Spring Festival Gala actresses compete for beauty! Zhao Liying and Tang Yan are sweet, Wang Xinling is full of vitality, and Qin Lan's long legs are eye-catching

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the people of the whole country are immersed in a peaceful and festive atmosphere, Hubei Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and many other Spring Festival Gala, presenting the audience with a visual feast with a strong taste of the New Year.

On the evening of the Spring Festival of Wenlian, the hosts Zhu Xun, Lin Yongjian, Zhang Kaili, Xu Chunni, and Lan Yu collectively faded their exquisite and gorgeous dresses and changed into the uniforms of high-speed train conductors, which immediately narrowed the distance with the audience, and the picture was cordial and simple.

Beijing, Oriental and Jiangsu Satellite TV's Spring Festival Gala stage gathered big coffee, star-studded.

The state of the actresses in each party is very different, some people carry high-definition cameras to shoot their faces, and some people wear makeup and crotch, and they are not in good condition.

Chen Duling is old-fashioned, Chen Yanxi is unkempt, and Wang Xinling reappears with an eagle hooked nose

Chen Duling took the lead in the Spring Festival Gala of the Federation of Literature and Literature, singing "Flowers All the Way" with several newcomers, but the "White Lotus", who used to dominate the entertainment industry with its pure beauty, overturned that night.

In the close-up shot, Chen Dulin's face is pink and his face and neck are presented in two shades, and the area of blush is too large, causing his entire face to look less layered, and his nasolabial folds are also conspicuous.

Heavy makeup + retro curls are not suitable for the flexible Chen Durin, and the overall look this time makes him old-fashioned.

The retouched drawings sent by the studio are well aware of the drawbacks of on-site drawings, not only balancing the color difference of the face, but also smoothing out the nasolabial folds, and even the eyes of my sister have become as bright as the stars.

"Little Dragon Girl" Chen Yanxi's fairy qi can only live in the retouched picture.

In the official photo, his complexion is rosy, his black and thick hair is smooth and natural, his skin is transparent and fair, and his proper appearance can be beaten.

But the picture is born on the spot, this hair is not so "obedient", there are more problems with frizz and split ends, and Chen Yanxi flicked her forehead several times in the middle of the singing to save her face from the camera. Looking at the face again, it was obviously a little swollen, and I didn't see the pointed chin in the retouched picture.

Actor Qi Xi also failed to hold the face shoot, even in the dim light and shadow, her angular face shape is still nowhere to hide, high cheekbones + cheekbones + square forehead, making the already square face look like an "octagonal".

After the lights are on, the bug on the face shape of Qi Xi in the middle is more obvious, and the traditional V-shaped face shape of the actress is completely invisible to her.

The young lady can consider changing the styling team next time, and she must take advantage of her strengths and avoid her weaknesses.

Wang Xinling came to a big turn with "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", she appeared on the Spring Festival Gala of Oriental Satellite TV on the first day of the new year, and wore a white bow dress to make her 40-year-old sister playful and cute.

In the close-up view, the little sister's skin can be broken, and the makeup and hair are exquisite.

But the nose is a little "strange", the tip of the nose is too long and the mountain root is thick, like an eagle hook, which does not match her petite and delicate facial features, and it seems that the sequelae of illness "hurt her not shallowly".

On the spring evening of Beijing Satellite TV, Wang Xinling also sang three songs with Han Xue such as "I Only Love You Softly", and this time Wang Xinling did not take advantage of the "cheap".

This ginger suit robbed her of her good look, obviously not as white as usual, and Han Xue in the same frame is a big tall, and the two have the upper hand compared to Wang Xinling's aura.

The most sensational thing is that Beijing Satellite TV used high-tech scene to "restore" Teresa Teng and realized the same stage of Wang Xinling, Teresa Teng and Han Xue.

Although she has pulled feelings many times, Teresa Teng's virtual portrait this time is very realistic and has no sense of violation.

Actress Ma Li and Happy Twist appeared together, her face was obviously blessed, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it with the word "swollen".

Zhao Liying is sweet, and Yang Mi's clip sound is ugly

On the evening of the Spring Festival of Wenlian, Zhao Liying's state is much better than Chen Yanxi and Chen Duling, Yingbao in a red slanted shoulder dress, delicate and cute, the scene is very good, and she smiled like an elf.

When she looked up, her bright eyes were dazzling and joyful. Yingbao, who is so full of vitality, won a set for 85 flowers, and her state is not inferior to the new generation of small flowers.

Zhao Liying's raw pictures are almost no different from the official retouching, although the retouching pictures have added filters, but in addition to adding a bit of retro temperament, they are very close to the on-site raw pictures.

Yang Rong, who is already 40+, is also in a state of fascination.

