From Hu Ge to Chen Sicheng, the masks of these male stars "good men" were finally torn apart

"It's normal for men to spend their hearts", "polygamy", "she is so fertile"...

It's hard to believe that these father's speeches with incorrect views are all said by male stars to the camera themselves.

Public figures who should be cautious about their words, but they do not hesitate to reveal "daddy" values and superiority. Male celebrities, always in the field of size "daddy".

Hu Ge, who just became a milkman, was picked up with past remarks. When the reporter asked him how he thinks of the characters in his play and himself are a little careful?

Hu Ge took it for granted: "I think it's normal for men to spend their hearts." ”

Then he began to make a long speech, proving that this was not a casual joke, but that he really thought so from the bottom of his heart.

He justified himself by saying that women are the driving force of men in their careers and studies, and if one woman becomes multiple women, then men's motivation will increase a hundred and tenfold.

Hu Ge even felt that a man's life is sad, that is, finding a beloved woman to start a family with her, and being bound by her and children.

His ideal life may be holding a red thread in his hand and leading various women on the opposite side, rather than being held by a woman holding a red thread and tying his wrists one-on-one.

I don't know if Hu Ge, who has a family and a daughter now, will feel sad after marriage. With the beloved woman who is bound, will he pursue more "motivation"?

Although I don't know how Hu Ge is, I also think that "women are the driving force of men" to deny Chen Sicheng, and he absolutely can't accept it after marriage.

Chen Sicheng "quoted scriptures" to make excuses for men's lecherous nature. He said that "having more beautiful women" is a natural law and an unavoidable desire, so he supports polygamy in ancient times and respects nature.

"Why should I like these women, because it's something natural." At that time, he was already married to Tong Liya, but the measure word used these, not this.

Chen Sicheng said this even in front of Tong Liya: "It's normal for men to cheat, if they have to be consistent, it's a strange thing." The girl who had just married him on the side smiled with a forced smile.

Regarding the method of running a marriage and his views on cheating, Chen Sicheng said that no one can avoid the betrayal of marriage.

"There must be a heart or a body, and everyone has betrayal or wandering. Only those apologists would say that I had never had a heart for anyone but my wife. ”

This sounds familiar, Jackie Chan's famous saying: "I made the mistakes that many men in the world will make." Isn't this how "male star cheating" is normalized and rationalized?

On the one hand, Chen Sicheng feels that marriage is a measure that kills human nature for men. And the most important thing for a woman is to find a good man to enter into marriage.

Chen Sicheng believes in his bones that women are men's dependents. Men will become more successful because they have more women, and "the most important thing for a woman is to have good eyes and find a good man to entrust for life." ”

Arrogant as Chen Sicheng, he does not bind his wife, and even his father completely subconsciously thinks that other women's resources must be used by him.

Zhang Zifeng contributed a kiss scene in the starring movie "My Sister", and at the premiere scene, Chen Sicheng commented on the movie, saying in public: "The movie is very good, the only dissatisfaction is the kiss scene, because in fact, I want to leave Zhang Zifeng's first kiss on the screen to Liu Haoran."

Calculating a little girl's first kiss as her own movie selling point, or even belonging, is a bit of a big illness. He thinks he's humorous, but people want to see the water line in his head.

The "misogynistic" elements revealed in the words of some male stars always refresh the lower limit of everyone's cognition, which makes people chill.

Han Han's sentence in the interview "If a woman agrees to eat and watch a movie with a man alone, it is equivalent to agreeing to go to Chuang" shocked the whole Internet.

It is not a loss that Mr. Han Han, who spread the rumor of "polygamy, girlfriend and wife coexist", said and did such amazing things.

"My girlfriend definitely can't go out to work, I want you to eat, but you say you have to work overtime, so how can it work?" Han Han put these prejudices on his own as machismo, and deliberately emphasized the first sentence that "it is not discrimination against women", but he did not know that there was no silver here.

A male star with a strong father's taste, he thinks that a good wife should be a "good wife and good mother" who revolves around the stove and herself.

