Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!

author:Yang Lei talks about table tennis

2023/Part 6

Author: Yang Lei

Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!
Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!

Today is the first snow since Shijiazhuang entered the winter, the cold winter outside the house, the warmth inside the house, with a pot of Pu'er tea, a magazine, and a relaxed mood, happiness is so simple.

In hand, Shi Xiaojuan, a reporter of "Table Tennis World" in Japan in December 2022, "Zhang Ben's family born for table tennis", through Shi Xiaojuan's delicate and real brushstrokes, we see a completely different "other side" from Zhang Benzhihe and Zhang Benmeihe on the field, father Zhang Yu is strict, mother Zhang Ling is warm, wise and motivated, beautiful and lively, full of fireworks, just like the steaming Pu'er in the hand.

Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!

They are a powerful opponent of Guoping, and they are also a family in a foreign country, indispensable for firewood, rice, oil and salt, joy, anger and sorrow.

Excerpt one or two highlights from the article and share them with you.

01 A loving mother with infinite tenderness

"At the Tokyo Olympics, Tomokazu Chang shouldered the expectations of everyone, and he himself had to realize his Olympic gold medal dream, and the huge pressure made Tomokazu Chang, a high school student who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, almost unbearable."
Talking about this experience, Zhang Ling's eyes burst into tears, 'I just want a healthy and normal son!' It doesn't matter if you play the Olympics or not, if you win a medal or not'! ”

Such words are only available to parents. Everyone in the world cares if you fly high enough, and only your parents will ask if you are tired of flying, and they will cry.

Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!

Regarding Zhang Yu, Zhang Benzhi and the father and son's obsession with grades, mother Zhang Ling did not understand or approve for a long time.

"When Zhihe was a child, he used to cry when he was playing, he didn't want to lose or admit defeat, and he cried and made trouble while fighting, which made me feel so humiliated, so I really didn't want him to play."
"One day, I was eating bitter melon and suddenly figured it out, I didn't like bitter melon when I was a child, but I liked to eat it when I was older. Some people may think that bitter melon is not delicious, and some people (partially) think that bitter melon is delicious, that is his life," Zhang Ling said.

Talking about the dedication to Zhang Ben's brothers and sisters for so many years, there is an intriguing detail:

Invited to reporter Shi Xiaojuan's home for an interview, Zhang Linggang sat down, saw the (delicate and small) tea set on the coffee table, and sighed, "There is still time to drink tea in such a small sip!" I always drink it from a large cup. A big cup of coffee in the morning and a big cup of tea during the day."

19-year-old Zhang Benzhihe is outstanding enough, but when it comes to regrets in the process of growing up, Zhang Ling bluntly said, "He became famous at a young age, we did not have his experience, so we ignored a lot of his psychological construction, a lot of his pressure we did not keep up, did not give him guidance in time."

Parents are like this, on the one hand, strict and even cold demand us, on the other hand, they always take the responsibility on themselves, behind everyone's growth, parents have poured too much effort.

02 extremely shy Tomokazu Chang

In private, Zhang Benzhihe is very different from the image of crazy roaring on the field, shy and unexpected.

For example, Zhang Benzhihe has liked Ma Long since he was a child, and he likes both people and balls, but he has never dared to take the initiative to come forward and talk. During the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, I made up my mind, but in the end I didn't speak, but I still didn't admit my shyness.

Such Zhang Benzhihe, real and cute!

Regarding his inconsistent performance in recent years, often stopping at the first few rounds, Zhang Benzhihe said,

"If there is a mistake, it is better when I was young, and after 20 or 30 years old, it will become a big problem, and if there is no mistake, you can't understand some truth."

Professional athletes have struggled enough, and when it comes to why they have to juggle their studies, Zhang Benzhihe's answer is calmer than his age

"Just playing ball, people's thinking may become more single, but it is not beneficial to improve table tennis." At the same time, you have to rely on your own efforts to study, exercise very much, and playing while studying in college will also make the sense of responsibility stronger."

Such Zhang Benzhihe deserves the respect of each of us.

Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!

03 Father Yan and the up-and-coming beauty

Compared with his mother Zhang Ling, who "never wants to play sports again" after retiring, Zhang Benzhihe's father Zhang Yu "likes" table tennis more.

After graduating from elementary school in April 2016 and entering an elite academy, his father and coach Zhang Yu accompanied Tomokazu Chang all the way from Sendai to Tokyo, and has been by his side to guide and cultivate.

Zhang Yu is extremely harsh on Zhang Benzhihe's basic movements, strictly guiding and meticulously polishing. The training method has also been followed up and adjusted. For example, in the past half a year, in the framework of maintaining Zhang Benzhi and backhand specialties, he has continuously strengthened his forehand, and has received good results in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships and WTT finals.

Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!
For Zhang Ben Meihe, who has just debuted, Zhang Yu Zhang Ling said, "Through Zhang Benzhihe's experience, Meihe does not need to soar into the sky, or step by step steadily and steadily, less detours, especially need to pay attention to 'stay awake, not to be killed', the current goal is (to play) one game by one."
Zhang Benzhi and his family may not be the same as you think!

04 Written in the last words

"Zhang Ling and her husband Zhang Yu have raised a pair of outstanding and competitive children, and many people should be like me, first of all, they will think very plainly that parents with such excellent children must be content, happy and full of pride. But in just a few words, I already feel that the hardships that accompany them are also beyond ordinary people," wrote author Shi Xiaojuan.

Because of nationality issues, we inevitably look at Zhang Ben's family "with colored glasses", but after "listening" to their family's story, we feel as if they are around us.

Life is never black and white, and right and wrong, love and hate are often intertwined. Perhaps, Zhang Ben's family joining Japanese nationality is a "mistake", but Zhang Yu Zhang Ling's love for his children and brothers and sisters' love for table tennis are clean and pure, and "there is not the slightest mistake"!

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