World Cup 2022: All 32 teams are ranked in strength, with hosts Qatar at the bottom

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World Cup 2022: All 32 teams are ranked in strength, with hosts Qatar at the bottom

The 2022 World Cup is just around the corner and 32 teams will compete in Qatar for the championship trophy on December 18.

Although the Cup will be one of the most open events in recent years, with no clear favourites to win the title, there are still several countries that have performed well ahead of this tournament.

On the Football Transfer website, we have produced a power ranking to guide you from the team with the lowest chance of winning at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to our most promising team.

32. Qatar

On the face of it, this team is unlikely to perform well at all, and they are considered easy to beat. However, the host factor protects them, can they really beat the Netherlands, Senegal or Ecuador?

Most valuable player: Amoz Ali (€800,000)

31. Australia

There is no doubt that this is the weakest team Australia has ever made to the World Cup finals, and their lack of high-level European players is noteworthy. There is no Tim Cahill, Harry Cowell or Mark Verduca to promote this team, and few people expect it. It's not impossible for them to qualify for the group, but Denmark and France should be out of their reach, as was the case in 2018, when the three teams were in the same group.

Most valuable player: Avel Mabil (4.3 million euros)

30. Saudi Arabia

The 1-0, 0-1, 0-1, 0-0, 0-0 represent the latest results in Saudi Arabia, and if you want to know what kind of race we can expect, this is probably it. Keeping the tension going is what they want to do, but teaming up with Messi and Lewandowski could make it almost impossible. It's a tough group and the Saudis haven't had a good record in the game lately. As long as it is not at the bottom, it represents real success.

Most valuable player: Salem Dasari (€1.7 million)

29. Tunisia

Unfortunately, the Tunisian team doesn't have much talent and their recent results show no signs that they are competitive; Any team could lose 1-5 to Brazil, but this team could be pulled too far. It is almost certain that Denmark and France will be out of the line, and the third place with Australia is the solution.

Most valuable player: Dylan Pollon (€11 million)

28. Iran

Carlos Queiroz is back in charge of Iran, and if we know anything about the former Real Madrid manager, he is more cautious than ever. They have two pretty good strikers – Sardar Azmoun and Mehdi Taremi – but it remains to be seen whether they have enough possession to make any impact. It looks like a point against the United States or England represents a real achievement.

Most valuable player: Sardar Azmum (€28.3 million)

27. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has had this experience in the past World Cup, especially in 2014, when they reached the quarter-finals, while heroes of the year such as Joel Campbell and 37-year-old Brian Ruiz are still involved. Some of their achievements have been encouraging, and this year they beat Canada, the United States and drew with South Korea. But in a group with Spain, Germany and good Japan, it's hard to see them have that kind of influence this time.

Most valuable player: Navas (9.8 million euros)

26. Japan

Unfortunately, Japan was grouped together with the two giants of Germany and Spain, which made their mission almost impossible from the start. It was difficult for both teams to make it to the knockout stages, which is a pity because the Japanese team is not so bad; This team has a lot of experience in European football. But their journey will end in the group unless there is a result of the kind that will cause shockwaves throughout the event.

Most valuable player: Kubo Taktomi (36.3 million euros)

25. Morocco

Morocco is an unknown; The return of the prodigy Hakim Ziyeh should bring about fundamental changes, while Aklav Hakimi is one of the most delightful attacking full-backs in world football. There are also some high-level players elsewhere, such as Sevilla duo Bunu and Yusuf El-Netherry. It's a group that is not insurmountable, but there have been very few examples of them beating strong teams lately, so it's hard to know how they will face threats from Croatia, Belgian and Canadian attackers.

Most valuable player: Aklav Hakimi (€58 million)

24. Canada

Canada has outstanding individuals and this is their first World Cup trip since 1986 and may be short-lived. Costa Rica and Panama beat them this year, while Uruguay beat them with relative ease in a recent friendlies. Alfonso Davis and Jonathan David have the potential to cause trouble for anyone, but the rest of the team has yet to reach alarming levels, especially when in the same group as Croatia and Belgium.