Wang Zulan was ashamed in the husband and wife variety show: "You can give up everything for the family, this is the beauty of women (in the eyes of men)"

The words he inadvertently said in "Running Man" exposed his height and inferiority, and also exposed his true face to his wife in marriage: "You can go anywhere, but you can't walk in front of me, she is my woman, and she will do whatever I tell her to do." ”

Wang Zulan once cried when he got married: "From now on, I will serve you exclusively, just as I will serve God exclusively."

After marriage, he changed his face again, and in "The Man Who Did Housework", Wang Zulan actually cooked for Li Yanan for the first time in the show. And as soon as he came up, he pointed fingers at Li Yanan, who was pregnant with a second child, which was obviously a leadership posture.

Wang Zulan also often "brainwashed" Li Yanan: "Because my mother and grandmother can give up everything for the family, so you should do the same."

Chen Haomin is very satisfied with marrying Jiang Lisa, because he married Wang Zulan's ideal wife: "She can take care of me, I don't have to do anything when I go home." ”

He still used the words implicitly, and he could have changed the words "need to take care of me when I go home" to "serve me".

In addition to being satisfied with Lisa Jiang's "good wife" style, Chen Haomin also mentioned the key point: "She is so fertile." ”

I can't believe that it's the 21st century, and there are still people who use words like "good fertility" to describe women.

Chen Haomin is also using practice to prove that he is indeed using his wife as a fertility machine, and he wants to have another son after five years and four children. Jiang Lisa gave birth almost seamlessly and became pregnant again, and Chen Haomin would not do such a thing if he had a trace of distress for his wife.

The adjective "good fertility" is actually a demeaning to women. Male stars in reality, but more than once mentioned this word.

In the face of a beauty like Fan Bingbing, Li Chen's advantage blurted out was actually "big butt, good fertility." Fan Bingbing on the side was speechless and choked.

Liu Genghong let his wife give birth to three children in a row, threw away his wife's rice when he was in the second child, and his wife bleed heavily to remove the uterus during the third child, but Liu Genghong was reluctant to go to ligation.

After Wang Wanfei gave birth to the child, Liu Genghong's attitude changed greatly, she would not do anything, and when she saw that the meal was not cooked before returning home, she would lose her temper.

It seems that the sweet words and careful and considerate in the past were all for the wife to give birth to the child.

Guo Tao praised his wife, who was willing to bear children to him at a young age, as "the culmination of the traditional virtues of Chinese women." ”

Guo Tao, who is over 50 years old, even began to write books with his own father's taste. Look at the table of contents, where is this "The Power of Fathers", it is simply "A Collection of Daddy Flavors".

He denigrated beautiful actresses and praised his "gentle and frugal" wife: she had children at a young age, ran the household, and her wife took care of almost everything about the children. This is the traditional good woman in his heart.

Like Guo Tao, many male celebrities are setting various standards and rules for women.

"A good wife and a good mother, revolving around the stove" is excellent and inevitable.

Guo Degang's love apprentice Zhang Yunlei talked about his mate selection criteria in variety shows, thinking that his girlfriend had to clean up, cook, and do housework at home.

The female host on the side is still passing the steps, should she do it or the two discuss? Will you do something else?

Zhang Yunlei was unceremonious: "It should be." ”

Then say the classic statement of daddy who doesn't make sense: "Woman, you can't even do housework, what am I marrying you for." ”

Those who know may know that he is marrying a wife, but they may think that he is hiring a full-time nanny.

The other disciples of the Deyun Society were also full of daddy taste and spoke viciously.

Zhang Shaowei, a disciple of the Deyun Society, joked with the life and death of his girlfriend on Qixi.

Wang Jiulong and Zhang Jiuling described the image of his wife in the crosstalk, that is, "revolving around the stove, being able to give birth and raise, and showing me home", and the hilarious answer was simply undisguised, directly vulgar definition: "old".

These confusing statements, as well as the harsh demands on women and the constraints surrounding women, have led to the fact that women are still considered to have more responsibilities in the family than men.

A male guest in the reality show said that he never cooks at home: "If I cook, what does she do?" ”

He described his wife's cooking as a manifestation of value, and only when she cooks can she feel that she can't do without her.

