Four years after the divorce, Song Zhongji officially announced that he would remarry and become a father: sure enough, everyone was more tolerant of second-married men


Reality is often more exciting than TV series, and the double song CP we used to be passionate about, this is the complete finale!

Four years after the divorce, Song Zhongji officially announced that he would remarry and become a father: sure enough, everyone was more tolerant of second-married men

On the 30th, according to Korean media, Song Zhongji officially announced that he and his girlfriend registered their marriage, and revealed that the woman was pregnant: "Today, based on deep trust and love, I began my husband and wife life, and I also have a precious life." ”

Song Zhongji officially announced that he had remarried and became a father, and there was no possibility for the two Song CPs, and those past grievances had already ended completely with the divorce of the two of them. I always felt that their divorce was something that had just happened, and after careful inspection, I realized that they had been divorced for four years.

The two of them had already walked out, but we outsiders couldn't believe it, and now they had no chance.

For Song Zhongji's official announcement of remarriage to become a father, the reaction of netizens is generally how fast, "How long has it been since this pair of Song divorced, so soon to become a father."

But most netizens still blessed Song Zhongji, and some netizens said: their love and marriage are similar to the number of real couples, from marrying with a very beautiful love, and then separating sadly, and then the two remarry each other to start a new life, but often the second marriage of men will be easier to come out than the second marriage of women, men flash marriage flash pregnancy speed is still quite fast.

Everyone is still relatively tolerant of men who are married for the second time, and they are not too harsh, I noticed a netizen's comment, saying that if Song Huiqiao remarried first and became pregnant, she would definitely suffer a lot of criticism.

What is the reason for the beautiful marriage of the two Song and the two to separate?

I agree with this statement: their love is too fast and unreal, just because they filmed a hit TV series, and then maybe the relationship warmed up. When they really return to real life, they will find that life is completely different from the TV series, is the person you like really the way you like? When the TV series is with a filter, and the real marriage is two people who remove all their masks and really live together, there will naturally be a very large gap.

Four years after the divorce, Song Zhongji officially announced that he would remarry and become a father: sure enough, everyone was more tolerant of second-married men

And since they got married, rumors of divorce have not stopped.

Their marriage did not last for two years, and after the divorce, various rumors were everywhere, and Song Zhongji even knocked down the marriage house of 60 million. Perhaps for them, the relationship experience was indeed quite hurtful, and only by overturning the reconstruction did it really mean that it was completely over.

After their divorce, they each had new developments in their careers: after the divorce, Song Huiqiao changed completely, she said goodbye to her previous sweet style, every appearance was blessed with heavy makeup, deep V personality was sultry, Song Huiqiao's career development was also good, and she filmed a hit drama; Song Zhongji's development is also very good, and a "The Little Son of a Chaebol" has good ratings and has repeatedly appeared on hot searches.

Not all those who have loved each other can not be separated in vain, the beginning of love is beautiful, as beautiful as a fairy tale, and their marriage is also very grand; But this does not mean that they will be happy in the chapter of marriage, marriage is too complicated, it is not as simple as we think.

Men are still relatively easy to get out of failed marriages, and we are generally more tolerant of men in second marriages, but I hope that everyone can treat divorced men and divorced women equally. Divorce does not mean that you are not a good person, but only that two people are not suitable, and everyone will have the illusion that they love the right person when they are in love.

Four years after the divorce, Song Zhongji officially announced that he would remarry and become a father: sure enough, everyone was more tolerant of second-married men


Why do I say that divorced men are more likely to get out of a relationship than divorced women?

Take two examples from my side:

Miss Zhou has been divorced for two years, and after the divorce, she lives alone with her daughter, and she dares not remarry. She was afraid that she would jump from one fire pit to another, and she was very cautious about remarrying. Her ex-husband is different, just three months after the divorce has begun to look for fanfare, married in less than a year of love, and soon after remarrying, he had children.

For her ex-husband's remarriage, Miss Zhou had a moment of unhappiness, and she would feel that he let go so quickly. But Miss Zhou quickly figured it out, they have already divorced, what is the use of her being angry? The reason men can quickly commit to another relationship is because they generally don't dwell on a failed marriage for too long.

It is difficult for divorced women to remarry, on the one hand, it is their own reasons, on the other hand, it will be a little discounted in the emotional market, no children are good to say, with children you have to think about children, marriage is not so easy.

Ms. Guo chose to divorce alone, she didn't want her two sons, she thought very clearly: "Anyway, the children are with the surname of their ex-husband, and they are all boys, and it is naturally good to follow their ex-husband." If the child follows her, how can she take the child if she has to work alone? She went to Shenzhen alone, and no longer dared to touch emotional matters, and some people pursued her, but she refused.

"I don't have a sense of trust in men, and the first relationship really hurt me too much. After the divorce, my relationship with my ex-husband was not handled so well, and my ex-mother-in-law felt that I was too selfish, and I didn't want two children, how can there be such a selfish mother as me under the sun. But the question is, in an unhappy marriage, how do I find my happiness? Could it be that I am going to sacrifice my whole life for the sake of my children? I have no job because I gave birth, and I brought up two children and sent them to elementary school, which was already very difficult for me. No one blames men but they all blame women, but women are often the ones who give the most in marriage. If I wasn't disappointed too much, how could I get divorced? ”

Ms. Guo did not think about remarrying, as for her in the future, she will go wherever she goes.

Four years after the divorce, Song Zhongji officially announced that he would remarry and become a father: sure enough, everyone was more tolerant of second-married men


I still hope that divorced women can come out boldly and stop indulging in failed marriages in the past, but you must be cautious about remarriage, as long as you can support yourself, you must make a good choice before marriage. Don't care too much about what others think, and you don't live for others in your life.

Whether it is a divorced man or a divorced woman, everyone hopes that everyone can treat everyone equally, everyone can live their own life, be responsible for themselves, less direct others' affairs, and manage their own "one acre and three points of land". Including Song Huiqiao, if she chooses to remarry later, everyone will be less skeptical and give blessings.

Do not harshly criticize divorced men, and likewise do not harshly criticize divorced women, they are more tolerant.

Shouldn't you be blessed by everyone to get out of a failed relationship and start a happy marriage?

There is no need to regret the divorce of the two songs, since they are separated, it means that they are destined to be unsuitable people; Song Zhongji officially announced that he was a father, indicating that he had found someone suitable for him. People always know what kind of feelings are suitable for them after experiencing it, and I hope that Song Zhongji really found the right person this time.

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