The host of the Women's Basketball World Cup is Australia! President Yang: Interpretation of the rules of the European League of Nations

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On September 26, the fourth round of the women's basketball World Cup group B round of the game is all over, Serbia women's basketball team 81-68 Mali women's basketball team, Japan women's basketball team 53-67 France women's basketball team, Canada women's basketball team 72-75 lost to the Australian women's basketball team, currently in the latest standings Canadian women's basketball team although swallowed the first defeat is still ranked first, France women's basketball team second, Australian women's basketball team soared three consecutive wins ranked third, Serbian women's basketball team fourth, Japan women's basketball team swallowed three consecutive defeats fifth, Mali women's basketball team 4 consecutive defeats at the bottom! The Canadian women's basketball team shared alone in the afternoon will not be satisfied with the defeat of 4.5. #曼联杨院长解说英超 #

In the first game of the Australian women's basketball team, it directly lost to the French women's basketball team 57-70, which was also a direct loss.

The host of the Women's Basketball World Cup is Australia! President Yang: Interpretation of the rules of the European League of Nations

#Dean Yang explained the fundamental interpretation of football#September 26, such as player injuries, team play, team value, and schedule, which is helpful to everyone, you can refer to it:

First, the UEFA League will grade all teams according to international rankings, divided into four levels: A, B, C and D, after which there will be promotions and relegations, and the next session will be graded according to the results of this year's lifts.

Specifically, the A-class rule: the top players in each group will advance to the final round of the UEFA Nations League and compete for the 2023 UEFA Nations League title. The venue of the final will be selected among the participating teams. The bottom teams in each group will be relegated to Class B. Class B rule: The top place in each group is promoted to Grade A, and the bottom team will be relegated to Grade C. C-level rule: Each group of headers is promoted to B-level. The bottom teams of the four groups will pair up in pairs for a two-legged home-and-away play-off, with two teams relegated to the D class. D-level rules: One group of 4 teams and another group of 3 teams, and the first place in each group is promoted to the C level.

Second, UEFA Nations League, short for European Nations League, is a national football tournament hosted by the European Union of Football Associations, which is held across the year and can also be said to be an alternative to the national team friendly match. Final Draw: To be determined. Semi-finals: 14 and 15 June 2023. Final & 3rd Place: 18 June 2023.

1st UEFA League time: 2018-19, Champion team: Portugal. 2nd term: 2020-21, Champion Team: France.

The host of the Women's Basketball World Cup is Australia! President Yang: Interpretation of the rules of the European League of Nations

Third, what does relegation to the B League mean for England?

The main impact is that their slot for England's Euro 2024 qualifiers will fall. There are 53 participating teams in Euro 2024 qualifiers, which will be divided into 7 grades according to the UEFA national rankings for the 22-23 season. England are currently in 9th place on UEFA's "Access List" because they have dropped to the B level and are expected to drop to around 15th place in the next update, which is not only to fall to the second gear, but also to the possibility of falling to the third gear. This means that they are likely to be in the same group as Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands. #杨院长解说足球 #

Fourth, one of the first of the four groups of the UEFA Nations League will be appointed as the host and will have some financial interests in hosting the UEFA Nations League final. Of the 24 tickets to the European Championship, 3 are dedicated to the UEFA Nations League. The first place in the A, B and C levels can compete for these 3 tickets.

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Fifth, England have only scored one goal in five games, and from penalties, in the case of extremely high line-up, Kane, Foden and Sterling have played all over the field, and the whole game is also scrawling to replace two players after falling behind, and now England has been reduced to B level ahead of five rounds, and the intention of this game is only to fight for face. Now the team also has a number of injured soldiers, Henderson, Keck and Phillips will all be injured, goalkeeper Pickford can not play, the defense is more damaged.

There have been many media outlets that have questioned Southgate's tactics for being too conservative. Southgate said: "You don't need to score a lot of goals to win the game. "But this kind of conservative team, once dumb, can easily lose the feeling of scoring goals and fall into the strange circle of consecutive inability to score, such as the Ryukyu in the Japanese Second Division.

Sixth, Germany only lost the last round in this UEFA League, and has been able to win unbeaten against England and Italy before, so compared to England, the German team is less willing to fight. In terms of injuries, Germany and England are also very similar, goalkeepers and many defenders can not play, this game is more important to who plays better.