As soon as these words came out, they directly shattered Teacher Ni Ping's three views. After living for more than sixty years, she may never have seen such a brazen person.

Some fresh meat male stars awakened their father's taste at a young age, reflecting their arrogance.

Li Hongyi hopes to get married at the age of 25, and the ideal type of wife is "good wife and good mother", which he says is the dream of all men.

Japanese child star Michieda Junyu, who has only turned 20, was also asked about the criteria for choosing a mate on the show, and he said that he wanted to find someone who passed on the genes of the Doeda family. I understand, I want to find someone to give him a son.

The media is keen to ask male celebrities about the criteria for choosing a mate, how many children do they want in the future? The answers of the male stars are also worth savoring. Zhang Yixing said: "I hope to have a son, and the son can inherit my mantle." ”

And more than once it is mentioned like this:

Wang Yibo also said: "Give birth to two, anyway, you have to have a son." ”

The reason given by Wang Yibo is that the boy can play with me, and I can train him to ride motorcycles, skis, and skateboards.

The words directly denied the possibility that her daughter could also learn this, but Gu Ailing ski scooter, which is not worse than boys? Zhang Yixing's half-hung musical mantle, why can't his daughter inherit it?

And Wang Yibo said not to have a son, not to have a son, but "to have a son anyway." It doesn't matter, it's not me who suffers from giving birth, 'anyway' my future wife has to give me a son.

In the 21st century, which advocates equality between men and women, some men want sons so feudally.

The daddy taste of some male celebrities is not only lip service, but directly pays for practice.

Zhang Shaogang participated in "Infinite Ballads", because Yu Wenwen is the only girl in this show, so Zhang Shaogang proposed to let her cooperate to fulfill his first love dream.

Originally asking for help, Zhang Shaogang's "daddy taste" ran through the whole process. First of all, for Wen Wen's loose T-shirt, jeans wearing pointing: "She is 1.68 meters, so thin, so good-looking, so beautiful, but always dressed very neutral." ”

Zhang Shaogang wanted to transform her according to his own standards. Transformation direction: female.

Yu Wenwen said that he was a woman, and Zhang Shaogang said that in his standards, she was not.

"I want her to dress up as a very little girl." So Zhang Shao just put a small slip dress for Yu Wenwen when he was shopping, threatening that he could buy it and give it to her, but she would wear it like this in her future life.

Zhang Shaogang's various rules and regulations bind women to a small range. He said, Woman, show weakness:

Women, show shyness:

If you are a woman, you can't dress neutrally like Yu Wenwen, you can't dress like a man, and wave your hand widely, so it's not ladylike at all.

Da Zhang Wei once criticized the metaphor of "like a man", which is full of strong sexism. Zhang Shaogang knew that "dad" went up and jumped on the public's thunder point.

But no matter how you wear it, the daddy male stars can point fingers. You see, actresses wear sexy clothes, and they have become universal material for male stars to ridicule. Chi Zi once made vulgar jokes in front of Wang Lin and Qu Ying.

Because of his sexy body, Liu Yan was publicly offended by male artists when hosting:

One married woman described her marital dilemma as she said:

Even as women move forward and try to live as human beings, male biases try to pull them backwards. What's more, they try to suppress women's dignity, make them lose themselves, and degenerate from independent individuals to "something attached to men".

The daddy male star in the entertainment industry is the epitome of this type of person. They are arrogant and arrogant, thinking that women should please men, men's flowers are inevitable, and women should have the appearance of women, good wives and good mothers, and take care of the family and have children.......

The gaze on women, as well as all kinds of prejudices and rules, show their "daddy taste" clearly.

In the mouths of these male stars, it is right for men to spend their hearts, but it is wrong for women to dress neutrally; It is okay for a man to have two wives, but it is not okay for a woman to have a good wife and a good mother regardless of the family ...

Sadly, such male stars are not a minority, whether they are senior seniors or young fresh meat, dig deep into their remarks, you will find that almost no one survives.

In the previous feudal society, women were more like appendages of men, picked and picked and not treated with respect. And now that it's all this era, it's really sad that there are male stars who are rightfully making such remarks.

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