The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

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The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

01 Break the balance

The reason why Gao Qiqiang can form a grudge with Cheng Cheng is because of Uncle Tai.

Since the balance relationship between Bai Jiangbo and Xu Jiang was broken, Uncle Tai re-established a new balanced relationship, that is, he recognized Gao Qiqiang as his godson and Cheng Cheng as his goddaughter.

Godson Gao Qiqiang grew stronger day by day, and the speed of growth surprised Uncle Tai a little, in order to suppress Gao Qiqiang, Uncle Tai pulled Cheng Cheng with one hand.

Uncle Tai is kind to Gao Qiqiang, and it was he who gave Gao Qiqiang Bai Jinhan, gave him dignity, and let him live a decent life.

Cheng Cheng has grace to Uncle Tai, she was born in poverty, she wants to break out of the world, for Uncle Tai, she has been in prison for three years, and she puts her mind on Uncle Tai's career.

She has worked hard for so many years to follow Uncle Tai, it is impossible not to have a plan, of course, Uncle Tai also knows Cheng Cheng's mind and ability.

When Gao Qiqiang grew rapidly, Uncle Tai already felt the crisis, so he wanted to use Cheng Cheng to restrain Gao Qiqiang.

Because when Gao Qiqiang covered the sky with one hand, Uncle Tai also lost his money-making pawn, so Uncle Tai had to take action to seize the use value of Gao Qiqiang's pawn.

In this case, Uncle Tai re-established the relationship between Gao Qiqiang and Cheng Cheng restraining each other, but unfortunately, Cheng Cheng's ability was far from being able to do Gao Qiqiang.

The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

Cheng Cheng led the construction group to walk the sunshine road of abiding by discipline and law, and the construction group has become an underworld in the hands of Gao Qiqiang, which is where Cheng Cheng is not accustomed to Gao Qiqiang.

Therefore, she tried to stop Gao Qiqiang's footsteps.

Many people think that the reason why Cheng Cheng lost to Gao Qiqiang is because Gao Qiqiang is more ruthless than her.

Actually, this is only one aspect.

02 Means of the process

Let's see how Cheng Chenghe and Gao Qiqiang infight.

Zhang Xiaoqing's death was Cheng Cheng's first step in planting Gao Qiqiang.

At this step, Gao Qiqiang was sent to the Public Security Bureau by Cheng Cheng.

Next, Cheng Cheng and Uncle Tai colluded with Li Youtian of Mang Village, and then colluded with Vice Mayor Zhao Lidong.

Li Youtian's purpose is to develop the resort, and after the construction of the highway in Mangcun, Li Youtian can borrow the resort to obtain a huge amount of demolition money, which is knocking on the national bamboo bar.

Cheng Cheng wants to cooperate with Li Youtian, and the ultimate goal is that she obtains the construction group, and Li Youtian obtains the demolition and relocation money.

To this end, Cheng Cheng also went to find An Xin alone.

The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

She and An Xin become friends, providing him with clues about Gao Qiqiang's crime and lying, and then using the Public Security Bureau and Gao Qiqiang to fight among themselves, so that An Xin and others become tools for infighting between them.

It's a pity that An Xin doesn't buy it.

He knew Cheng Cheng and Gao Qiqiang's intention to fight inwardly, and he also knew what he should do.

03 Gao Qiqiang's means

Of course, Gao Qiqiang is not a vegetarian, he has been mixed in the bottom society since he was a child, and he has seen more ugly aspects of human nature, so he is more sensitive than Cheng Cheng.

When Cheng Cheng asked people to put Zhang Xiaoqing's body on the car of the Construction Group and deliberately planted Gao Qiqiang, Gao Qiqiang had already sensed what she was going to do next.

At this time, Gao Qiqiang knew that An Xin was investigating Zhang Xiaoqing's case, so he took the initiative to send the casino owner this favor, and he also reminded An Xin that the suspect Zhang Daqing was most likely to escape by what means.

