Study: Is sweet potatoes killing 98% of cancer cells, science or rumors? Can eating sweet potatoes fight cancer?

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"Stay away from me, your fart stinks."

Uncle Zhang sat in the living room watching TV, a night of kung fu, actually put a dozen farts, the wife covered his nose, as soon as he opened his mouth, he complained.

Originally, Uncle Zhang did not know where to hear that sweet potatoes can kill cancer cells and have anti-cancer effects, so the staple food of the three meals is replaced by sweet potatoes. When his wife was young, his family was poor, and he ate sweet potatoes and cassava every day, and he was already tired of eating, so Uncle Zhang ate happily alone.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Zhang ate for a few days, his wife first could not stand it, the reason is not him, that is, Uncle Zhang farted all day, if it were not for the fact that Uncle Zhang ate sweet potatoes, others would still think that there was something wrong with his body.

Study: Is sweet potatoes killing 98% of cancer cells, science or rumors? Can eating sweet potatoes fight cancer?

First, can sweet potatoes really fight cancer and kill cancer cells?

According to media reports, studies have found that sweet potatoes have obvious anti-cancer effects, regardless of raw and cooked sweet potatoes, the anti-cancer rate can reach more than 90%, so many people will eat a lot of sweet potatoes in daily life. However, is this statement really scientific?

Zhang Zongwei, secretary general of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, pointed out that "anti-cancer food" itself does not exist, and it is the result of people taking scientific research results out of context. When scientists conduct research, they use extracts from food, and when they are proved effective, most of them will be made into drugs. It is true that there are many foods that contain anti-cancer substances, but the content is very limited, and it is necessary to eat a lot in one breath to achieve an effective dose, and the effect can be achieved is very small.

Therefore, it is not recommended to "fight cancer" by eating sweet potatoes on a daily basis, which in itself is a statement with no scientific basis. Excessive consumption of sweet potatoes is not good for the body. I believe that many people have such an experience, after eating sweet potatoes, it will obviously feel that they are always farting, why is this?

Second, why do you always fart after eating sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain oxidase, easy to fart after eating sweet potatoes is the role of oxidase, the substance will produce a large amount of carbon dioxide after entering the intestine, the gas discharged will also increase, and the symptoms will be more obvious when overing.

Study: Is sweet potatoes killing 98% of cancer cells, science or rumors? Can eating sweet potatoes fight cancer?

In addition to farting, eating too much sweet potatoes may also have these adverse reactions

1. Heartburn

Sweet potatoes contain a high content of pullulin, and glucose will be produced after initial digestion to promote gastric juice secretion, and symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn are prone to occur when excessive intake.

2. Hypercarotenemia

Sweet potatoes are rich in carotene, and daily intake of a large number of sweet potatoes will lead to excessive carotene content in the body, which will lead to hypercarotenemia, and the skin will turn yellow.

No matter what food you eat, you must pay attention to the amount of control, and everything is too late. In our lives, in addition to sweet potatoes, there are purple potatoes that are very similar to sweet potatoes, which of these two potatoes will have higher nutrition?

Third, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes which have high nutritional value? Is purple potato a genetically modified food?

The reason why purple potato is purple is because it is rich in anthocyanins, but purple potato is not a genetically modified food, Japanese experts first screened a variety of purple anthocyanin-rich materials from sweet potato varieties in the 1970s as parents, and then after years of hybridization, offspring screening and selection. Sweet potato breeding experts on the mainland have also selected and bred a number of purple potato varieties across the country in the past ten years, which have been subsequently identified by the national and provincial seed approval committees.

Study: Is sweet potatoes killing 98% of cancer cells, science or rumors? Can eating sweet potatoes fight cancer?

Hybridization is not transgenetic, hybridization technology is to carry out a large number of hybridization experiments, and then screen, remove the bad phase, leave the good, and then carry out hybridization repeats, until the cultivation of satisfactory crops.

So, which is better, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes?

1, purple potato: anthocyanins, dietary fiber more

Purple potato will have a higher composition of anthocyanins and dietary fiber, anthocyanins are a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals. Dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

2, sweet potatoes: carotene, sugar more

The carotene and sugar content in sweet potatoes will be higher, carotene can be converted into vitamin A after entering the body, and vitamin A has the effect of protecting vision and eliminating eye fatigue, while carotene is also a strong antioxidant substance, which can help enhance the body's resistance. In addition, the sugar content in sweet potatoes will be higher, so the taste is better.

Regarding which sweet potato or purple potato is better, in fact, there is no clear statement, mainly to see their own needs, according to the needs of the choice.

Study: Is sweet potatoes killing 98% of cancer cells, science or rumors? Can eating sweet potatoes fight cancer?

I believe that in life, everyone has more or less had the experience of eating sweet potatoes raw, but no one dares to eat raw cassava, why is this?

Fourth, further reading: Why can sweet potatoes be eaten raw, but cassava can not be eaten raw?

This is because raw cassava is poisonous! Cassava belongs to a kind of cyanocyanide plant, which contains cyanoglycoside substances, which will cause enzymatic reactions after contact with β-glucosidase hydrolysis enzymes in cells, which can quickly produce toxic cyanide, which can lead to poisoning after ingestion.

Therefore, daily eating cassava must be fully cooked, do not consume a large amount of it at one time, and maintain an appropriate amount.

Study: Is sweet potatoes killing 98% of cancer cells, science or rumors? Can eating sweet potatoes fight cancer?

Xiao Ai here reminds that daily must not blindly believe in the so-called "anti-cancer food", the real anti-cancer practice is to maintain healthy eating habits, do not picky eating, partial eating, to ensure that the body can consume a variety of nutrients. #谣零零计划 #


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