Wu Mengda's performance habits before his death made Wu Jing obsessed and aroused heated discussions about human nature, and Zhang Songwen also loved to use it

February 27 is the 2nd anniversary of the death of actor Wu Mengda.

"The Wandering Earth" director Guo Fan basked the stars to mourn.

The film officially also replaced the black head to mourn.

Netizens also expressed their thoughts for Wu Mengda.

Wu Mengda, who has now turned into a star, must have smiled back when he saw everyone's nostalgia: [Well, the original wish has come true. 】

This self-proclaimed "man without wisdom", became famous at a young age, but was killed and lost his eyes, buried his career with his own hands, met with 6 loan sharks, and almost lost his life.

Fortunately, his father's vicious words aroused the only remaining competitive spirit in Wu Mengda's heart.

1. Rising stars in film and television who were killed and destroyed

In 1979, when Zhou Yunfa was still running tricks and his acting skills were not recognized, his classmate Wu Mengda became popular with the role of Hu Tiehua in "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang".

This year, Wu Mengda was 27 years old.

Fame and fortune.

The stars hold the moon.

At the same time, there are also wine pond meat forests, drunken gold fans, and gambling addiction.

And this, almost killed him.

After Wu Mengda became popular, he swelled.

People are most likely to lose themselves in the pursuit and praise.

In the "Da Ge" that the people around him slaughtered, Wu Mengda also mistook himself for the person in the play, eating, drinking, gambling, and eventually sinking into a gambler.

Gambling until he owed a debt, he did not make up his mind and changed his bad habits. Instead, he demolished the eastern wall to make up for the western wall, borrowed money, and continued to gamble.

Until the debt of 300,000 - in 1980, 300,000, equal to the current millions, found a good brother Du Qifeng Zhou Yunfa to borrow money without success, was scolded by his father, and the people around him stayed away, and finally Wu Mengda, who had already thought of suicide, did a broken jar and broken.

He made appointments with 6 loan sharks.

"I'm on the road now, or you can kill me now."

The people who mixed the rivers and lakes, seeing Wu Mengda so blunt, let him go.

Small to say, but realistic.

After almost losing his life this time, what Wu Mengda's parents said to him forced the gambler back on track.

Mother Wu did not scold or beat, and said seriously: "Those who can quit quit quit."

Dad Wu felt embarrassed, scolded when he opened his mouth, and hit him with Wu Mengda's good cousin. This kind of beating and scolding that hates iron but not steel inspires Wu Mengda's competitive spirit.

"I have to stand up!"

At the trough of four years, Wu Mengda began to ponder his acting skills.

Finally, the opportunity came.

"Heavenly Love" once again brought him a turning point in his career, and it won his first and only award.

But almost Wu Mengda missed the role.

2, Wu Mengda: I will play the villain to be cute

At that time, Wang Jing's father Wang Tianlin was about to retire.

Therefore, he wanted to earn some money to spend ten thousand years for Wang Tianlin.

When the script came out, Wang Tianlin's apprentice and Wu Mengda's good brother Du Qifeng, found Wu Mengda and asked him to choose a role.

Wu Mengda, who wanted to play the villain, chose the speaker.

"I'll play him cute."

How can a villain be cute?

Wu Mengda mentioned [human nature].

"No one feels like a bad person."

There is a reason to do bad things ruthlessly outside.

But when you get home and see the people you care about, you will be kind.

That's human nature.

Wu Mengda's answer is exactly the same as what Zhang Songwen said when interpreting "The Loyal Traitor".

That is, [anti-processing performance]: The villain is at home and must not be like the villain.

When shaping the villain, by presenting the embarrassing, cowardly, and loving side of the villain, to gain the sympathy of the audience, so that the audience has the opposite thinking: this villain should not be harmed.

But it backfired.

Wu Mengda's chosen role was rejected.

The director held Wu Mengda and said that you can control any role in the play, but there is one role that no one else can control except you.

That character is [Taibao].

The director's vision is sharp, Wu Mengda's underworld taipo, cowardly, righteous, and the last knife to kill the villain horn plot, earning enough tears from the audience.

Just as the so-called unintentional insertion of willows and willows, willows and flowers are bright and another village.

Wu Mengda, who climbed out of the trough, fought a beautiful turnaround with the role of "Taibao" and won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Since then, although Wu Mengda has been playing supporting roles, the role he created has been loved by the audience.

And his attitude towards acting also influenced Wu Jing, as well as younger generations of actors.

3. The performance theory of the golden supporting role: sincerity

There is a tidbit in the movie "The Climber", which is [Wu Jing reminds the opponent that the line is wrong]. And remembering the opponent's lines was learned by Wu Jing and Wu Mengda.

"He didn't bring a script on the scene, and he remembered the opponent's lines, no matter how the opponent changed, he could handle it."

This is really an actor: What is a good actor? Look at Wu Mengda.

For performance, Wu Mengda admitted that it was after the trough that he began to study performance.

He said performances must be sincere.

Be right.

Be sincere.

Even if you make a bad film, you must be sincere.

You can make bad movies for survival, but you can't play the characters badly.

Actor Wu Mengda, did it.

I remember when Yangliu interviewed Wu Mengda and asked him how he hoped the audience would evaluate him in the future?

Wu Mengda: "100 years later, I hope the audience will remember me."

When I rewatched this interview, the barrage slowly floated by [I s, Wu Mengda will not s, he will always live in our hearts].

Yes, Wu Mengda is dead, but the characters he created are not extinguished.

Actor Wu Mengda, don't worry, the audience in the world will remember you.

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