Cultural venues ushered in the "check-in" fever

Cultural venues ushered in the "check-in" fever

Qinghai Grand Theatre interprets the Chinese New Year national tide. Photo by Lu Guangtao, reporter of this newspaper

Cultural venues ushered in the "check-in" fever

Parent-child cultural travel has become a new trend during the Spring Festival. Photo by Guo Liang, reporter of this newspaper

Cultural venues ushered in the "check-in" fever

Feel the strong taste of the year in the smell of books. Photo by Lu Guangtao, reporter of this newspaper

Reporter Guo Liang

Go to Qinghai Provincial Museum to explore the past and present of Qinghai's history and culture, go to Qinghai Provincial Cultural Center to celebrate the New Year with "Fancy Rabbit", and have an immersive dialogue with contemporary art at Qinghai Art Museum... During the Spring Festival holiday, major cultural venues in our province carefully launched a series of delicious "cultural meals", attracting many citizens and tourists to "check in" experience, and celebrating the "cultural year" has become a popular New Year custom.

The door is purple and angry, and the rabbit year is a new year. In the joyful and festive atmosphere, the Provincial Museum ushered in the "Da Zhanhong 'Rabbit' - Lu Dian (Year of the Rabbit) Chinese New Year Zodiac Cultural Relics Picture Joint Exhibition", hundreds of frames of rabbit-themed cultural relics and artwork images brought the audience a "rabbit culture feast" with a strong taste of the year.

The exhibition is lively and cute, and many parents come to visit with their children. "Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit and watching rabbit exhibitions in the museum can give children a more three-dimensional and intuitive understanding of the traditional Chinese zodiac culture." Mr. Liu, a citizen of Xining, and his family of four viewed various beautifully shaped and vivid rabbit cultural relics with great interest, and learned about the rabbit culture in different historical periods, different folk customs and different cultural backgrounds of China through rich graphic materials.

During the exhibition, the Provincial Museum also launched a series of activities entitled "Welcoming Spring and Nafu and Showing Magnificent 'Rabbit'", in which parent-child families became the main participants, perceived history in interaction, and enjoyed holidays in experience. At the same time, the Qingbo Cultural and Creative Space of the Provincial Museum has also become popular, and unique cultural and creative products are displayed one by one, attracting the audience to "take home" the museum.

During the Spring Festival, the Provincial Cultural Center is also full of flavor and popularity. The "Jade Rabbit Welcomes the New Year and Spring Man Kunlun" "Zodiac Rabbit" Art Exhibition and the Second Zodiac Cultural Elements Exhibition of Qinghai Province are favored by citizens and tourists.

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