Most valuable player: Alfonso Davis (60.3 million euros)

23. South Korea

Today, South Korean players don't perform much at the highest level, and they are grouped with Ghana, Portugal and Uruguay. They have world-class Son Heung-woo, and Napoli's Kim Min-jae is one of the defenders who have broken out so far this season. Their form is encouraging; They have faced difficult opponents, but in general, they have persevered. But the group's difficulties outweigh what they can achieve – a repeat of Germany's 2018 victory seems unlikely.

Most valuable player: Son Heung-min (€54.9 million)

22. Cameroon

Cameroon is not in any state. In the final qualifiers, they lost to South Korea, but more worryingly, they lost to Uzbekistan 0-2 – which does not mean that the team is ready to face Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia. There are some geniuses here – Brian Mbuemo has done well in Brentford and Andre Onana is still a top goalkeeper – but there's not enough evidence here that they will pose any threat to the three challengers in the same group.

Most valuable player: Brian Mbumo (€44.1 million)

21. Ecuador

Ecuador has played in 10 international matches in 2022 and scored 6 goals in those matches, none of which have scored more than 1 goal. Valencia have had a good start to the season at Fenerbahce, but he can't seem to translate that form into the national team. However, given the weakness of their group, which largely depended on the clash with Senegal, they were confident they could make it to the knockout stages.

Most valuable player: Peves Estupinan (€33.4 million)

20. United States

It is difficult to accurately measure where this American team is now; There are a lot of talented players in the team, such as Christian Pulisic and Gio Renéna, but worryingly, the overall state of the team has been problematic in the process of accumulating. After losing to Japan, the game against Saudi Arabia was even more dismal, and it seemed that expectations of what might happen were at a low point. When they face England and Iran, geopolitics will become their legend as football itself.

Most valuable player: Christian Pulisic (36.1 million euros)

19. Ghana

Ghana also has 2010 veterans like Jordan and André Ayo who are trying to push them to glory, but, while that team has always been top-notch, the generation's ability doesn't have the same depth, which could be bad for them in a difficult group. Thomas Patti's perennial injury problems and beating Nicaragua in a friendly match also did not prepare them for the daunting task of facing Uruguay, Portugal and South Korea.

Most valuable player: Joseph Edu (19.9 million euros)

18. Mexico

Mexico are masters of the group stage, having advanced to the knockout stages in every tournament since 1994 and they will compete directly with Poland to qualify for the group as their fate seems to clearly depend on a match against Poland, with Argentina in first place and Saudi Arabia likely to lose. Players like Chagi Lozano are certainly worth a look, but their impact on this tournament is not expected to be too great.

Most valuable player: Ederson Alvarez (€30.3 million)

17. Wales

The life and death of Wales depends on Bell. But they also have a potential young genius, which is their talisman, and they're also in a competitive group. Their match against England is noteworthy and they will be looking forward to reaching the knockout stages, their first World Cup since 1958.

Most valuable player: Ben Davis (€34.7 million)

16. Poland

Their previous three World Cup appearances – 2002, 2006 and 2018 – all stopped in the group stage, and the same happened at Euro 2020. They were in a bit of a precarious form – the win over Wales was their first win in five games, and during that time they were beaten 6-1 by Belgium, but Robert Lewandowski arguably looks as good as he used to be, which makes everything possible. Their opponents are Argentina, especially Mexico, as they are very good at qualifying for the group and they have been able to qualify every time since 1994. Their clash was one of the key matches in the group stage.

Most valuable player: Robert Lewandowski (44.9 million euros)


Senegal is probably the most likely team in Africa to reach the knockout stage. There's no doubt about their quality, but the problem is more about the state of the key players. Sadio Mane's starting time at Bayern is dwindling, and the same is true for Calido Koulibaly at Chelsea. But if these issues can be solved, they will be a good bet on the knockouts. Their Group A is soft; Host Qatar had few expectations, while Ecuador, despite having a good team, did not perform well outside of South America. If they can find the state, then probably no one wants to face them.

