The three major operators released the latest operation data: the number of 5G package users is nearly 1.1 billion

Chinese New Year's Eve night robbing red envelopes seems to have become a new New Year custom, I believe that many friends find that 5G mobile phones to grab red envelopes will be faster. According to China Unicom's big data monitoring, during the Spring Festival, the average daily 5G traffic in the country increased by about 60% year-on-year, and the traffic reached the highest value during the Spring Festival on Chinese New Year's Eve day, an increase of more than 60% year-on-year.

The significant increase in 5G traffic reflects that 5G is accelerating its integration into people's daily lives and has become one of the important ways to drive new information consumption. According to the latest operating data released by the three major operators, there are nearly 1.1 billion 5G package users in mainland China. It can be said that the development of 5G users in mainland China has led the world.

China Mobile has the highest number of 5G package users

As the first of the three major operators, China Mobile is also the fastest in developing 5G package users. In December, 18.6 million 5G package users were added in a single month, bringing the cumulative net increase of 227.197 million to 614 million. Looking back on the past year, China Mobile's 5G user increment has remained at a high level, and the name of the world's leading 5G operator is well deserved.

China Mobile first announced its operating data for December 2022, with a net increase of 325,000 China Mobile customers and a cumulative net increase of 18.114 million in 2022, bringing the total number of users to 975.006 million. In the same month, China Mobile added 18.601 million 5G package customers and 227.197 million in 2022, reaching a cumulative total of 614.005 million. The number of cable broadband customers increased by 2.225 million, and in 2022, the net increase was 32.062 million, reaching a cumulative total of 272.168 million.

In December 2022, China Telecom added 100,000 mobile subscribers to a cumulative total of 391.18 million. Among them, the net increase of 5G package users was 5.02 million, and the cumulative number of 5G package users was 267.96 million. In terms of cable broadband services, China Telecom added 270,000 cable broadband subscribers in December 2022, and the cumulative number of cable broadband subscribers reached 180.9 million.

For the whole year of 2022, China Telecom added 18.75 million mobile subscribers, 80.16 million 5G package subscribers, and 11.19 million wired broadband subscribers. At the beginning of 2022, the target of "a net increase of 15 million mobile subscribers, 80 million 5G package subscribers, and 8 million broadband subscribers" was achieved.

After the Lunar New Year, China Unicom released its December 2022 operating data. Data show that China Unicom added 3.271 million 5G package users in December, bringing the cumulative number of 5G package users to 212.7 million.

As of December 2022, China Unicom's "big connection" users have reached 861.744 million, including 21,272.7 5G package users and 385,540,000 IoT terminal connections. As of November 2022, the cumulative number of 5G package users has reached 209.456 million, and the cumulative number of IoT terminal connections has reached 376.408 million.

In terms of innovative applications, as of December 2022, China Unicom's 5G industry virtual private network service customers reached 3,805. In terms of smart services, China Unicom's smart customer service problem resolution rate reached 98.4% in December; In December, smart customer service accounted for 83.2%. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, as of December 2022, the cumulative number of patents authorized by China Unicom this year was 1,666.

In terms of the comparison between China Mobile and China Telecom, China Mobile has added the most 5G package users in the past year. China Telecom added the largest number of mobile subscribers at 18.75 million, slightly higher than China Mobile. As a partner of China Telecom's 5G co-construction and sharing, China Unicom's 5G package users are also on par with the former.

The 5G ToC basic disk is basically stable

It has been more than three years since China started 5G commercialization. At present, 5G has entered the second half of the rapid development period, and on the basis of the accumulation and application of early technology, 5G technology and commercial use are continuing to accelerate leapfrogging.

First of all, all this depends on the improvement of the basic capabilities of the network. By the end of 2022, a total of 2.312 million 5G base stations had been completed and opened in mainland China, accounting for more than 60% of the world's total base stations, continuing to deepen the coverage of prefecture-level cities and urban areas, and gradually extending to townships and rural areas as needed. The number of 5G base stations per 10,000 people reached 16.4, an increase of 6.3 over the end of the previous year.

For operators, with the gradual enhancement of network basic capabilities, 5G has officially entered the second half. 5G ToC has become a new driving force for operators to achieve sustained revenue and profit growth. Consumer business has always been the basic disk of operators and the starting point of 5G. The powerful capabilities of 5G expand the imagination of operators' business innovation and effectively promote the growth of operators' consumer services.

The Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) released the White Paper on China's 5G Development and Economic and Social Impact (2022). According to the report, 5G commercialization will reach a new level in 2022, and the enabling role of economic and social development will continue to increase. It is expected that in 2022, 5G will directly drive the total economic output of 1.45 trillion yuan, directly drive the economic added value of about 392.9 billion yuan, an increase of 12% and 31% respectively over 2021, indirectly drive the total output of about 3.49 trillion yuan, and indirectly drive the economic added value of about 1.27 trillion yuan.

Among them, the growth of 5G traffic consumption, information service consumption, equipment investment and service expenditure from vertical industries has become the main source of direct economic output and economic added value growth, while the proportion of service consumption has increased, promoting the growth of direct economic added value faster.

At present, the 5G distribution ratio of operators' branches in many places has exceeded 30%, and in some cities it has exceeded 50%. It is expected that the average monthly mobile growth rate will remain stable at about 20% in 2022, and the growth rate of mobile traffic will slowly recover with the rapid growth of operators' 5G package users. It is expected that in the future, with the empowerment of traditional telecom services by 5G technology and the gradual maturity of the 5G messaging standard system, operators' business development will move to a higher level.

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