How domestic science fiction embraces the future, listen to what Liu Cixin has to say

At present, the movie "The Wandering Earth 2" is being screened in theaters across the country. At the same time, the TV series of the same name adapted from the novel "The Three-Body Problem" is also being broadcast on platforms such as the TV drama channel of the main station and CCTV. As the original author of "The Wandering Earth" and "The Three-Body Problem", how does science fiction writer Liu Cixin view these two domestic science fiction film and television works that are being screened? How do sci-fi movies embrace the future?

How do domestic sci-fi movies and television surpass imagination?

Liu Cixin believes that "The Wandering Earth 2" has given a more "documentary" sci-fi imagination, sci-fi may be the history of the future, and artificial intelligence is getting closer and closer to us, which is worth all thinking about. When talking about the grand narrative and special effects technology of the movie "The Wandering Earth 2", Liu Cixin repeatedly mentioned the word shock.

How domestic science fiction embraces the future, listen to what Liu Cixin has to say

Liu Cixin: "The Wandering Earth 2" gives people a very shocking feeling. Because series of movies, in general, the sequels of the later are not as good as the first, there is rarely a series of movies in the history of world cinema that is better than the front. But "The Wandering Earth 2" does surpass the level of the first part in all aspects. From the special effects, to the performance, to the story, it is much more than the first one.

The popular TV series "Three-Body Problem" has been evaluated by many netizens as having a very high degree of restoration of the original work. This was also recognized by Liu Cixin.

How domestic science fiction embraces the future, listen to what Liu Cixin has to say

Liu Cixin: I am not very good at the final evaluation of the TV series, because after all, you have only watched a third, and we don't know what the back looks like, but after watching this part, I feel that it accurately restores the inside of the book, and the content in the book is very accurately expressed in this TV image, and the pictures it shows are very consistent, including the author or the reader, which is very in line with their imagination.

Liu Cixin introduced that "The Wandering Earth 2" is an original work of the film creation team, not an adaptation of the original novel, reflecting the transcendence and improvement of domestic science fiction films in production ability and level.

How domestic science fiction embraces the future, listen to what Liu Cixin has to say

Liu Cixin: The second part of "The Wandering Earth" has nothing to do with my original novel. So this is a great encouragement, where is this encouragement? In the past, it was said that Chinese science fiction movies are keen on adaptation, first find an IP literary work, science fiction, and then adapt it, which is actually somewhat helpless, because science fiction movies are actually more suitable for original scripts, not adaptations, adaptations are also available, but the world science fiction movies, a large part of it is original, but the problem is that the power of original science fiction scripts is still relatively weak in China, we have a lot of screenwriters, and there are many excellent screenwriters, but you have to say that excellent screenwriters who are more familiar with science fiction are still relatively lacking. However, "The Wandering Earth 2" has really changed my perception, and I think if we try to create this kind of science fiction movie, if we don't adapt it from the novel IP, we now have a considerable level of ability.

Liu Cixin is also relatively open to the adaptation of fiction works into film and television dramas, and he believes that the content of science fiction literature is actually more suitable for visual images.

How domestic science fiction embraces the future, listen to what Liu Cixin has to say

Liu Cixin: Every writer wants his works to become film and television. Some of the undesirable may be the fear that people will misinterpret his things, but for the most part I think there is still this expectation. This is especially true for science fiction authors. Why? Because the content of science fiction literature, in fact, it is more suitable for visual images to express, for science fiction art, the power of images is much greater than the power of words, because words sometimes for our pure imagination, it is difficult for you to accurately convey it to the reader, but images can.

Domestic "science fiction fever" is heating up, where is the soil?

At present, the "science fiction fever" that is constantly heating up in China, where is the soil? Regarding this problem, Liu Cixin said that China's rapid development and China's modernization process have profoundly promoted the breakthrough and leapfrog of films, which is the soil for the existence and development of science fiction literature and science fiction films.

Liu Cixin: The development of science fiction now, including the movies we are releasing now, successful movies, and TV series, of course, he is the product of the efforts of the creators, but in essence, he is a product of the times. Let me give you an example, you take "The Wandering Earth 2", if you put it 30 years ago, you made such a movie, first of all, this movie cannot be made, because the people who invest will say, this movie is not credible, Chinese how can he save the world, how can they have a spaceship into space, how can they have such a huge ultra-modern machine, that kind of sky elevator, they can also blow up the moon, say this is not too credible, but now we do not have this feeling, China's development, China's modernization process first made science fiction far from where we can admire. On the other hand, China is now in a period of rapid development, the reality around us, our society is undergoing tremendous changes all the time, this is different from thirty years ago, the direct effect of this change, each of us is full of attraction to China's future, China's future is full of attraction to each of us, this future attraction to people, is science fiction literature, science fiction movies exist in one of the most fertile soil. Therefore, I say that whether it is the current science fiction movies or works, including us science fiction writers, he is really a product of the times.

Will the future technology in science fiction be realized in reality?

For science fiction film and television works, most audiences are very curious about the brain-opening, magical and magnificent imagination inside, will the future technology, artifacts and details shown in these hardcore science fiction movies be realized in reality one day?

In the movie "The Wandering Earth 2", planetary engines, intelligent quantum computers, space elevators and other "hardcore technology" elements deeply shocked the audience. Can future technologies such as space elevators and digital immortality be realized in reality? In response to the hot topic discussed by netizens, Liu Cixin gave an answer.

How domestic science fiction embraces the future, listen to what Liu Cixin has to say

Liu Cixin: There is no suspense in the space elevator in theory. Actually, but now the biggest obstacle to realization is its material, because the space elevator to lift a steel cable from the ground to a height of 30,000 kilometers in geosynchronous orbit, the highest material we have at present, probably carbon fiber, a chain it makes, can only rise to 200 kilometers at most, how much worse. Digital immortality It has two aspects of technology, one is information technology, now the progress is very fast, the other is brain science, our understanding of our own brain, the study of the brain, this part of the progress is very slow. How exactly our brain works, how our memory, self-awareness, and thinking are generated, although we have a lot of research results, but we do not really understand it, if there is no breakthrough in this area, how to live forever. You can't take out the information in your brain, no matter how good the numbers are, no matter how big the computer is, you are a source of water, a tree without roots.

(Source: CCTV News)

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