If it weren't for Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be like?

Chen Jianghe asked Luo Yuzhu, "If I hadn't met you in this life, where would I go?" ”

If there is no Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be?

The most direct impact was: if it weren't for Gao Qiqiang's obstruction, An Xin would have died under Tang Xiaolong's stick.

If it weren't for Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be like?

Gao Qiqiang's mentality towards An Xin is very similar to Cao Cao's mentality towards Guan Yu: knowing that the situation is incompatible, but still wanting to use it for himself.

But let's not forget that Gao Qiqiang also had a murderous intention for An Xin.

When he asked Lao Mo to go to the hospital to get rid of Li Hongwei, he asked Lao Mo what to do if An Xin was present.

Lao Mo said that An Xin was kind to him, and said that people should know how to repay grace. Then Gao Qiqiang threatened Lao Mo with his daughter's safety.

Gao Qiqiang, this person, is very good at acting bitter dramas, and his acting skills are very good.

Many viewers knocked him and An Xin's CP, and also knocked him and Chen Shuting's CP. But let's not forget that the night Gao Qiqiang showed mercy to An Xin's subordinates was originally to kill Chen Shuting's mother and son.

Therefore, on the surface, the two people Gao Qiqiang hurt the most besides his brother and sister are An Xin and Chen Shuting, but in fact, these two "outsiders" almost died in the hands of Gao Qiqiang.

The second question: If there is no Gao Qiqiang, can An Xin marry Meng Yu?

If it weren't for Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be like?

An Xin did not marry Meng Yu, apparently to protect Meng Yu so that she did not have to live like her mother.

Meng Yu's father Meng Dehai has made countless achievements, but Meng Yu's mother, who has always loved cleanliness, would rather let the trophy fall to dust than clean it, because "she doesn't want to see these at all."

As a police sister-in-law, Meng Yu's mother has lived in a state of fear for half of her life. Her high blood pressure is likely also related to her chronic poor sleep.

Considering that Meng Yu was kidnapped. If she becomes the wife of the criminal police, will this kind of thing happen again, will it befall the children...

Therefore, although An Xin snickered after hearing that Meng Yu was preparing to return to Jinghai to develop, the rampant Gao Qiqiang Group and the protective umbrella behind it later made An Xin realize that if he wanted to sweep away evil and eliminate evil, he couldn't let Meng Yu become a police wife.

To put it bluntly, Meng Yu is An Xin's weakness.

An Xin wanted to sweep away the black with peace of mind, so she took off her weaknesses with pain.

If it weren't for Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be like?

Zhang Yi's movie "Manjiang Hong" emphasized "soft underbelly" many times. Zhang Da's weakness is his lover, and Ding Sanwang's weakness is his daughter.

They are both idealists and can both die for the mission, but none of them can bear to be threatened by their weaknesses.

Anxin is also an idealist.

Otherwise, he can be like Meng Yu's husband Yang Jian, marry the daughter of a high-ranking official, transfer from dangerous positions, and go to other systems to promote officials and make a fortune.

Alternatively, he can also collude with Gao Qiqiang and become an umbrella for underworld forces.

But he would rather be ostracized than stay on the front line of public security because he believes in his career aspirations.

If one day, An Xin is forced to choose between ideals and weaknesses, it will be difficult for him to choose.

Therefore, An Xin directly chose not to marry Meng Yu to prevent trouble.

In the same way, An Xin will never be with Gao Qilan.

If it weren't for Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be like?

If Gao Qilan really came out of the mud and was not clean as she said, it would be another Meng Yu at most.

If An Xin does not marry Meng Yu, he will not marry Gao Qilan.

What's more, her brother is still Gao Qiqiang.

Gao Qiqiang did not jump out of the cracks of stones, he was an inevitable product of the corruption of Jinghai officialdom. As long as the protective umbrella remains, criminal and evil forces will continue to emerge in Jinghai. Even if there is no Gao Qiqiang, there will be people like Chen Tai, Xu Jiang and Bai Jiangbo.

Therefore, no matter which girl, as long as she marries An Xin, she is equivalent to choosing a fearful lifestyle.

An Xin does not want to see such an outcome, so he is likely to rely on work for the rest of his life.

This person, who lost his parents at an early age, will most likely never be able to have a family of his own.

After Yang Jian's collusion with Gao Qiqiang gradually surfaced, An Xin looked at the trust of his former sweetheart, and his heart was naturally uncomfortable.

But in his opinion, even if Meng Yu is unhappy, it is better than unhappy.

In fact, even if An Xin and Meng Yu get married, they may not be happy.

If it weren't for Gao Qiqiang, what would Anxin's life be like?

When she was young, An Xin did not know how to be flexible when things happened, and she did not know how to protect herself.

He declared war on the umbrella Zhao Lidong in public, which soon led to his own investigation.

His character is shaft.

This kind of personality can make him bite the underworld forces and become an excellent policeman, or it can make him do inconsiderate things when the husband and wife get along, which makes Meng Yu sad.

He shouldn't make any principled mistakes, but he's probably a bad pair of shoes.

As long as Meng Yu is sad, An Xin will definitely be sad too.

However, the young and shaft An Xin has a hard time figuring out what he is wrong with.

In constant quarrels and misunderstandings, childhood sweethearts' love will gradually dissolve. Unless Meng Yu is a woman who marries chickens and follows chickens, she can follow An Xin with a dead heart for the rest of her life.

But Meng Yu is not that kind of woman.

So they are likely to divorce after countless quarrels and disappointments and become a pair of "Lan Yinsuguo's relatives".

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