES AN ADJUSTABLE LENGTH TORSO, A 3D BREATHABLE FOAM BACK PLATE AND FITTUNE BELT FOR QUICK FINE-TUNING TO CREATE A SMOOTH LINK BETWEEN THE BODY AND THE LOAD. Backplate breathable technology, double-layered, porous foam for support, but also for smoother airflow, cooler and more comfortable when carried.

35L capacity, only weighs 1.13kg, equipped with rain cover, designed as the mainstream design of main warehouse + top bag, front elastic kangaroo barn, side pockets on the left and right. It has multiple hanging points and a belt with a larger belt bag.

4 Arc'teryx

The difference between Archaeopteryx hiking bags and other brands is that the waterproof materials used in the all-weather multi-functional series of backpacks are Gore-Tex, plus the waterproof zipper developed by themselves, which has revolutionized the design and function of the mountaineering bag.

Among these relatively professional collections, Archaeopteryx Bora is the most well-known and has been a signature in Archaeopteryx hiking bags since its birth in 1994, belonging to the hiking series.

  • ARCTERYX BORA AR 65L backpack
The world's four top outdoor hiking bag brands, Kitty Gregory Lotte Archaeopteryx, who is stronger?

ARCTERYX BORA 35L backpack

The RotoGlide™ belt of this BORA carabiner bag moves with you for better balance and pace, locking for added stability. GridLock™ harness adjustability creates a precise fit, and hot-formed Tegris® frame plates and aluminum struts add support. The high-toughness Cordura® wrap is durable in the field, and the lid's Weather Vault provides waterproof storage. The main compartment is easy to access from the top or sides, and multiple exterior pockets keep essentials handy and wet gear outside.

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