It's fun to overlap "The Three-Body Problem" with "The Wandering Earth 2"! The two contradict themselves!

The TV series "Three-Body Problem" is a hit, the movie "The Wandering Earth 2" is a hit, and the original works of the two works are all by Liu Cixin.

If you combine the plot of "The Three-Body Problem" with the story of "The Wandering Earth 2", you will find that they contradict each other!

The biggest contradiction is that the type of crisis is different from the earthling scheme!

In "The Three-Body Problem", the crisis of the earthlings is the invasion of the Trisolaran fleet.

In "The Wandering Earth", the crisis of the earthlings is the helium flash of the sun.

The solutions vary, the former is defense and counterattack, the latter is the wandering earth.

Two dramas and two novels, linked together through a three-star Centaurus lineage.

01 Wandering Earth + Trimaran Fleet Invasion! Under the contradiction, where will the future go?

If you just read the novel, you may not feel anything.

However, "The Three-Body Problem" and "The Wandering Earth" have begun to be successfully filmed, is it necessary to explore this issue.

According to the producer of "The Three-Body Problem", the TV series version of "Three-Body Problem 2: Dark Forest" is planning to start filming.

With the "Wandering Earth" scheme, "Three-Body 2" to shoot or not?

If so, how?

How will it be filmed?

How to shoot appropriately?

By analyzing the contradictions and conflicts between "The Three-Body Problem" and "The Wandering Earth", we will discuss what changes are more appropriate if "The Three-Body Problem 2" is going to be filmed as a TV series.

Please don't get excited about the original fans of "The Three-Body Problem", the original fans of "The Three-Body Problem" should also be Da Liu fans, the contradictions and conflicts are there, and it is useless to be excited.

If you can find a plan, when filming "Three-Body 2", integrate "The Wandering Earth" and "Three-Body Problem", and connect back and forth, so many people are happy!

Da Liu was obsessed with science fiction creation, and "single-handedly brought Chinese science fiction to the world-class level".

Da Liu is a prolific author, including 7 novels, 9 collections, 16 novellas, 18 short stories, and several review articles. Thereinto:

"The Wandering Earth", published in Science Fiction World magazine, July 2000, Issue 7

"The Three-Body Problem: Once Upon a Time on Earth", May - December 2006, issue 8, serialized in Science Fiction World magazine

The Three-Body Problem II: The Dark Forest, a single novel by Chongqing Publishing House, May 2008

It's okay to look at each of Da Liu's works alone, but if you connect them and see them as a whole universe, then there are many contradictions, which can be called left-handed and left-handed mutual knowledge!

I never expected that the future crisis and dilemma of the earth was created by Da Liu!

It is estimated that when Da Liu wrote his first science fiction novel, he did not expect that he would write so much in the future, and he also opened multiple series.

So, how can the contradictions between "The Three-Body Problem" and "The Wandering Earth 2" be rounded?

02 Let's take a look at the specific conflict between "The Three-Body Problem" and "The Wandering Earth 2"

Two-way hedging, the trisolarans want to play extreme home change with the earthlings?

"Three-Body Problem" TV series:

4.2 light-years from the solar system, the Starfleet of the Centaurus Trisolarans has set sail, targeting the Earth of the solar system, cruising at 10% of the speed of light, arriving in 400 years!

The Advent faction of the Earth Trisolaran Organization will merge with the Trisolarans inside and outside to wipe out the Earth humans!

The movie "The Wandering Earth 2":

The sun will flash helium in 400 years! The sun will expand after a helium flash and the earth will be devoured! Earth humans will start the plan to move mountains, before the solar helium flash, the earth will wander, targeting the star C (Proxima Centauri) α Centauri!

Cruising speed at 0.5% of the speed of light, reach your destination after 2500!

That is, by the time the Trimaran fleet arrived in the solar system, the Earth had already left its original orbit and had even run out of the solar system! The trisolarans are coming for nothing, run for nothing!

Silver spent a lot! Hahaha!

