Tunisia and Saudi Arabia may continue their impressive debuts, while France are expected to win back-to-back with strong impact

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World Cup 11-26 18:00

[30] Tunisia (center) - Australia[38]

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia may continue their impressive debuts, while France are expected to win back-to-back with strong impact

Tunisia drew 0-0 with Denmark in the first group game, and the scene was not completely downward, until the second half when Denmark switched to four defenders, Tunisia's scene was more passive, but the team's defense remained very focused, and finally managed to save the draw, get a point, and the performance was satisfactory.

In the course of the game, although Tunisia's number of attacks and dangerous attacks are far less than Denmark's, the team is more decisive in counter-attack, and created 13 shots on goal, although they are all long-range shots, 13 shots on target only 1 shot, but it proves that the team still has the ability to operate the ball to the front, the team uses a 3-4-2-1 lineup, stockpiles in the midfield, the defense is also very clean, only 1 yellow card in the first game, which should be of great help to their second game against Australia , players can be more open.

The average age of the Tunisian national team is 27.88 years old, ranking 5th old, under the intensive schedule, physical fitness may be a test, the last game coach Kadri made the first substitution in nearly 70 minutes, the remaining 4 substitutions will be used after 80 minutes, perhaps the substitution adjustment time of the second game may be moved forward, how to maintain the due combat effectiveness after the substitution is very critical.

Australia lost 4-1 to France in the first game, although the team broke the deadlock first in the 9th minute, but due to the overall lack of strength, it was overtaken by France 2-1 in the 32nd minute, and the second half was even more unsustainable, and finally lost 1-4. The team was suppressed by France throughout the game, with a total of 23 shots on goal and 7 shots on target, while he had only 4 shots on goal, 1 shot on target, and only 38% in terms of possession time, the scene was very passive.

Of course, the overall strength of the opponent Australia faced in this game is far less than that of France, but most of the Tunisian players have grown up in the youth training of the French system, although there is a gap with France in terms of ability, but France defeated Australia, coupled with Tunisia's first draw with Denmark, I believe or let this game go this way, Australia's confidence has been hit, and Tunisia has boosted morale.

Reference direction: Tunisia wins

World Cup 11-26 21:00

[26] Poland (center) - Saudi Arabia[51]

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia may continue their impressive debuts, while France are expected to win back-to-back with strong impact

Saudi Arabia's group stage debut was a surprise, beating Argentina 2-1, and the team's tacit understanding was extremely high, especially in the field of offside, and goalkeeper Aloves performed well, saving many times and conceded only one penalty, allowing Saudi Arabia to create a big upset in the first round.

Poland continued its mediocre form in the group stage of the World Series, with the team playing against Mexico, with only 40% possession, and only 6 shots on goal, 2 on target, including a penalty on target, but saved. On the other hand, with 11 shots on goal and 4 on target, Poland is likely to lose had it not been for the excellent performance of goalkeeper Szczesny.

One of the important comparisons of this game is the two head coaches, of which Poland's head coach Mikhnević, although he has not been coaching for a short time, has been coaching in the Polish domestic league, but also temporarily put out fires before the World Cup, replacing Paul Sousa, who jumped to South America at the beginning of the year to coach the club, Mikhnević's familiarity with Polish football allows him to lead the team through the play-offs, even Sweden, but in the face of different football styles and different player characteristics around the world, Mikhnević still needs time to slowly exercise.

In contrast, Saudi coach Reynard is a coach who has traveled all over the world to coach, traveling all over Asia, Africa and Europe, especially in North Africa and West Asia for a long time, including leading Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Zambia, Angola, leading Morocco back to the World Cup after 20 years in 2018, and leading Saudi Arabia to beat Japan to the first place in the group last year, which is enough to witness the French manager's ability.

Reference direction: Saudi Arabia is undefeated

World Cup 11-26 23: 59

[4] France (middle) - Denmark[10]

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia may continue their impressive debuts, while France are expected to win back-to-back with strong impact

The two sides have a narrow road, in the same group of the World Cup four years ago, in this year's UEFA Nations League group, and in the Qatar World Cup again.

Denmark has not prevailed in the last three meetings, including a 2-1 away win in the UEFA Nations League and a 2-0 home win, and a 0-0 draw at the 2018 World Cup, which means that Denmark has remained unbeaten in these three meetings.

But against Tunisia, Denmark did not have many offensive methods, in addition to not being able to tear the Tunisian defense well, in terms of defense, it was also threatened by Tunisia's counterattack, and the number of shots was even less than Tunisia's, only 11 shots, 5 on target, while Tunisia had 13 shots and 1 on target.

In addition, in the first half, the team did not have a clear advantage in the proportion of possession, 58%-42%, and did not begin to show its advantage until the second half.

Although France's squad for this World Cup has changed greatly compared to the World Cup in Russia, and there have been three selected players injured before the game, but the generalized France faced Australia in the first game, and was not shocked when it was behind, and won 4-1, Giroud and Mbappe both showed excellent form.

23 shots on 7 in the game, possession of more than 60%. In addition to having Giroud as the fulcrum of the central forward position, he is surrounded by some extremely fast players, including Mbappe, Dembele and Griezmann, the team's impact is extremely strong, in the back line, 4 defenders and 3 from Bayern, the tacit understanding is relatively high, from the first round of form, France has the ability to win two consecutive games and strive to advance to the round of 16.

Reference direction: France wins

World Cup 11-27 03:00

[3] Argentina (center) - Mexico[13]

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia may continue their impressive debuts, while France are expected to win back-to-back with strong impact

Argentina suffered an upset in the first round of the group stage, losing 1-2 to Saudi Arabia, the team was obviously a little underestimated, did not pay enough attention, especially after leading 1-0, constantly squandered opportunities, and constantly tried to counter offside, but all unsuccessful, did not immediately change the method of attack, as a result of the second half was Saudi Arabia scored 2 goals in a row.

The team has been pushed to the edge of the cliff after losing the first game, and if Mexico is unable to win this game, Argentina's hopes of qualifying are very slim.

Of course, Argentina has an overwhelming record against Mexico, with six wins and one draw in the last seven matches, only drawing in a friendly in 2015 and beating Mexico 3-1 at the 2010 World Cup. But at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Argentina was held to a 1-1 draw by Mexico.

The focus of this match is that Mexican coach Martino and Messi are very good mentors and apprentices, but since Mexico also failed to win in the first game, this game is also a game for Mexico that cannot be lost.

Against Poland, Mexico had a certain advantage on the field, and although the average age of the team was older, most of the players who started, except for goalkeeper Ochoa and central defender Moreno, were in the year of play, and Ochoa also saved Lewandowski's penalty to show his good form.

If nothing else, this game will be an offensive and defensive drill match, Argentina will always be under siege, Mexico may find opportunities through defensive counterattacks, and Lozano on the offensive end will become an important pawn in the counterattack.

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