Seventh, in the final round of UEFA League A level C group, Hungary temporarily topped the table with 10 points, Italy ranked second with 8 points, and the last round of direct dialogue between the two teams, Hungary only needs to draw with its opponents to advance, and Italy must win to counterattack to win the first place in the group. In addition, England in the same group have been confirmed to be relegated to the bottom of the group.

Eighth, due to the cumulative yellow card suspension, Bosnian midfield core Pianic has returned to the club early and will not play in the final game. Although not reusable at club level, Pjanic still plays a significant role in the national team, starting all of the first five rounds of the UEFA League, creating a total of 15 scoring opportunities, while the other players in the team have only 5 at most.

Ninth, South Korea vs Cameroon basic situation: the away team did not send the main force. On the evening of September 27, the South Korean national team will meet the World Cup team Cameroon National Team at the Seoul World Cup Arena. Since the other side did not send the main players of the World Cup to South Korea, so the significance of this game before the game has not been much, after the return of Kim Hyun-hyeon, the team still lost 2 goals, which also made the confidence of the Korean team decline. At a press conference on September 26, Coach Bento said that "in the battle against Cameroon, in addition to winning, not conceding goals is the goal! Paul Bento will naturally continue to sacrifice the 4-guard formation he is most familiar with, and the four defensive players who are likely to be entrusted with heavy responsibilities will be Kim Jin-so, Kim Hyun-jae, Kim Young-kwon and Kim Tae-hwan.

The host of the Women's Basketball World Cup is Australia! President Yang: Interpretation of the rules of the European League of Nations

Paul Bento will sacrifice a frontcourt attack group, staying in the Premier League ace attacker Son Heung-woo sits in the front court as the attacking commander, beside him, Hwang In-fan and Hwang Hee-chan join forces to form a connection with him in the frontcourt, and the three of them join forces to provide the strongest firepower support for the front line of the Korean team.

Tenth, the international match Japan vs Ecuador basic situation: On the evening of September 23, the Japanese team defeated the United States 2-0 in Düsseldorf, Germany, this game they sent up to 9 foreign lineups, except for goalkeeper Shuichi Kwon and right-back Hiroki Sakai, the other starters are from the European mainstream league, including Daichi Kamada, Hisatsuke Hideyoshi, Endo, Junya Ito, Kenyo Fuya, Asaya Yoshida and other Japanese celebrities. September 23 pm article title daily a cold: Japan vs the United States 1-0 or 2-1, Austria did not sure, look at Japan today, Japan is not defeated and satisfied with Japan's direct victory. #杨院长解说足球 #

The host of the Women's Basketball World Cup is Australia! President Yang: Interpretation of the rules of the European League of Nations

Ecuador is currently ranked 44th in the world, 7th in South America, and is a weaker team in South America, but the team has performed well in the World Cup qualifiers, with 7 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses in 18 rounds, and finally ranked 4th in the 26 points, qualifying for the World Cup group stage. After the World Qualifiers, Ecuador played four friendly matches, including a home win over Nigeria and Cape Verde, and a draw away to Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

At 2:45 a.m. on September 26, the Europa League A-class Netherlands played Belgium at home Cruyff Arena, and the first half was relatively dull, with the Orange Army shooting 0 on target. In the second half, Gackbo drove a corner kick and Van Dijk scored the only goal of the game. In the end, the Netherlands beat Belgium 1-0 and advanced to the final four of the UEFA League with an unbeaten record. September 25 morning eleven o'clock article title is concise, tomorrow morning in the morning of the European League match, direct point, no nonsense, the Netherlands home may be upset main win, not to mention the Dutch home win hesitating nonsense, direct: play the Netherlands main win. In the end, the Netherlands were satisfied with the main win and the score was just 1-0 to win one and satisfied. #曼联杨院长解说英超 #

The host of the Women's Basketball World Cup is Australia! President Yang: Interpretation of the rules of the European League of Nations

France equals the worst record in team history! UEFA Nations League Denmark beat France 2-0 and was France's third official match to be lost this year, equalling the record of losing in a natural year in team history (3 games also lost in 1966, 1981, 2008 and 2010). Last night's separate sharing of the daily cold Denmark home unbeaten was satisfactory and it is possible to play the home win directly is also satisfied.

Thumbs up Japan, Serbia, and Holland hat-tricked

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