Fighting again at the Grand Bell Award and the Blue Dragon Award, Tang Wei "swept" the Korean film industry

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Jimu News reporter Rong Yu

This is what netizens call "winning hemp"! On November 8, the 43rd Korea Blue Dragon Film Awards announced the nomination list, directed by the famous Korean director Park Chan-wook, Chinese actress Tang Wei and South Korean actor Park Hae-il starring "Determination to Break Up", with 13 nominations to strongly lead this year's Blue Dragon Award. This is already Tang Wei's 5th heavyweight "Best Actress" shortlisted this year, writing a new record for Chinese actor nominations in Korean film history.

If you want to summarize the keywords for Korean movies in 2022, the movie "Determination to Break Up" must be an existence that cannot be ignored. At the Cannes International Film Festival in France in May this year, "Determination to Break Up" made its debut and received numerous praises. Many international media have praised Chinese actor Tang Wei's performance as the heroine in the film, and some French media said that he played a "femme fatale".

Fighting again at the Grand Bell Award and the Blue Dragon Award, Tang Wei "swept" the Korean film industry
Fighting again at the Grand Bell Award and the Blue Dragon Award, Tang Wei "swept" the Korean film industry

Although Tang Wei failed to win the Cannes "queen" as everyone wished, after "Determination to Break Up" returned to South Korea and was released, it instantly became a phenomenal film, and also allowed Tang Wei to start her film festival "shortlisting" journey.

On September 30, Tang Wei won the Best Actress at the 27th Korean Spring History Film Awards for "Determination to Break Up"; On October 6, she won the 2022 Korea Buri Film Award for Best Actress without suspense; On October 24, she went to the next city to include the best actress at the 42nd Korean Film Critics Awards.

Fans familiar with the Korean film industry know that Korean films have "three awards" and "three small awards". Tang Wei won the three best actresses with "Determination to Break Up", which won the "three small awards". And the heavier weight, known as the "Three Awards" of the Grand Bell Award, the Blue Dragon Award, and the Baeksang Art Awards (divided into film projects and TV projects), Tang Wei did not miss it.

On October 12, the 58th Korean Film Grand Bell Awards announced the nomination list, Tang Wei was shortlisted for Best Actress for "Determination to Break Up", competing with Lian Jingya "How Beautiful Life is", Lee Hye Young "In front of You", Lee Jeong-eun "Tribute", Park So-dan's "Special Delivery" four powerful actresses in South Korea. The announcement of the Blue Dragon Award nomination list on November 8 really made Tang Wei explain what it means to "win hemp".

Fighting again at the Grand Bell Award and the Blue Dragon Award, Tang Wei "swept" the Korean film industry

It is worth mentioning that in 2011, Tang Wei won the Best Actress Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for the movie "Late Autumn" starring Hyun Bin. If "Determination to Break Up" can help Tang Wei realize his dream of the Blue Dragon Award and the Grand Bell Award this time, Tang Wei will become a "myth" that "sweeps" the Korean film industry.

Tang Wei, a Chinese actor, "won the award and got soft", the momentum was like a rainbow, and the Korean media sent praise as always. As early as 11 years ago, Tang Wei began to cooperate with Korean filmmakers, Tang Wei has been super popular in South Korea, and since then she has married a Korean director and become the "Korean daughter-in-law" preferred by the Korean public. And director Park Chan-wook previously generously said in an interview that he is a senior fan of Tang Wei, and as early as the project stage of "Determination to Break Up", he had already decided to invite Tang Wei to play the heroine. To this end, he also agreed with the screenwriter to write the heroine of the film as a Chinese living in South Korea, "Tang Wei is the muse of my film." If Tang Wei can appear on stage again at the next Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Awards, she will become the brightest "Chinese star" in the Korean film industry.

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