Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

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It is reported that the two Danish princes were stripped of their royal titles by Queen Margaret, and their mother, the Countess Alexandra, said she was "very sad and shocked".

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

From January next year, Prince Nikolai, 23, and Prince Felix, 20, will no longer be able to use their princely titles. Nor will they have the status of His Highness.

The move also applies to their father's siblings in their second marriage, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10.

Countess Alexandra was the ex-wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark (the second son of Queen Margaret), also known as Wen Yali. In 1995, he married Prince Joachim. They married and had two sons, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. But in 2004, they announced their separation and formally divorced in 2005.

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

With 1/4 Chinese ancestry, Wen Yali is a native Hong Kong girl who speaks English, German, French and Cantonese. Wen Yali has a strong sense of professionalism and self-motivation, and has the independence and freedom of women in the new era. After marrying Prince Joachim, she was loved by the whole country of Denmark, and Queen Margaret is said to be very fond of her daughter-in-law.

But the good times were not long, after marriage, the husband still only cared about fun, and even cheated many times, Wen Yali could not bear it, and finally chose to divorce.

After divorcing the second prince of Denmark in 2005, he has been enjoying alimony of DKK 1.9 million per year without paying taxes. But after she remarried in 2007 to a royal photographer, she no longer retained the title of princess and became the Countess of Alexandra.

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

Danish Queen Margaret II, who decided on Sept. 28 to remove her grandchildren' royal titles, said in a statement that she hoped it would allow them to "shape their lives" in the future.

The royal family said the decision to streamline the monarchy, the oldest institution in Europe, was "consistent with the changes made by other royal families."

However, these changes only affected Prince Joachim's four children. And the titles of Crown Princess Mary's four children and Joachim's brother Crown Prince Frederick did not change.

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

Prince Joachim was the sixth in line to the Danish throne.

His ex-wife, the mother of Prince Nicholas and Prince Felix, Countess Alexandra of Fort Frederick, issued a statement through the Danish media following the Queen's decision.

"We were all confused by the decision. We are sad and shocked," Alexandra said through her press adviser Helle von Wildenrath Lø vgreen.

"It's like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. Children feel excluded. They couldn't understand why their identities were stripped away. ”

The statement was also issued in the name of Prince Joachim and his current wife, Princess Mary, who married in 2008.

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

However, the four children of Prince Joachim will be allowed to retain their noble titles of Count and Countess of Montpezart, which Princess Mary and her children also hold.

They will be called the Counts of Montpezart or the Countess of Montpezart.

The royal family said the four would maintain their place in the order of succession.

Prince Nicholas and Prince Felix are currently fashion models, while their younger siblings are still in school.

The full statement of the Danish royal family reads: "Her Majesty the Queen has decided that, with effect from 1 January 2023, the descendants of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim can only use their titles as Count and Countess of Montpezart, as the titles of princes and princesses they have retained so far will be terminated," the Danish royal family said in a statement.

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

Prince Joachim and his wife at the time, Countess Alexandra

In fact, the royal family of Denmark's neighbor and close ally Sweden made similar changes to its monarchy in October 2019.

King Carl XVI Gustav abolished the royal status of his five grandsons, stripped them of the title of "Your Highness" and relieved them of royal duties.

This decision affected the children of Prince Carl and Princess Sophia, as well as the three children of Princess Madeleine.

Danish grandchild prince title revoked, Countess Alexandra 'grief-stricken'

At the time, both Prince Carl and Princess Madeleine welcomed their father's decision.

Denmark is one of the oldest monarchies in Europe, and the decision to streamline it comes as speculation comes as King Charles III of England has the same plan.

So it seems that Harry and Megan's two children, three-year-old Archie and one-year-old Lily Beth, have little hope of having the title of prince and princess!

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