The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

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Since Trump provoked a trade war with China in March 2018, the Sino-US trade war has continued to this day and is intensifying. The Sino-US conflict looks like a trade war, but it is actually a new cold war in science and technology.

Focus: Who is the hegemon of future intelligent manufacturing in China and the United States? Who is the leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Smart Manufacturing

Four Industrial Revolutions: (Simply remember, you must be able to use it when drinking and bragging)

The first industrial revolution: the steam age, the conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy;

The Second Industrial Revolution: the Electrical Age, the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy;

The Third Industrial Revolution: a revolution in information control technology, marked by the discovery and application of atomic energy, electronic computers, space technology and bioengineering, which closely links an otherwise alienated world;

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: the widespread application of artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and machine intelligence has liberated human beings from labor.

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

Machine intelligence

"Emancipating productivity is the first element", and in the era of artificial intelligence, human beings are liberated not by productivity, but by liberating the brain and liberating people's thinking.

Therefore, the core of the Sino-US trade war is not in trade, but in "science and technology", especially in the field of artificial intelligence, who can become the hegemon of intelligent manufacturing between China and the United States, who can liberate the brains and thinking of more people, so as to further leap in scientific and technological strength.

First, what is the balance of power between China and the United States?

At present, the United States is still the strongest country in artificial intelligence, the number of AI companies is far ahead of the world, the United States artificial intelligence companies involved in network security, information security, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields. Technology giants Google, Intel and others have carried out in-depth research on the field of artificial intelligence. The "2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Innovation Index Report" developed by the China Institute of Scientific and Technological Information pointed out that the number of artificial intelligence companies in the United States is as high as 2028. There are 880 AI companies in China, ranking second, an increase of about 7% over 2020. The development of global artificial intelligence presents an overall pattern of fierce competition between China and the United States and major countries. The development of Chinese engineering intelligence has achieved remarkable results, the level of artificial intelligence innovation has entered the world's first echelon, and the gap with the United States is narrowing.

At the same time, we need to understand that although the development and application of artificial intelligence technology has made certain breakthroughs in the past 20 years, it is still in the stage of "weak artificial intelligence", that is, it does not have the real sense of "intelligence", nor does it have "autonomous consciousness", but it can solve specific problems under the rules of certainty, and it is still far from "strong artificial intelligence". In the future, there are many opportunities for China to overtake in various fields.

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

DJI drones

Second, the key technologies of artificial intelligence.

1. Deep learning. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, a group of scientists pessimistically believed that artificial intelligence could not be achieved in 100 years, and then "deep learning" appeared, which is a revolution. Deep learning, like the neural network of the human brain, after accumulating massive amounts of data in a single field, the machine will begin to compare and learn, and after the comparison and learning accumulates to a certain extent, the machine will begin the next step of prediction and judgment. Results of deep learning: Alpha Dog defeats World Go Champion; Baidu AI defeats the "strongest brain";

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

Alpha Dog

2. Machine perception. This is a further step of deep learning, which involves machine perception, the so-called perception, that is, to give machines the ability to listen and see. China's iFLYTEK focuses on speech recognition technology, and Megvii focuses on the field of face recognition, both of which are leaders in the field of machine perception.

3. Autonomous field. This is the ultimate result of deep learning. The most representative in the field of autonomy is autonomous driving. At present, driverless startups in the United States are dominated by Google, and China is dominated by Baidu. Now the world's major powers have invested a lot of energy in the development of automatic driving, the core behind it is actually the development of "artificial intelligence autonomy", the United States Boston Dynamics is committed to the development of a real similar to human "robots".

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

Boston Dynamics dance robot

Third, the future of artificial intelligence in China and the United States.

In the field of artificial intelligence in the world, the best companies are basically concentrated in China and the United States. The United States is still in an absolute leading position, and behind every progress of artificial intelligence there is the shadow of an American technology giant.

Microsoft in the PC era, Oracle in the software era, Yahoo in the portal era, Google in the search era, Apple in the mobile phone era, Facebook in the community era, these technology giants are the pioneers who influence and lead the world's artificial intelligence progress, and the United States has been leading the world. However, now that China has risen, it is growing very fast in the field of artificial intelligence, a future field of science and technology. China has taken a unique path from "application" to the future of artificial intelligence.

With the help of American software and hardware technology, China has given birth to a large number of artificial intelligence companies that also lead the future: iFLYTEK, Megvii, SenseTime, as well as DJI, BGI Gene, Spitsch, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and so on.

China has brought AI technology from the lab to the lives of its people, and every Chinese has benefited from AI technology.

Mobile Internet application China is 3 times that of the United States, takeaway platform China is 50 times that of the United States, mobile payment application China is 100 times that of the United States, sharing application China is more than N times that of the United States, Americans have developed electronic payment systems, and now there are still a large number of people using credit cards to pay, and China, payment seems to see the credit card anymore, cash is of course less.

Originally, China and the United States were jointly promoting the future of human artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the unilateralist thinking of the United States and the trade war have cast a shadow over the future of human artificial intelligence, and since it is impossible to move forward together, it depends on who can stand out and break the other side.

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?

U.S.-China trade war

The United States is the country with the strongest artificial intelligence research and development and innovation, and China is the country that is the most integrated and applied artificial intelligence.

The explosion of any technology is the result of an era of adaptation, not an outbreak and prosperity out of thin air. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the technological progress and industrial development of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence has risen to the national strategy. The "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" proposes to "make China a major artificial intelligence innovation center in the world by 2030". The artificial intelligence market is promising, and the total value of the artificial intelligence application market is expected to reach $127 billion by 2025. The Chinese government's investment in science and technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing is unprecedented, ahead of the world's well-deployed 5G network in advance, and with the blessing of 5G, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing will achieve rapid and revolutionary development.

However, the US government has put a lot of energy into the trade war and technology blockade, and every technology blockade in a certain field of China will lead to the rapid development of China's technology in this field. In the next 10 years, China's semiconductor chip field will once again give the US Empire a loud slap, please wait and see.

The fourth scientific and technological revolution has arrived, can China defeat the United States to lead the world?


In the first three industrial revolutions, China had no chance to participate in technological innovation, but only enjoyed scientific and technological achievements at a relatively late time. The fourth industrial revolution is coming, in the era of intelligence, 5G-based big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, we and the United States and other countries are on the same starting line, jointly leading the fourth industrial revolution. And in the fields of 5G and artificial intelligence, China can take the lead and walk in the front.

This is a major historical opportunity, the fourth industrial revolution will promote China to become a scientific and technological power in 2050, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will also truly come!

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