If it is just in time for the solar helium flash, it is estimated that the trimaran fleet will burn to the bone!

The three-body people are so technologically developed that "Chiko" can be created, did their fleet not conduct a risk demonstration before setting sail?

Or is it because you didn't realize or couldn't predict that a helium flash would occur in a star?

Or because it was too far from the sun to draw a definite conclusion, I had to bite the bullet and grit my teeth and take risks.

When the wandering Earth reaches Proxima Centauri in 2500 years, if the trisolarans do not perish, what will await the earthlings?

A warm welcome? Or a fierce attack?

I don't know if the earth has made a demonstration before setting sail, and has it made a plan?

"Once Upon a Time on Earth" and "The Wandering Earth" contradict each other, is it a dilemma?

03 What would happen if the Trimaran fleet and the Wandering Earth met in space?

What happens?

Haha, that's a very brain-opening question.

Trisolaran side:

One possibility is that the scientists in the Trisolaran who study the solar system (including the Trisolaran Galaxy) have predicted the outcome of the solar system and have even developed ways to modify the orbit of the three-star system.

But for some reason, they hid the results of these studies and did not disclose them to their heads of state and the public.

Some people may ask, isn't the mind of the trisolarans transparent? How can it be hidden?

This involves a problem, that is, the heterogeneity and evolutionary imbalance within the same living species.

Take the human beings of the earth: some are tall, some are short, some are smart, some are stupid, some are good, and some are evil.

Some areas have developed science and technology, while others are very backward.

Differences exist objectively.

Could it be that the trisolarans are monolithic, all the same, this is impossible!

Otherwise, they would not have a Fuhrer, how can they also excel in something!

It is estimated that some of the trisolarans are opaque in their minds, and these people may be the most intelligent and evolved part of the trisolarans.

It is possible that they are waiting for the arrival of Earth, and even that this group of them has a secret organization and secret program, that is, the salvation faction of the Trisolaran Organization!

This organization may even have secret channels, mysterious links with unknown secret organizations among the earthlings, not advanced intelligent machines such as "Chiko", but through a "synchronous resonance" between an advanced evolutionary part of the brain!

Why didn't they make their findings public? And let the trimaran fleet run for nothing? Or even risk destruction?

It is estimated that they want to use this to destroy other trisolarans and let them self-destruct, these trisolarans are too aggressive, when the earth comes, they can't tolerate the earth, can't live in harmony with each other, or let them destroy.

Are these people willing to coexist with the earthlings? Are the earthlings willing to coexist with them?

It is estimated that it is possible that if they can carry out "synchronous resonance" of the brain with some of the earthlings, it means that they are on the same cosmic dark energy belt as the earthlings, and they are "a family, their own people".

Earthlings side:

According to the above explanation, the behavior of the trisolarans seems to make sense and can be rounded, what about this side of the earth?

How can it be round?

The discovery of the Earth's three-body organization and the discovery of the existence of the three-body people and the discovery that the sun will flash helium in 400 years are almost the same time period!

There is always a way to think about the circle.

Suppose that there is also a group of super scientists on Earth who never show up, and can calculate that after the Earth reaches Proxima Centauri and becomes its moon, it produces subtle disturbances in the three-body galaxy, and superimposed on the disturbances of the destruction of the solar system and other factors, can change the orbit of the three-body galaxy, making it regular, stable, predictable, and suitable for life on Earth.

Then the earthlings, after knowing the Trisolarans and the Trisolaran Starfleet, also knew that the sun would flash helium in 400 years.

Two sets of plans were launched at the same time: the Wandering Earth Plan and the "Three-Body 2" program, on the Wandering Earth, the scheme of "The Three-Body 2" was used to fight wits and courage with the Trisolaran and the Trisolaran fleet, and any means were used, and finally reached the destination, so that the second part was easy to shoot, and there was no need to make great changes.

Is it best to do the finale, the earthlings and the trisolarans live in harmony, and everyone is happy!

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