The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

Cheng Cheng wanted to use Gao Qiqiang's car to send Zhang Daqing out, and An Xin immediately understood Gao Qiqiang's intentions and asked Gao Qiqiang to cooperate with him to capture Zhang Daqing.

Cheng Cheng has wanted to cooperate with Anxin many times, why has it not succeeded?

And why can Gao Qiqiang cooperate with An Xin?

This is because Cheng Cheng himself is a suspect, his purpose is not pure, and An Xin does not trust her.

And Gao Qiqiang and An Xin have known each other for a long time, An Xin understands Gao Qiqiang's person, and has a sympathetic feeling for Gao Qiqiang.

Human instincts are willing to believe their feelings.

In this regard, Gao Qiqiang and An Xin successfully cooperated, and Gao Qiqiang took precedence over Cheng Cheng.

I have to admit that An Xin did help Gao Qiqiang and Cheng Cheng in the matter of infighting.

In addition, Gao Qiqiang also has a killer feature, that is, Meng Dehai.

Many people don't know whether Meng Dehai is black or white, in fact, in my opinion, Meng Dehai is in a gray area.

In the Mangcun project, Gao Qiqiang used the relationship chain of District Chief Gong.

The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

And Meng Dehai is very disgusted with Li Youtian's bamboo ripping behavior, but this old fox is more difficult to do, because behind him is Zhao Lidong.

Meng Dehai used Gao Qiqiang's "thunderbolt method" to destroy the Mangcun project, then the construction group must have benefited.

Although Meng Dehai does not admit that he has a relationship with Gao Qiqiang in the play, District Chief Gong and Meng Dehai are on the same front, and District Chief Gong is Gao Qiqiang's person.

In dealing with the affairs of Mang Village, Meng Dehai was led by the nose by the head of Gong District, which Meng Dehai must have doubts, but Gao Qiqiang's ability to use his own means to level Mang Village can also be regarded as a contribution to Meng Dehai's work.

Therefore, Meng Dehai also indirectly contributed to the infighting between Gao Qiqiang and Cheng Cheng.

04 The reason why Gao Qiqiang defeated Cheng Cheng

Writing here, we will find a truth: the way Cheng Cheng Gao Qiqiang and An Xin cooperate, and An Xin's attitude towards the two of them is different.

Cheng Cheng took the initiative to find An Xin to cooperate, and even sent a video tape to provide clues about Gao Qiqiang.

And An Xin's attitude towards Cheng Cheng is to reject thousands of miles.

Gao Qiqiang is to help An Xin solve the case and give someone to An Xin, whether An Xin wants it or not, Gao Qiqiang's subjective initiative is maximized.

An Xin's attitude towards Gao Qiqiang was to accept it gladly.

In terms of layout, Gao Qiqiang completely guessed Cheng Cheng's approach, and even had superior skills.

The reason why Gao Qiqiang can defeat Cheng Cheng in "Crazy" is not ruthless, but for another reason

His ruthlessness did play a great role in this process, easily gaining the help of the group elders, and deterring his subordinates and those in Mang Village.

He was also able to skillfully use An Xin and Meng Dehai's help to him, which made Cheng Cheng take another step back.

I have to say that An Xin's attitude towards Gao Qiqiang, An Xin has always wanted to help Gao Qiqiang pull back from the wrong road, and he is unwilling to Gao Qiqiang's feelings.

He was unwilling that he would look at the wrong person, and he was unwilling that Gao Qiqiang would climb up with his own strength, so he had been entangled with Gao Qiqiang for half his life.

In the end, An Xin has been seeking empathy with Gao Qiqiang for half of his life, and he wants to use empathy to pull Gao Qiqiang back, but Gao Qiqiang uses his empathy and help.

This is an important reason why Gao Qiqiang defeated Cheng Cheng, and it is also an important factor in his mistake to the end.

We often say that being smart is being mistaken by being smart.

Gao Qiqiang is like this, he is smart, calculating, and wins step by step, but in the end he sends himself into the abyss.

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