Most valuable player: Sadio Mane (€54.2 million)

14. Switzerland

Switzerland continues to create trouble for established European teams, and they are fully entitled to do so. In the last three matches, they have beaten the Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal and, of course, they have beaten France in Euro 2020. The team has no exciting players, at least on the surface, but there are experienced players like Jan Sommer, Shaqiri and Grannet Xhaka. As in 2018, they will be in the same group as Brazil and Serbia, both of which have bigger challenges than in 2018, which will put this team to the test.

Most valuable player: Breel Embolo (€34.8 million)

13. Serbia

Serbia seems to be the real deal. It's an absolutely attacking team that is ready to perform on the main stage and the results they have achieved before the game show that they are ready to achieve more than the last time. The confident victory over Norway and Sweden puts them in a good position, and the incredible form of Alexander Mitrovich, if he can maintain it, will make him a threat to anyone. Together with Toussaint Tadić, Toussaint Vlahović and the accomplished Sergei Milinkovich-Savage, this European team is on the rise, while others are on the decline. It's not an easy group – in 2018 Switzerland eliminated them at the same stage, and they were in the same group as Brazil – but they are now stronger than they were then.

Most valuable player: Toussaint Vlahovic (€58.4 million)

12. Uruguay

Uruguay is in a transition phase from generation to generation, but the potential of the team is still high. Barca defender Ronald Araujo is likely to miss out of this cup due to injury, which was a hit, but they have high-level players in other positions. Tottenham's Bentanco, Real Madrid's Valverde, Liverpool's Núñez – these are potential superstars. Luis Suarez may be old, but he continues and he has a wealth of experience. Uruguay is a tough group, in the same group as Portugal, South Korea and Ghana, but there's no reason why this team doesn't cause trouble.

Most valuable player: Federico Valverde (€64.9 million)

11. Belgium

Belgium's golden generation may have run out of time; It looks like losing to France in the 2018 World Cup and semi-finals could be the pinnacle of their achievements. Now our Eden Hazard have almost no chance to play, Lukaku is unstable, our back line is old and completely relegated, and a new generation has not yet emerged. Roberto Martinez looks like the kind of coach who has taken everything from this team, and it's not impossible to qualify from the group, but at least it should be enough to get them into the knockout rounds.

Most valuable player: Thibo Courtois (68.2 million euros)

10. Netherlands

Louis van Gaal is back in every way, and despite his own health problems, there is still some myth in his return to Orange. In 2014, he led the team to the semi-finals, only to lose to Argentina in a penalty shootout. This team has obvious talent and their structure is also very good. But like other teams, they lack firepower, and Memphis Depay's uncertain role at Barca is a particular problem. But the results are promising.

Most valuable player: De Wright (69 million euros)

9. England

England were one of the favourites of the cup 12 months ago, but worryingly, Gareth Southgate's stubborn tactics have made England's recent performance somewhat bleak. There's nothing exciting or energizing about their dismal performances, which is even more frustrating considering the top-notch talent they have. But Southgate knows how to play in international competitions and how to win games. He did quite well in back-to-back races, but that luck could run out. Stubborn tactics can drag down the team's performance, and there is now a lot of skepticism about where they are headed.

Most valuable player: Phil Foden (€131.1 million)

8. Germany

Their biggest concern is the relative state of all their attacking players. Timo Werner, Serge Gnabry, Le Roy Sane and Kai Havertz are not in good shape, while the talented Jamal Musiara could find his place at the start of the league. Aside from Spain, the group should be in favor of qualifying, but beyond that, it's hard to say what their goals should be. It's a group of talented players, not a talented team – but it's the World Cup, it's Germany. The 2018 group stage exit was the only time they hadn't reached the quarter-finals since 1998. But they may meet Croatia in the knockout rounds.