Under the close-up scene of the scene, Yang Rong's makeup is exquisite, her singing voice is sweet, her soft breath is on her face, and her sweet smile hits people's hearts.

Compared with Peng Xiaoran and Wang Lejun in the same frame, the older one is like a divine help, and her temperament and appearance crush the other two younger sisters.

Yang Mi also came to fight for 85 flowers, although Da Mi did not wear festive red that night, he appeared in a royal blue dress, the festive atmosphere was slightly less but more dignified.

Yang Mi's makeup is not strong, and he doesn't even have too many headdresses, but the overall look looks particularly awe-inspiring, and the overall state is full marks.

However, when the camera zoomed in, Yang Mi's face was a little sunken, his cheekbones were a little prominent, and the whole state seemed to collapse.

However, there is one thing to say, the combination of her and the popular student Wang Junkai and the drama bone Chen Jianbin is still relatively matched.

It's just that the "clip sound" of the big power is really not suitable for singing, especially the treble part, and the listener gets goosebumps, lest she accidentally "break the sound".

In fact, her beautiful standing there is enough to be eye-catching, this time the life picture and refinement are the same, but unfortunately the singing skills need to be improved.

Ying'er and Wu Jinyan are absolutely beautiful, and Tang Yan's sweetness is bursting

Compared with Yang Mi's "clip sound", Ying'er's singing on Oriental Satellite TV is much better.

Although she did not "push too hard" on makeup and hair that night, her excellent complexion and appearance still have to give her extra points.

One shoulder with sexy collarbone, plus a set of flower-shaped off-the-shoulder dresses, makes Yinger full of spring atmosphere.

Compared with the retouched drawings of the studio, the raw pictures at the party scene are almost the same as the retouched pictures in addition to being fuller and more colorful in chromaticity.

Wu Jinyan is also one who can carry Shengtu.

On Jiangsu Satellite TV, she acted in a skit, capable short hair + flexible facial features, and collagen-filled skin, so that she was still in good condition even when she was shooting her face.

It's just that the young lady is too thin, her facial expression is large, and her neck is "bruised", which always makes people misunderstand that she is shouting too hard.

In addition to this, Wu Jinyan's performance on the scene was quite good, with clear lines and a strong sense of substitution, which won a round of applause from the audience.

Qin Lan's performance on Beijing Satellite TV is also worthy of the title of goddess, and Tan Songyun, who is 11 years younger, is in the same frame, and the state of the two is comparable.

Qin Lan, who was properly maintained, even crushed her sister on the side in her figure, and her white dress with a slim waist showed a woman's exquisite figure, and she was charming and moving.

As a Shanghainese, Tang Yan also paid New Year's greetings to the people of the whole country in her hometown on the first day of the new year.

Wearing a red suit that night, she was bursting with sweetness, and her eyebrows were crooked and joyful when she smiled.

Although she is already the child's mother, Tang Yan still has an irresistible girlishness, and only two red hairpins in her style have successfully "rejuvenated", and her clear sweet smile is like a female student who has not been involved in the world.

Although Tang Yan's exposure is far less than before production, her appearance can be compared with her peak moment, such a refreshing sweet smile, I am afraid that everyone has been absent for a long time.

Mao Xiaotong, Li Yitong, Wang Churan, Xu Mengjie four sweet girls are not inferior, they collectively appeared on Hunan Satellite TV, and the four of them are difficult to distinguish from each other on the same stage.

Mao Xiaotong's bright yellow dress is fresh, and her fair and slender legs are particularly eye-catching.

Li Yitong's fairy outfit adds fairy spirit to her, showing the playfulness and cuteness of a little girl.

Xu Mengjie is also white to glow, and her big wavy curls are matched with a gradient blue long skirt, which makes her flutter fairy.

Wang Churan's skirt is not as bright as the other three actresses in terms of color, and the stage effect is slightly worse, but fortunately, she is tall and tall, in the same frame as the petite Mao Xiaotong, and her momentum is not inferior.

Veteran stars made a surprise appearance

Tian Zhen, who has not appeared for a long time, also went home for the New Year this year, sitting with Cai Ming, their faces looked very stiff, and they seemed to be full of "sense of technology".

However, before the outside world had spread that Tian Zhen was ill, but now seeing her relaxed state should be reassuring.

Another familiar "old man" - Mao Amin, is in a slightly worse state, although the typhoon is still as magnificent as ever, and the cooperation with Lang Lang also complements each other, but my sister is indeed old.


Hundreds of flowers competed for spring, and many of them rushed to serve Chinese New Year's Eve feast on the first day of the Chinese New Year. It's just that each flower is in its own eyes, and which actress's state and performance can win the hearts of the audience depends on the evaluation of the officials.

I wish you all peace and good luck in the new year!

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