Most valuable player: Florian Wiltz (€79 million)

7. France

There is no doubt that France has the deepest talent pool in the world, yet this French team seems to be returning from a world championship to a potential collapse. This happens a lot, from 1994 when we lost to the United States, to 2002, when we didn't win and then to 2010. The team should at least reach the final four, especially with Mbappe at its peak, but Pogba's personal problems, Griezmann's lack of playing time, persistent injuries and a lack of starting line-up are all not conducive to a team with too many good players but overall incoherence. However, it's easy for them to confuse all of them and go all the way – as they did in 1998 and 2018. That's what they do.

Most valuable player: Kylian Mbappe (€150 million)

6. Spain

Frustratingly, Spain is still full of potential, but they are so clearly lacking in dominance compared to the last 10 years that it is difficult to know where to put them. They are only a penalty shootout away from the Euro 2020 final, and they have truly world-class midfielders like Thiago, Pedri and Rodri. In addition, Luis Enrique is a progressive coach who has a strong squad and even though it lacks one or two individual stars, it shouldn't be difficult to qualify from the group, and at that stage, Croatia and Belgium, who were beaten in the European Championship, were waiting for them. The latter, in particular, don't necessarily pose too much of a threat, and they have the ability to outnumber anyone. But whether they can find a striker who scores, no one can say.

Most valuable player: Rodri (€73.5 million)

5. Denmark

You'll be taken seriously when you beat world champions France (home and away), and with them reaching the semi-finals of Euro 2020, Denmark is a team that can wreak havoc. Their group stage was very easy. Denmark is the opponent of most European teams and it shouldn't be a problem to qualify from the group.

Most valuable player: Pierre-Emile Hoibouerg (€61.8 million)

4. Croatia

This team was called the "last battle" at Euro 2020, but in fact they are still moving forward and getting stronger. Luca Modric looks ready, Ivan Perisic, Dejan Lovren and Marcelo Brozovic are all still there, and they are fully capable of going deeper; Belgium is underperforming, Canada is playing hard, and Morocco is unpredictable. This team has enough organisation and structure to make significant progress – even if reaching the final again seems to be beyond their capabilities. The only doubt is that they will almost certainly play Spain or Germany in the round of 16.

Most valuable player: Marcelo Brozovic (€44.7 million)

3. Portugal

Given the relative missteps, scandals and players in poor form around them, Portugal are well positioned at this World Cup, despite their recent questionable results at the World Cup. In 2010, they were eliminated by Spain, defeated by Germany in 2014, qualified from the group, and in 2018, they lost to two wonderful goals by Edimson Cavani in the round of 16. Still, they certainly won Euro 2016, and the team is better than that team in almost every way imaginable. With Bruno Fernández, Rafael Leo, Jota, Bernardo Silva and João Felix, this is a team with unlimited offensive opportunities. In fact, it's likely to be limited by only one person — Cristiano Ronaldo. An era player mixed with a completely different era; Ronaldo may have hindered this team from going to greatness.

Most valuable player: Bruno Fernández (€77.2 million)

2. Argentina

Argentina have arguably the least talented team on paper since 1994, but they may be a more efficient team than most previous games. There have been so many attacking geniuses in the past that it's hard to decide who should play with Messi, but the current team is built entirely around him and although on the face of it these parts are weaker than before, Messi is a man with a mission. He won the Copa America, but he knew that winning the World Cup was his ultimate quest and to become the greatest player in history. Their momentum isn't weak – they could face France or Denmark before meeting Brazil in the quarter-finals – but there is a real belief that Argentina deserves to be one of the favourites given the level of their opponents.

Most valuable player: Lautaro Martinez (€83 million)


Brazil is currently the most attacking team in world football; Jesus, Richardson, Martinelli, Vinicius, Rafinha, Anthony, Roberto Firmino, and of course, Neymar. Coupled with Ca's protection of Milito and Marquinos, and Alisson's defence of the goal, it's not just an offensive superposition. In fact, their group is strong and their road to the final will be tough, but this team has the ability to win the title again since 2002.

Most valuable player: Vinicius Jr. (€124.1 million)

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